FFXIV 5.55 1539 Story Part 2: Death Unto Dawn


And we’re back for another episode in this episode: we’re going to be carrying on the patch 5.55 story in final fantasy 14 and as always, hello from me free. So let’s talk to kanye sana. The quest is called uh death onto thought, which, i believe is literally the last quest of shadowbringers. The kindness owner seems determined not to let the disappointment of charlie’s rejection, distract her from the task at hand.

A charlie and stars is indeed disappointing. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from the challenge before us. There is much and more to be done. I shall begin by sharing the foreign’s response with my counterparts in the alliance. Meanwhile, i would ask at the scions uh great tidings, walking wands grave grave tidings.

Calm yourself, my general friend, what’s occurred. Uh these ones, who went to see feathered ones and terrible news, destroying ones have appeared in the alf uh fat hall destroyed once and captured ones, and even five, four godly ones. Seven ones didn’t stand a chance and were sent when did this happen? Is it too late to help them uh too, like yes, much too late, but luckily destroying ones were i’ll need, passing through and continued on, west forevered ones, who did not fight, were left unharmed. West, that would be corpus uh.

My lady, the ish guardians report. The telophary have emerged from the eastern highlands of korfus uh and are marching at speed, though the purpose has yet to be determined. The carton of flats would seem to be their most likely destination or daybreak has already dispatched his forces request our immediate support. I thought the cartoon of flats were right next to oldar ellen. He shall have it uh.

The time has come for the grand company of eortia to prove its worth. Well, maybe it is a mercy that we do not have time to stew upon our misfortunes. Oh my friends, that’s my case to continue. Wait wait this one almost forgot, uh, destroying ones were said to be led by attacking rogue one. This one must seem uh that all walking ones know oh well.

I have to be very careful about how i read. I’Ve read that daniel, who else it was only a matter of time before the grinning maniac showed himself again. I shall have an airship ready to bathe carton off racy to your preparations and report to the landing with all haste. I want my lady. Let us away.

I wonder if there’s any actual fighting this next quest cool all right, so we need to go there. So let us let go. Okay. We’Ve made it to alpha node. Let’S look through him, uh mifra!

You would see that fordolde here has come all the way to gridania to find us. I have explained the situation, but she insists her. Business is urgent hi and it will be over sooner. If you shut up and come with me, i like four dollar. I, like mean girls, just i can’t explain it.

They make me giggle and scared at the same time are involved. I can’t tell you how good it is to see you. It arrived a lot sooner than expected. Eh the day i craned my neck up at you. Only because you’re sitting down unless afraid so the car agents say i may never walk again well, that sucks come on alfino.

It could be worse. Besides, i didn’t come here to dump in the mood. Quite the opposite. All i’ve ever wanted was to fight for a cause i believe in, but my fighting days are over. So i want you to fight in my stead, be the hero.

I can’t i am no hero, that’s what they all say, though. No one ever calls themselves a hero, even the ones who eat primals. For breakfast, it’s for others to decide, look alfino! You already are a hero to me and countless others. We see you doing your damnedest to protect us all and you’re, not alone.

Are you. There are people who believe in you just as you believe in them i carry the dreams of many will. Carry yours too i’ll be sure to give your regards to the telephra. Some things may have changed, but the adventure isn’t over yet [ Music ]. I know what’s at stake and how many people are depending on you.

I believe in you believe that you’ll see it through. That’S why i’m entrusting my dreams to you like abba and ali once entrusted their dreams. To me, there was a time when i would have borne the weight of such expectations without a second thought now i know just how heavy that burden can be. To tell the truth, i’m beginning to wonder if i chose the right path, sacrifices will inevitably be made for the sake of the ideals i uphold. Maybe i am not the person.

I thought i was the person you think i am. I wouldn’t presume to tell you, but i will say this in spite of everything: you’ve come this far. The road ahead might not always be clear, but you’ve never been one to give up or take the easy way out and everything you do. You do for others. For a brighter future, i’m proud to call you my friend well, i’ve said my piece so i’ll, let you go.

I know you’ve got more important things to be doing just give what i’ve said. Some thought all right. I shall my friend and we will meet again soon. I promise nothing left for me to do, but wave and smile you’ve got a pretty narrow view of what it means to be a hero. Do you know that you think they’re all forged in the fires of battle, but it’s all about being brave and killing villains, alfano and the others will carry on their fight, but theirs isn’t the only one.

There are other ways you can make a difference. If you stop feeling sorry for yourself and put your bloody mind to it, there’s not much chance of me living the quiet life with you around. Is there if you’re content to twiddling your thumbs? Thinking of what might have been that’s your lookout. Well, i reckon you’ve got some fight left in you, and i reckon you might be right if there’s a way, i can still help my friends i’ll bloody, well find it well.

That was overly depressing. Oh now we have a fight, so you can tell me later what that was all about, but judging by the set of alfano’s jaw, it appears to have done him. Some good anchorage and the others have already left the rising stones and, according to the communications officer, amalga and colbert forces are also bound for godzilla. As we speak, they need to keep the promise they made in alamigo and we must do the same by saving as many of the their tempered kit as possible. Um anyway, the airship is ready to depart.

