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Greetings Pokefans Michael here and the recent event in Pokmon Sword and Shield, where Magikarp Raids were spawning all over the place, with a dramatically increased chance of being Shiny, got me thinking about Shiny Pokmon that are easy to get, So I thought it would be fun to Go through every single main series, Pokmon game and figure out what the easiest Shiny Pokmon to find are in all of them.

The only real disclaimer I have is that event: distribution, Shiny Pokmon, like the Shiny Zygarde. You can get from an event, don’t count You’re, not finding those Shiny, Pokmon in game, you’re being given them via the internet. So don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. So I can hit that big one million sub-milestone soon and lets get started with Generation. I, The games, being Red, Blue and Yellow

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking: how can there be an easiest, Shiny, Pokmon in Generation? I, when Shiny Pokmon, didn’t exist until Generation II? Well, first off it is possible for a Pokmon captured in a Generation. I game to become Shiny when it’s transferred to a later generation game Back, then Shininess was determined by the Pokmon’s IVs. So if a Pokmon found in Generation, I happens to have the right IVs, it would then turn Shiny when transferred to a game that could display that Shininess. This is true in both the original versions of the Gen 1 games, where they can be traded to a Gen 2 game and in the virtual console version of the Gen 1 games, where the Pokmon can then be transferred to Pokmon Bank. So we’ve established that Shiny Pokmon can technically be found in Gen 1. However, there’s not really any of them that are particularly easy to get. The odds are about one in 8192 across the board and there’s no methods to increase that

In fact, there’s actually some locations like caves, for example, where the IVs that you can find the Pokmon with are predetermined, meaning they can never be Shiny. However, there is actually a sort of glitch method that can give you a guaranteed Shiny in the Generation I games, But there’s two catches that go along with it. The first is that you already have to have a Pokmon. You know to be Shiny in a Generation. I game And the other is that the only Pokmon you can make Shiny via this method is Ditto. The method is kind of quirky. First off, as I said, you need a Shiny Pokmon in a Gen 1 game that you know to be Shiny already, meaning it has the correct IVs. The easiest way to get this is by trading the red Gyarados from a Gen 2 game into a Gen 1 game. Once it’s in the Gen 1 game, you teach it Mimic via the use of a TM

You then enter a wild battle with a Ditto and use Mimic. First, therefore, teaching your Gyarados Transform for the duration of that battle, But Ditto will then transform into your Shiny Gyarados. Then all you have to do is wait until the Ditto uses Transform. For a second time, which it knows because your Gyarados used Mimic before the Ditto transformed the first time Because of a quirk in the coding of the game when the Ditto transforms for a second time, it not only copies the appearance and stats and movesets of the Gyarados, but it also permanently copies the Gyarados’s IVs or DVs, as they were called in Gen 1. Therefore, when you catch it, it has the necessary IVs to activate Shininess. So when you transfer it back to a Gen 2 game, it will be a Shiny Ditto. So it’s a convoluted and kind of difficult method to execute. That requires two devices and two games, but it is still possible and a relatively easy Shiny Pokmon to get compared to just full odds in the rest of the game and then having to transfer those Pokmon to another game, to figure out if they’re, Shiny,

So therefore, the easiest Shiny Pokmon in the Gen 1 games is the double transform Ditto Now on to Generation II, and as many of you probably anticipated, the easiest Shiny Pokmon to find is the red Gyarados. It’S the first ever guaranteed Shiny Pokmon, and you are actually required to battle it to progress in the story in all three Generation II games. It doesn’t get easier to find than that Now. I know that some of you think that the red Gyarados shouldn’t count because it’s guaranteed. I personally think it should count, which is why it is the entry for this generation. But to appease those of you who think it should not count I’ll go over the easiest. Shiny Pokmon in Gen 2 that are not guaranteed In Gold and Silver versions. The easiest Shiny Pokmon to find that are not the red Gyarados. Are babies bred from a Shiny parent, Since Shininess is determined by IVs and parents can pass their IVs down to their offspring? The babies end up with a much higher chance of being Shiny that works out to be about one in 64.

If your red Gyarados is male, you can create Shiny breeding trees to get higher odds, Shiny Pokmon for almost 200 different species. The Pokmon that can in no way connect to Gyarados’s egg groups are those in the Mineral Amorphous and Undiscovered groups, plus the Pokmon that are always male, because you can’t breed them since breeding. Anything with a Ditto didn’t exist. Yet

Now this is true in Crystal version as well, but they’re, not the easiest, Shiny Pokmon that are not red Gyarados in that game because of an even easier method. The odd egg, It’s a gift egg that you receive that will hatch into one of seven different baby. Pokmon, all of which have a substantially increased chance to be Shiny In the Japanese version of the game. You have an astounding 50 % chance of hatching a Shiny Pokmon from the odd egg. In the international versions, the chances dropped to only 14 %, but that’s still really high about one in seven. That chance is not evenly divided among all possible hatched. Pokmon, though So in the end, the Shiny Pokmon you are most likely to get on any given. Hatch. Are Shiny, Igglybuff and Cleffa, which have a 3 % chance each of hatching from the odd egg, All right so that wraps up Generation II, I still think red Gyarados counts as the easiest Shiny Pokmon, but I’ve covered the other bases too. To appease, hopefully, more of you Now on to then Generation III games and in all five of them there really aren’t any Shiny Pokmon that are easier to find than just the blanket full odds.

