Fortnite | Fashion Show! Skin Competition! Best DRIP & EMOTES WINS!


First contestant please come through. Oh my gosh we’re already gon na have so many Christmas trees. I do the combo every time I do this. This is holiday skin edition, so please have the best holiday skin on your Naga, but it doesn’t match at all. I, like the skin, though another Christmas tree, all right, you’ll be the since you’re sad I’ll. Let you go all right. I’Ll are you me?

Are you? Are you cosplaying me this? Is that what you’re doing huh you copied my pickaxe, you just added a backlink huh huh buddy! Oh, wait! Huh one! Second, please you think you open the door whenever you want. I didn’t tell you to open the door, so you’re dead uh since you’re cosplaying. I know it’s you, I’m a fivehead troll. I’Ve got a big brain. You go through buddy. I, like you, uh, okay, your Halloween you’re, the first Halloween skin, so you can make it all right. Go ahead! Oh I like this a lot. I do see it often, though okay you’re, sad, all that you go.

I don’t like people in Japan all right, a Christmas tree. We have the sky already look at you being a good sport, though I shall let you through you like sit still for me and everything all right. Next contestant walk through. Please all the way turn everyone has the same Christmas tree, I’m sorry man! Oh sorry! Okay. We I have never seen this kid, what the heck! What are you what? Oh, my god, okay, go through I’ve, never seen that skin. I feel like I’m gon na get memes by my entire YouTube channel, because I haven’t seen that skin before all right, um. Okay, you can make it through whose life I completely hit the wrong guy.

I’M sorry, sir! Just I hit you so come here come here. I feel bad, so you can make it through Luka all the way all right, you’re cosplaying me, but you you mess up. The hair buddy, I wear dark hair, all right, you’re, a deep, Oh first time, we’ve seen the skin today, so you can go through buddy. Next. Everyone is using this pickaxe, all right, fine I’ll! Let you I actually don’t see the skin too often, so you go through make it. Everyone has that combo on whoo, first time. Okay, you can make it. This is the first time I’ve seen you scream sorry buddy.

The pickaxe goes so well with deer. Okay, I like it go through go through. This is terrible. Yeah you’re sexy, oh wow, you’re, really good. The battling matches pretty well. I, like you, go through come all the way up here. Buddy all the way, all the way, all right, guys, the first deep ball that nope you go back the first default. I think you should make it do you. What do you want to do you want to live? You want to live buddy, okay, okay, you go! Hey don’t come anywhere near me or else I’ll kill you pinned your bed would have not seen you go ahead.

Oh he’s like I’ll. Ah, okay, Yolo, thanks for being a good sport, thanks for being good to know! Well, I could tell appease you: don’t have to pick guys Jiji explosive rounds next, please hey no throwing stuff just to that. You’Ll only get Windows now alright uh kind of like you, okay, you can go through now. You only get one window. Alright, y’all only get one with another Christmas tree. Alright, you can make it go through, please what the heck okay first time, I’ve ever seen that skin okay make it go, stop throwing stuff at me. It’S toxic! All right come on! Please! Oh, are you Easter?

Oh, I love yes, I love it dude I like it all. This is my favorites game. Just kidding you’re a default on my screen. You don’t drop a like in the next 3.2 seconds, then I was sent the Fashion Police to your house. What wait? What are you supposed to be Christmas? That doesn’t really give me in the Christmas spirit? Okay, we actually don’t, have you yet so go through. We have the other version. When are you cops Heidi come on now we go wait. Now girls come here: I’m not gon na clean up, go through and start killing people – okay, but not too many people, alright, not too many.

I need any of your choice honestly here we choose this, go ahead: hurry up, kill people chief boss, next person, hey guys, I’m running low on ammo, so I’m just gon na say everyone makes it. Everyone makes it now. Alright, you guys are lucky. Has this rope before y’all get slaughtered? I want you to go through and kill five people of your choice, any five if they fight back that’ll, be banned from the server. Oh GG man, sorry GG man. It’S him not me!

