Okay guys, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet for you. This is an early video, but this is absolutely Huge as you guys can see on the screen here 49 is just teased that season four will be a superhero theme you can see the picture that is a Superhero, and what looks like a comet coming down, and I was completely wrong a lot of people. We’re completely wrong I thought we were gonna get a post-apocalyptic Fallout type deal to come it was gonna hit everything was going to be burning well You can throw that the trash can because that’s not the case at all This is absolutely massive, and it means one important thing which I’ll tell you guys in just a minute now We’re on fortnight Intel and it says four nineties is season for potential superhero theme for tonight is just tweezed or tweeted a teaser for Season 4 with appears to be a meteor containing a mass figure perhaps a superhero.

There’s no perhaps This dude is a superhero. Whether his name’s comet man or asteroid, dude. I don’t know but he’s definitely a superhero What’s funny? Is we just got Avengers infinity war I’ll tell you right now if Marvel and Epic Games Hook up together and give us Iron Man Thor Black Panther Thanos skins in season 4. They just blew the top off of something That’s already had the top blown off of it like 50 times the height continues to go up for tonight tweeted out battle adapt win season 4 coming soon and then they also updated their website with the new image and the heading brace for impact so I was completely wrong I Can admit it I was wrong, but where do we go from here? How is this going to work as a superhero? Theme you guys let me know in the comments section is this dude gonna ride down in on the comet are there heroes and villains In the comment it’s gonna explode And then they’re gonna come flying out is this dude the comet is the common man asteroid man meteorite guy I have no idea all I know is that we are going to be getting skins With superhero themes that’s not confirmed But it might as well be if you ask me and be bucks are going to be flying out the window battle adapt win guys ok So here’s what I want to know from you in the comments section if it is a superhero theme And we do get superheroes skins, and they’re actually superhero skins.

They’re not like made-up epic game superheroes if we get some of those Do you want what is one legendary skin your favorite superhero of all time whether it be Superman? Batman a Marvel character Deadpool, could you imagine a Deadpool skin in fortnight? Anyway, that’s it guys drop a like if you’re as excited as I am, and I’ll keep you updated if anything new breaks.

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