We should get going upon joining the battle continent. Several cutscenes will play in sequence, is recommended that you set aside sufficient time by the battle and view these scenes in their entirety. Your progress through the battle will be saved at certain points. In the event that you are defeated, you will be able to try again, but the most recent of these, please note that if you enter battles associated with other quests or log out from the game, the progress will be lost, fair enough. So come as battle for death upon dawn and let’s see what this is like.

My fellow scions, as i am sure you will have heard, we can expect no help from charlene. Nor are we any closer to discerning the telophary’s grand design and now our adversary moves against us in unprecedented numbers. Compelling us to answer in kind. The outlook in short is bleak. Yet, though, our foes are many and we but few, we may still tip the balance in eorzea’s favor.

Of course, we will do what we always do deal with the ones our allies can’t a less than daunting prospect. Judging by your expression, could it be that you’ve dispelled your lingering doubts alpheno? Oh, i doubt i ever will but, as my friends have kindly reminded me, i have come this far and that must count for something god’s be good alphano. That’S what we’ve been trying to tell you all along for one so bright, you can be remarkably dim at times. There is such a thing as overthinking you know.

Might i suggest that we continue this conversation after the battle. It would appear that telophary have already arrived i’ll, do what i can to cure. The tempered, but they’ll have to be incapacitated. First have care, my friends for none can say wherefore our foe did choose this fateful field to be our battleground. Whatever may transpire pray grant him, not the pleasure of deterring you yes, okay, uh, listen well, friends, the telephone you’re sweeping across concerto.

As for the asean, he was briefly sighted above the battlefield but has since vanished. He likely intends to watch events from fuller. That’S far the move, why are you putting more text? I can’t read this blah blah blah ambushed unknown reason. So the third phrase point may be: the primals are our primary targets, the third.

They will not allow the science for long didn’t realize i’m in a rap battle. Jesus prepare yourself so yeah, it’s like right. Everyone orders go wow, i hate type targeting sometimes they spread across the field, elise and graham take flight to the left away. How nice are we gon na control other characters? I’M nice gon na control, elysee, allow me [ Music, ], so [, Music ].

It does hear themselves just the beginning right behind you. So yes, [, Music ]. That was a mistake. Wasn’T that i did clemency, which also heals him all right. We have to kill the templar [ Music ], so you could use those piles for good, like how many cats could he get down from trees, his ability to fly think about the poor kiddies.

So do you see that the glyph? Yes, how worried should we be uh, listen well and judge for yourself? Oh, i can see ethereal currents. I had not thoroughly estimated those that flow through the heart of cardinal, but now that i am here, things have become clear: the flash conceal and a fairy confluence like to the pillars of the zoom step, but greater in scale, far greater, so the glyphs that fan Daniel has conjured reach into its very miss, and i believe i know it’s their purpose that the lunar prime must destroy them. It would spark a chain reaction with the potential to obliterate the confluence entirely.

The resulting disruption to the flow of afa would so chaos amongst the elements prompting earthquakes, floods and tempers large enough to lay waste in the ground uh that he would go so far come off as little surprise. If we must these protect the confluence at all cost us, oh hey, thank goodness the thing, oh god [, Music ]. I shall protect thee. I say, oh god, because i am a i have to play as astrologian right there may. The 12 guide you, oh bollocks, away with you.

I completely that sucks. The best defense is a good defense, oh jesus right. So ah i suck [ Music ]. Ah, oh, what fast zero deaths. Oh meanwhile, graha tiara and elise prepare to lock swords with luna ravana [, Music, ] [, Music ].

I have you now [ Music ] that was close jesus christ, so so [, Music, ], [, Music, ], so foreign, it’s close jesus christ, [, Music, ] gg. Well, at the south same moment, you stand shoulder to shoulder with alphanude and histinium resolve to lay luna something i didn’t read the rest good way. How is that lunatic wow up bollocks you’re finished wow. There we made it. We must fight once so.

Okay, wow made it. I didn’t wonder like how difficult it would be for other classes. I can’t heal this final fight. If you came into this as like a samurai, for example, oh now, okay, you’re gon na kill all of them nice. I was gon na say i will not be out done: yeah they’re, okay woof, but what about the rest of them?

Is it going to be like a luna garuda and thus another plan went up in smoke? I am beginning to see why lord zenos thinks so highly of you not that this changes anything you understand. You have merely earned yourself a stay of execution, zero deaths. I am the best i didn’t edit, the video at all. Definitely not you believe me, don’t you glory be to regardless expecting him to say hell hydra, then how fair the tempered we’ve treated as many as we can, but some were beyond help.

Do not hang your head, so brave science, though not all of our captured brethren could be saved. We are grateful for those whose minds have been restored. You could do no more, and that is enough. So please hold your heads high. I should have been quicker, but i’ll do better.