There’S no methods to increase your odds and there’s no guaranteed Shiny Pokmon, so the easiest and also hardest Shiny Pokmon to find in the Gen 3 are all of them. Although I should note there are two small exceptions. The first is that there are some guaranteed Shiny, Pokmon in Trainer Tower in FireRed and LeafGreen, but they’re trainer’s Pokmon, so you can’t catch them, So those don’t count. The second exception also occurs on Seven Island within FireRed and LeafGreen, and it has to do with Unown, But, dear God, it’s complicated. The very simplified summary is that the Shiny odds and the Unown forms are both determined by their personality values, which is a complicated secret data point. As a result of this, the Shiny odds for different Unown forms vary wildly and they’re also not consistent between games, because they are also impacted by the trainer ID and secret ID

In short, different Unown forms have different Shiny odds in different games that can get as good as about one in 5000 or as bad as about one in 18,000. So it is super complicated and also super inconsistent. So therefore, I don’t think they should count as any easier than just the blanket full odds. Pokmon Now onto Generation IV. First I’ll cover the easy one, The red Gyarados in HeartGold and SoulSilver. It makes its return in a very similar fashion to its first appearance, a guaranteed Shiny that you have to battle. Like was the case in Generation II. It doesn’t get easier than that. Meanwhile, Diamond Pearl and Platinum do not have any guaranteed Shiny Pokmon, but they did introduce two methods that can make it easier to find Shiny Pokmon. Only one of these methods is in HeartGold and SoulSilver, but since those games have red Gyarados, the red long boy wins on those games. The first is one that many of you have probably heard of and have probably even used it at some point, that being the Masuda method. If two parents in the daycare originates from two different language games, their offspring have a dramatically increased chance of being Shiny.

In the Generation IV games, the Masuda method odds are about one in 1683. If you don’t think the red Gyarados should count as the easiest Shiny Pokmon in HeartGold and SoulSilver, then Masuda method Pokmon are the easiest in those games. However, the Sinnoh games have a second method that HeartGold and SoulSilver do not that being the PokRadar. This method requires a bit of skill and practice, but if you are able to get a 40 chain, each shaking grass patch has Shiny odds of about one in 200. Since you can see a maximum of four grass patches shaking at one time, this results in an effective rate of about one in 50.

Therefore, PokRadar Shiny Pokmon are the easiest to get in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, because odds of about one in 50 are way better than the Gen 4 Masuda method odds. Also before I move on from Generation IV, I should acknowledged that there is a glitch that has to do with using Cute Charm that can result in dramatically increased Shiny odds of like one in three or something like that. However, it can only be done for certain trainer IDs and secret IDs. So if you start your game and you don’t have those IDs, then you can’t do the method.

So I didn’t think that should count, because it doesn’t apply to every single save file Now onto Generation V, starting with Black and White games, which do not have any guaranteed Shiny Pokmon. The only method of increasing Shiny odds in Black and White is the Masuda method which returns from Gen 4. In fact, it actually had its odds, boosted of from about one in 1600 to about one in 1365.

However, Gen 5 also introduced the Shiny Charm, which you can get if you complete the National Pokdex, no small feat and that boost the Shiny odds from Masuda method, even more increasing them to about one in 1024. So while it’s difficult to get the Shiny Charm, it does make the Shiny Pokmon easier to find. So, therefore, the easiest Shiny, Pokmon in Black and White are Shiny Charm, Masuda method, Pokmon, Black 2 and White 2 would be the same, but these games featured guaranteed Shiny Pokmon

In both games you can get a Shiny Haxorus in the Nature Preserve which you can access. Once you’ve seen every Pokmon in the Unova Pokdex In Black 2. You can get a Shiny Gible as a reward for beating Benga in Black Tower and then White 2. You can get a Shiny Dratini for beating him in White Treehollow. Of course, if you don’t think guaranteed Shiny Pokmon should count. Then Masuda method is the easiest one in Black 2 and White 2 as well. Now, moving on to Generation VI, which boosted Shiny odds across the board for all Pokmon from one in 8192 to one in 4096, So all Shiny Pokmon got easier to find. But there were still methods that made Shiny, Pokmon, much easier to find First in X and Y, the PokRadar returns. But we don’t have as clear of data on it as we do for the Gen 4 version, and there are multiple variables that make things different. While it can result in easier, Shiny Pokmon, I can’t count it as the easiest, because we don’t have the specifics.