This guy’s brutal, he’s quick with this kills. Do your emo gum. We see the sorry LGD trace how many moats that I haven’t seen before guys hold on hold on no opening the doors to Tata. Alright, now a lot of open the doors we see, literally every single fashion show: okay, you go through you’re, the first one to make it congratulations, run all the way through all the way. Alright. Next, please I say: next, you could open the door. That’S kind of crazy okay. I, like it whoa. We just seen that email, dude I’ll give you a second chance. Go ahead. Emo! You don’t want a second chance, all right, bye, bye, dude, alright! Next another sentry! All right! I think that’s a tree, so you go make it through. Oh you’re. Cosplaying me! Oh, I like it. I like it.

I’Ve never actually seen that emote. This fashion show so good. You can make it through buddy. Oh you Bruno emo projets come on man a Christmas present. What are you gon na get what he gon na get? Oh, oh shotgun bowling! No! I honestly, I can’t even tell us that this, oh sorry, bro. I feel it GG man all right. What do you got backflip on a backflip again for me, they’ll back up again, I said back up again. I hate that emote, that’s my least favorite email.

You, you pick up this month. Pick up. This pump now shoot five people of your choice. Anyone preferably the Christmas trees, dead, GG men all right, here’s he gon na kill guys hiding over here all right, everybody Texan says: emotes last person emote gets killed. That was not a emoji that was not emo. That was a little. I don’t know what that’s called Texan says: jump okay, you you’re a little late to that you’re, a little late to that. Not gon na lie. Texan, says Texan, says: go to circle.

Texan says: if you do not fit on these two pyramids you’ll be killed. Go everyone gon na fit, everyone might actually fit. That’S perfect. Everyone fit all right. Congratulations! I was gon na edit you down, but I failed. So not even try all right. Texan says pick a duo, pick a duo guys. So when you have your duo, go behind me what you do up if you’re, if you’re left out, then you’ll be killed. Sorry dude! You got left, stop man! No one wanted to be your zero. Alright, first duo guys Texan, says emotes, guys, emo and if I like it I’ll leave you alive.

I like that whatever has the better emo. Okay you’re, not funny bye-bye. Alright go go behind me, dude, go behind me! Alright emo smoke the off. Whoever has the better Iman twins next emo. I love you. Okay, alright, emo, guys better emo twins, alright, this one more baby, but I like the skin weight, a really fat head. Alright, worst eat horse. Emo twins, like I tricked my own mind, you should be dead right now, you you’re so lucky. Ah, I’m so sorry, whoever I just killed. Alright we’re gon na continue playing texting, says so Texan says get on one of these platforms. Alright, this is who we got left alright ever alright, everyone hit it.

You mode, though everyone Nemo guess. I didn’t save taxes. Alright, Texas, says jump Texan says first want to pick up. This lightsaber dies. Alright, Texas says the circle is closed. You ain’t it. So we need to speed this up. Guys so Texan says: choose a partner who’s, the partner guys. Is it y’all its yell? Oh, I don’t want to kill this guy or you’ll. Be my partner you’ll, be my partner. You wan na, be my partner. You only the final two now first one to kill each other with this one on wins.

You may kill me with that pump shotgun, so we could figure out who you are? You now have the honors. I will never lose a fashion. Show hello yeah. I wasn’t expecting you to be a guy here with that profile picture. Alright, are you alright? Congratulations. You won. You can shout out any social media of your choice, just only one though so pick one. My youtube youtube.

The same is my gym. So HHH! Oh yes, okay, I’ll, be in the first link in the description below it’ll, say winner. How many subscribers are you at mmm? 145 145: let’s try to get him to 250. Everyone, if we get him to 250 I’ll continue doing more fashion, shows also, let’s try to get this video. What’S the like goal, bro, what should be the like goal B, mmm like go to be 10,000 10,000. Alright, let’s try to smash 10,000 likes on this video. I like it for all I like your style, going for the high numbers. Alright. Thank you bro. Thank you. Oh the treasure mattress video 10,000 like subscribe. If you are new, it’s been texans guys later: [, Music, ]

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