Next time you for your kind words, they mean a lot, a victory at great cost, but a victory. Nonetheless, we must stay strong and press on. Isn’T that right very end, one battle of time will get there. Oh, you come this far to the very end. That’S the expansion.

Trailer me is um. I trust you all enjoyed a comfortable flight aboard the pride of the ish guardian fleet uh. Lest you worry, the bonanza has been towed to a nearby location to be retrieved at your convenience. You have fought of everything lord aymarik, and may i say how much i appreciate the hospitality you afforded us on the way home think nothing of it. Our destination lay in the same direction and it afforded me the perfect opportunity to learn how my errand friend has been since he took his leave would seem that you have finally found a place to settle down.

I merely grew weary of wandering the the far east uh returning to a more serious matters, while the telephra has been driven from cardinal. It’S like that. The bulk of their forces yet remain um on the evidence of the grand company of the austria’s first joint military operation. However, i am confident that we have the potential to meet such threats head-on, even without the aid of you and yours as such. While our forces keep the telephone at bay or that’s that you apply your talents to the task of neutralizing the towers, a sensible division of labor, while the towers remain so too, will the fray of the lunar primers and given our expertise in the field of aphrodite, We are better qualified to find the solution that we are especially should it happen to uh lie beyond the alliance’s dominion.

There is a time and a place uh for formal investigations, of course, but certain secrets are won’t too high, where only enterprising individuals may venture. I cannot agree more. There are not better suited to this task without any upon whom i would rather rely on behalf of the alliance. I thank you. We look forward to receiving any information you are able to uncover, and with that i must take my leave.

I should you need um of assistance. Frey did not hesitate to ask. Thank you. Well, my friends. I confess i had hoped to be able to study the towers more closely while, as they plainly are to the telephrase plans, we can discern their ultimate function.

We will be one step closer to understanding our enemies grand scheme should we succeed in neutralizing them. Of course, it is all but certain that the telephone will mount an all-out invasion, and then it will begin. The one who awaits at the heart of the of the chaos will come for us for you, um yeah. In the end, one true nemesis may be the calamity to end all calamities. The final days themselves.

Yes, all right, alphanude, we need a plan, uh, not important as frankfurt. So adequately pointed out. We are in a position to seek information from all manner of places, not least as charlier. According to krill, the forum has been more secretive than ever of late, while this may be related to the appearance of the teleroy. That remains a matter of speculation, but one thing is clear: the forum is determined to keep us from discovering the truth.

Master uh four finland’s performance at the lotus stand was enough to convince me of that the matter uh bearer of further investigation. I do heartily concur of uh, nor can i think, of a more promising place to look for answers. We seek on the matter of the towers. Eleanor have ever been well sprung of aethrological knowledge of [ Music ]. I care about where we go um here or there.

My lance will be ready what view my free. Might you be persuaded to join us uh plot, of course, for charlie? If it means i can have words with fortune, an island of bookworms and bureaucrats have, we know the choice, [, Music, ] um here here, it’s time that we laid there the telephrase dark designs. It appears that we are in agreement. We have but a way for krill to secure the necessary permissions.

In the meantime, there is a matter. I would investigate these of all tool structures uh by strange coincidence, the darts at present. I have only a creeping suspicion, but with your help i will soon find out whether my fears are worried. Oh complete, oh you’ve learned the e-mark shush. Meanwhile, in the guardian capital, those a awesome certainly are a stubborn bunch, though i suppose you knew that already my plan to redirect the ether from cartino came to a rather less than satisfactory conclusion.

It was in many respects an abject failure, which does, of course raise the question of where we are going to procure the requisite amount. The obvious solution would be to draw on resources a little closer to home, though that would require our dreamer to dream. A trifle more deeply so be it. The dreamer will not complain. Then.

Let us begin the preparations at once with the gateway of the gods complete. All that remains is to gather the necessary ether and our prize shall be within reach. The time has come to fulfill your heart’s desire, my desire to relieve those wretched creatures of their meaningless existence. While i await you, i shall drink a sea of souls and gorge myself upon the darkened moon. Then you shall come to me all roiling rage and ranker, and the stars shall be witness to our final contests.

Wow still going [ Music ]. As i thought the ethereal currents have been disturbed here too. It was the same in thanolan. Make that every location we surveyed and the strength of each current has diminished dramatically far more than could be attributed to a natural occurrence, [ Music ]. What tidings bring us now from dravania?

We took a number of readings and noticed that the closer we were to the tower the lower the etheric density became. In short, the towers are drawing upon the lands ether which would explain how they were able to carry out the summonings. Our allies must be informed of this. We should return to the rising stones and have tataru relay our findings to them. [, Music, ], [, Music, ] and with it is everything all right back there.

It’S going to assume that that was heidelberg, um, sullen dawn grim. First shines engaged cast awards, moonlits sky uh, thus does our final curtain. I don’t know what i said all right, that’s it so. I’Ve finally finished the story of shadowbringers so anyway, guys that’s it for this episode. Thank you for watching and as always goodbye from me and goodbye from me, free bye, guys

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