Fortnite Item Shop HAVE A SEAT IS BACK! [January 5th, 2020] (Fortnite Battle Royale)


Hey YouTube: what’s going on this, is I talk for tonight back again with another item shop video today is January 5th 2020 Elfi guys are doing wonderful. Today I made a video talking about. The fashion shows that are going on in fortnight definitely check out that video. If you would like to and if you would like to support me in the iron shot, make sure you use code, I talked for tonight new emo today, no, nothing, nothing new today, so castor is finally back with his new added style. He just got. I think guys right yeah with a backlink Spellbinder also has that it sells.

This might take a little bit just to go through them all, but yeah it’s cool, uh Elmira is also back. It’S got three edit styles as well with the back bling tome pouch. This is a really slow start, just because of the edit styles. Each thing got two more. This spell slinger the magic wings glider. It’S really weird to see these in the feature they’re, usually in the daily, but I’m cool with it. Triggerfish is back with the backlink coral commandos. He also has some edit styles as well, without the face paint and then with all the military garb, their Moxie is back with the back-leg mousse.

These also have edit styles right and block there, and then Moxie has a red and black edit saw as well and then club racks, okay, I missed the bubble flow drop by the way. I totally missed that my strap honestly, it’s nice night night is back with the back, laying balloon llama assault. Troopers back.

We never see it living large, emote, great emo, great emote, flying carp, glider, it’s nice old school emote, also pretty good emote and then the have a CD mode. So nothing new today not a big deal. I don’t even know what the highlight of the shop is. My legs kind of freaking out there it’s probably this emo, this emo, it’s really good, but that’ll, be it for today shop guys, hopefully you guys enjoyed if he did. Let me know the like comment down below: what do you think about the shop and subscribe for daily content? Have a great one? Everyone see ya.

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