The Friend Safari has increased odds having about one in 819 without Shiny Charm and one in 585 with it. The Masuda method is still better than that, though, because of the boost to the full odds, the Masuda method odds were increased to one in 683 and with the Shiny Charm, they go all the way up to one in 512, But none of these methods can hold A candle to chain fishing As you reel in more and more of the same species in a row, your Shiny odds, increase with each bite Those odds cap at a chain of 20, giving you a Shiny rate of about 1 %.

That is an excellent Shiny rate that is so good that getting the Shiny Charm only increases the odds from about one in 100 to one in 95, So chain, fishing Pokmon are by far the easiest Shiny, Pokmon in X and Y In OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire. Instead of the PokRadar, they have the DexNav, which can boost Shiny odds, but it’s complicated. If one of you can understand this paragraph, that’s great, but basically all I can gather is that, as you get to search levels in these several hundreds, you are increasing your odds by 0.01 %, every 100 or so Also, apparently, it’ll randomly give you way better odds At random points in the middle, It’s a mess that I barely understand, but even so it’s still clear to me that it would take you a really long time to get to Shiny odds of 1 % where with chain fishing, you can get there in only 20. So chain fishing Pokmon are the easiest Shiny, Pokmon in OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire as well. Therefore, being the easiest in all of Gen 6 Now onto Generation VII, starting with Sun and Moon Masuda method does make a return with the same odds as Generation VI. But there’s another method that has even easier Shiny, Pokmon, that being SOS battles,

Once you’ve had 31 successful, SOS calls, your Shiny odds are about one in 315, without the Shiny Charm and one in 273, with it. The chain number resets when you hit 255, but you can get it back to a full 31 chain at 286. Therefore, the easiest Shiny Pokmon in Sun and Moon are SOS-called Pokmon In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The SOS battling method still exists and is actually a bit better since it doesn’t reset your chain at 255.

However, there is another new method that makes Shiny, Pokmon even easier to find by a lot that being the Ultra Warp Ride. Depending on how far you fly the number of rings of the wormhole you enter and whether or not you’ve caught the legendaries, you can get fantastic Shiny odds for the non-legendary and non-Ultra Beast Pokmon Max level. Wormholes are guaranteed to give legends, but if you’ve caught all of them, those flower-shaped wormholes can give you a Shiny rate of up to 36 %, which is ridiculous. The Shiny Charm does not impact these odds. Ultra Warp Ride, Shiny Pokmon are so easy to get that. It didn’t take me very long to get at least one of all 20 species, So if you’ve never ran a Shiny Pokmon and you want one to get one just do the Ultra Warp Ride a few times You’re gon na get one

And finally, for Gen 7: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. Since these games don’t feature breeding. There is no Masuda method, so the only method of increasing your Shiny chances is the Catch Combo method. This is the table of the various chances which, as you can see max out at one in 273. Therefore, the easiest Shiny Pokmon are catch, combo, Pokmon And finally, is Gen 8, where the easiest Shiny, Pokmon for the duration of the New Year’s event were Shiny Magikarp. Every time an event raid den spawned, it had an 8 % chance of bringing up a Shiny, Magikarp raid, which was great. I ended up with seven of them, But now that the event is over, the easiest. Shiny Pokmon instead are Masuda method-bred Pokmon, which have the same odds as they’ve had since Gen 6. The number-battled method is still bugged at the time of recording this video, so it gives you worst effective on Masuda method, but even if it wasn’t bugged, it would still give you about the same odds as the Masuda method at the highest level.

So Masuda method, Pokmon, are the easiest in Sword and Shield right now. So, to recap, the easiest Shiny Pokmon in every main series game are the double-Transform Ditto in Gen 1, the red Gyarados in Gen 2, any of them in Gen, 3 PokRadar Pokmon in Diamond Pearl and Platinum, the red Gyarados in HeartGold and SoulSilver Masuda method, bred Pokmon. In Black and White, the Shiny Gible in Black 2, the Shiny Dratini in White 2 and the Nature Preserve Shiny Haxorus in both chain fished Pokmon in Gen 6, SOS Pokmon in Sun and Moon Ultra Warp Ride, Pokmon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Catch combo’d Pokmon. In Let’s Go and a Magikarp for a bit, but now a Masuda method, Pokmon in Sword and Shield. Thank you so much for watching and an extra special thanks to my patrons over on Patreon who are helping to support me and the channel in a way independent of the fluctuating YouTube ad revenue, which is super appreciated, because January ad rates are really bad.

So if you wan na help, support me in the same way and get some cool perks in exchange, the link to my Patreon is in the description below and will show up in the end cards as well. Also, if you wan na check out some more fun Pokmon content on this channel, I recommend this one over here And don’t forget to check out my second gameplay channel, which you can find by clicking over here. All right, that’s all! I have for now So’till next time, Pokefans Got ta catch them all.

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