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Fortnite Mario Party *MINI GAMES* For our LOOT


So, as you guys know on this channel, I have a bunch of Fortnight weapon. Combos I’ve come up with the new one. Difference stick around till the end after the looting. This is one of the best flights we’ve ever recorded. Stick around give me another favor hit the like button: let’s get the 50,000 likes in a day. We don’t get the 50,000 likes in a day. I will never be my friend what enjoy the video Satan’s workshop minigame? What the heck is this? Oh Joseph, Oh Santa! Oh, they are literally the same person what’s wrong with you all right. What are we doing? Sigils? Listen! This map was made by my boy, KK sliders shout-out, to hey, look hey just let it I!

Let’S do it check it out. Listen. There are seven minigames in here and when we start the game, it’s gon na randomly choose different mini-games, okay, get points based on how we do in those minigames and that determines our loot, alright, we’re doing it for loot. Oh, I got a new combo. Oh, let’s do it boys, you press the button I pressed it mommy. Can I eat a quesadilla while we’re playing it’s pronounced? Casein, don’t I mean my case until this is a cheese case of Dilla leave a case a Dilla down below? If you guys are excited about this video okay, so so these are the seven games, I’m literally eating hazeh dilip.

So I know you sound like a quesadilla. What is this minigame get a star drive to eat more casein 200. What is this? Oh wait? So in this one there’s danger walls that are gon na be coming from that way he looks. Oh, we have low grip. Oh, we got ta jump over him, [ Music, ] Posey’s. So what’s the quickest minigame ever swam, just one corner: do you check there? It’Ll show you their score. Wait. Oh! This is my score. Oh, this is for all the oh dude. This is sick. Dude, it’s free lose what we do. We get the llamas there’s coal. All! Oh, I see on the right-hand side.

There’S points so presents are worth two points: llamas are worth three and Kohl’s, which why you little oh, I wan na call that we got cool where’s. Everything in give me that give me that coal. Can you stop trying to shoot me and give me all these points get back home? Is it 2020 who just took that? No one is mine, it worried about it. This is so stressful. Don’T you like that present from me? Oh, it’s so good. What did I win? What okay, so every minigame you win? You get three points. Yeah. I got four who’s, blue blue. What is it objects into the bin leap out of the water way, what I have to say leap out of the water? I don’t know why.

Oh, so we got to get the things into the into our little hole. Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You scored about beating Ian he’s gon na be a fatty fat. I wasn’t trying. I am a fat emic back fat. This is fun. We need to make something about this with our foot hey. This is a board game. It’S like Mario Party on steroids, Mario Party. I will I will stop all of you. Why do I have for five points?

You guys have zero awesome? Okay, okay, what’s the score? What’S school with score score score score: five, six: seven, who is blue? What is this get your ATK or you will be eliminated? Oh gain your ATK, okay, they’re, breaking my core! I don’t want to die where’d. You died before me. Your die before me, dude. That was fun holy crap. I like that. That was pretty good. We’Re tied, okay boys, if you think I can beat scissors in the foot and hit him in the foot stained rating as long as possible, stop falling into the water. Did you already know wait so it slowly breaks out of the middle okay. Everybody write down your scores, write down your scores, we’re gon na.

Do this one more time for the loot? Oh boy? Yes, alright! Next minigame! What is this? Oh? What, or do this one and this one again this one again this one again? Okay, how do I look at my inventory? Get that in there look at me now get in there? What are you saying, Biffle do what are these? I want to check out these other mini guys. Hopefully they give us new ones.

Now, man, you don’t bounce over you in this family, we do not bounce over. Why are you not getting yes? Okay, there we go got that one so in 10, how do I fix my image? Oh yeah before body mail like, but how do I fix my hub on your mini game? Got ta go. I am pretty crap through many games. Then we fight it. Oh this one yeah give me a call give me that present better. Give me that give me that give me that call give me all that gold. Where are the llamas?

No, you can’t say that to me. Did you steal my present man present? I got the llama and the present I’m owning. Let’S do this bye. Look at me, hey where’s, it last who’s. This one do: where are the new mini games? I want to play new mini games. Maybe go straight for you. Oh, hey zombies, just ate my left foot, who was one guy so sad, it’s not like what elephant I ate. Wait, I’m this one voice! Alright, I have to do better on this one. How do you do this? We’Re not gon na lie. It’S better to be out here: okay, I wonder dang who won alright, alright, how many points, how many points, how we lookin at mister lat, one more mini game after this?

Hopefully it’s a new one, wait, I’m killing it. Ten 11 12 hold on hold on. I got I got, I got ta ask the points. I got a point, a lot of boring math later so I have 21. Sigils has 21 sooner. We both get gold and Biffle gets blue. Let’S do it, so I haven’t done this in a while. You guys know how the harpoon gun right. You hit him with it and it flings him up. So I’m gon na do that to get him out of there one by one’s right and then I’m gon na shotgun him in the face with this long-range shotgun and, of course, we’re getting shock waves and let’s go ahead and grab ourselves a slurp fish yeah and Now, what I’m gon na do for sigils remember, he said he’s getting the jetpack we’re gon na go ahead and get a scope. They are eyes, that’s my loo!

What I’m gon na do now. I want to do something I haven’t done in a while. Let’S go ahead and grab some cannons should be fun now we’ll fill the entire the rest of our inventory with uppercuts, but if you think we can win hit that subscribe button, alright boys ready yeah, I’m ready dude.

This is gon na, be a fun. You guys right, why do you think I would inhibit like buck? You guys ever have strokes, no everyday to you tonight for the night is poker night before tonight’s. What can I bet weapon up up and up in I hate this word. I just hear what I just hear hold on. I use that sound that I didn’t specifically heard Johnny. Where is he where’s Johnny and where is he? Why are you? Why are you? Why are you using impulse nades? I thought you were gon na use a jet bag. Oh no, my mom called me. This was the best gun in the game. Hello. Are you trying to trap me? Try, but not do it well, not at all. Oh yeah how’d, it feel hot. How does it make you feel the first hop back boy? Oh, did you just ha ha ha.

That’S what I heard get our food boy. No, you heart, pooja! Yes, he attempted with boy you look like a selfish. We hit this scope. I worry about me. You try me, I trap you, that’s what we trample Apple. What am I saying he’s giving me? No, I do a can and I’m surrendering yeah okay get over here. You he’s gone. Quite I don’t like Lee. Does that shock her by the way sure come by the way you just join my kill yeah? That was my kill now, but if I keep building up this candid camera, I got ta.

I might hang around boy. This is so much fun. Don’T you do this through my wall, then shotgun me. Is that what you just did? Yes, I did my hat grand now boy. Stop with your tramps. That’S his Protection Agency get out here! Boy! Ok, oh got ta go get over here. All I wan na hit. You no, it wouldn’t have no playground. I got high ground. Finally, the darkness yeah believe that dude everything you do is curse. So Oh beer come on. I got ta go, who just shot my stuff down?

Got ta eat got to eat, got to eat bread buddy. You got ta eat. You bet. I don’t like it is this. Why you’re all so sweaty? No we’re not! I shower semi, frequently. Ah, okay, everything calm down there, nice break so we’re gon na break here. Candy! That’S good thanks again for hanging out watching this video and, once again before you go hit the subscribe button for daily videos.

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