Fortnite Season 5 Is Actually Good…


Fortnite season, five is actually really good. Wait hold up. I know you’re reaching for that dislike button just hold off for a second. This video comes from somebody like you, somebody that has barely touched fortnite and has, for a long time had a large disinterest in the game. Here’S the deal you have to watch this just for at least a little bit before scratching that dislike button urge that comes when you see an uh fortnite video in your subscription feed for a lot of you, the mere sound of fortnite brings a level of disgust And distaste that can only be matched with when you perhaps see a young relative dancing in front of their phone for views on tick, tock, there’s just something unsatisfying and so cringe about liking, what all the kids are liking these days.

Am i right, the mere sound of fortnite will bring fearful night terrors of children, amped up on g fuel and doritos al dancing around your body. You know you’re in some kind of cruel nightmare, but you just can’t move yourself even an inch to wake yourself up. Wait that doesn’t actually happen. Those last two sentences may seem traumatic, but they perfectly describe a vision of what i actually imagine happens to people when they throw so much hate and toxicity at a video game. They don’t like just because it’s overhyped and popular, but actually the truth is fortnite is popular for a very good reason. I tried fortnite season 5 and it makes it very clear why it’s such a well-liked game and as an apex of legends creator. I crave for our game to be even an inch of what fortnite is in terms of content and overall scale, but that’s the problem.

Fortnite saw huge success, much like many other free to play. Blowout battle, royale games like pubg, warzone and apex legends. All of these amassed multiple millions of players within their first big weeks of success, but fortnite did something that none of the other games did. Their plan was to build fortnite into something much bigger. They reinvested everything into turning fortnite into a world. You can get lost in that wow a casual gamer’s imagination and have them lost there for hours. Every other battle. Royale game has sort of just churned out content at a decent pace that honestly, i’m really grateful for, but they never expanded upon their ip and weren’t brave enough to take it into new directions, at least not yet.

The problem is, fortnite is so massive in scale when it comes to content that if you can actually get into the core game, you’re – probably not going to stop playing it and go to a competitor that often, unless you’re super serious about the core, mechanics and you’re Fed up with them or you’re trying to play it competitively and it just doesn’t suit your taste for the casual gamer fortnite is great because fortnite has more content than all of the other major battle. Royale games combined and it’s not even close i’ll, be showcasing the kind of content that fortnite players are blessed with today and how season 5 yet again just feels a fortnight with more features, content and creativity for players to get lost in. First, though, i want to promise that i understand the level of content produced at epic games for fortnite is neither feasible nor healthy for the majority. Other game studios out there. But if battle royale games, would you just branch out a little bit to open their world to new avenues of fun? It’D do wonders for their player bases.

Obviously the first thing to do in fortnite is to load straight into the battle. Royale mode straightforward. We all know how it works, but with fortnite season 5 i find myself getting so lost and engulfed in the other aspects within this mode that i often forgot. The core goal was to eliminate other players and be the remaining player surviving. Oh what’d, he get small fry well. I was too distracted playing around with the car and fishing to realize that there’s a ring and we’re inside of a battle royale game. It’S ridiculous! Fortnite has fishing and you can even compete with your friends to catch the best fish. It also has ai npcs for you to fight around the map and all sorts of quests and challenges that you’ll see popping up on the screen in season. Five fortnite also introduced this really cool bounty system where you can talk to npcs all around the map. That will give you different challenges to earn gold bars, you’ll master that currency throughout your entire fortnight career and can spend them at these npcs for weapon upgrades, rare weapons, ammo and other things dragon’s breath shotgun.

Oh, i can buy that. Okay! Oh i’m! Sorry! I i don’t mean to but then comes the core gameplay, which okay, it’s not something, i’m a fan of my build guard, i’m a build guard, i’m build guard, i’m the best builder in this in this game. You’Ve never seen better builders than me, i’m so good. I don’t like the crazy building. I get, there’s a huge skill curve to it and there’s fun in becoming good at that, but it’s something i personally don’t like and it’s always been the one thing that’s turned me away from fortnite because of it. Regardless of that, though, with all of the things i’ve described, this is just an inch of what fortnite is there’s so much more fortnite has had countless ltms from epic games themselves. There’S always something new to try out in the game on a regular weekly basis. Every season they have incredible evolving events that leads up to a crazy live event. Just a few weeks ago, people were fighting against galactus from marvel. Oh yeah, their crossovers are out of this world too.

Borderlands marvel dc, star wars, stranger things, john wick, travis, scott. God of war, and so much have had crossover, skins events or live concerts. The fortnite creator mode is also filled to the broom of opportunities. You can create your own worlds in game modes. It’S kind of like forged from the halo series. Oh yeah, apparently master chief’s. Coming to fortnite 2 and every few days, epic games will host a community created game mode that has been made straight from within this. What impresses me about fortnite is that they have never let go of the pedal they’ve built something so much more than a battle. Royale game now, with all of the talk of crunch in the epics game studio. This isn’t something other developers should try to live up to by any means, but developers should still take a very good look at fortnite and think about how they can implement fortnite strategy to build an open creative world in their own ips.

Now sit back and enjoy me playing with this super friendly guy. I met gas cat. Oh bro thanks man. Thank you, buddy, oh nice guy, because well i enjoyed playing and maybe you’ll enjoy, watching me play too and hey. Maybe you’ll see some fortnite videos on this channel every now and again, obviously apex will always be my jam and the core gameplay mechanics are something i’ll always miss. As soon as i play, another shooter fortnite’s, actual gameplay mechanics is super clunky, and just i don’t like them at all, which is a shame to me, because the content in fortnite is incredible either way when i want to just chill and have fun a game like Fortnite or even minecraft is something that interests me a lot because the scope and scale of content, whether it’s through the developer, created content or community created content, is incredible.

I’D love to see something like that in apex, but for now, let’s jump into the footage. Let’S just have some fun with it and leave your opinions below and let’s try to be respectful at the end of the day. It’S just a video game right all right. Let’S go misty meadows. All right got it hello. I don’t know what the speak burn is hello, hi hi. Where are you from? Oh, you can hear me yeah yeah. Where are you from oh england, only where’d he go where’s my teammate alone. It just overwhelming how much detail there isn’t everything in this game? I honestly, i can’t quite believe it what’s in this house. I don’t know how to ping. I don’t know how to ping so yeah need more metal bro. Oh yeah. We killed someone amazing bro, i’m scared. I’M scared dinner right here, fire it’s npc’s everywhere, coming i’m coming. Oh you’re, amazing, good job! Oh my god! What’S that whoa insane? Oh, they take the minute the mail! Ah thanks man, i i’m just overwhelmed like getting more than i’ve bargained for i’ve taken over tactical. Sorry, i thought they all have them. What oh now we’ve survived the drop. We can just go chill look at this.

If i was a kid right and i saw this car, i would be i’d be like dude. This is insane dragon’s breath shotgun. Oh, i can buy that. Okay, oh i’m! Sorry! I i i didn’t mean to we’re just farming farming mats. You know how it is. I got dragon’s breath shotgun, oh god! Oh my god! I’M the best of this game, i’m so good at this game. You’Ve never seen someone like me, i’m just so good at this game. Oh nice job, there’s so many guns as well bro. This is mad. It’S just there’s an overwhelming amount of content, and this is just a battle royale, the main game mode, like that’s crazy man, a legend shotgun ammo, actually don’t know how to get any okay. Okay, ooh i’ll go fishing. I just want to go fishing, my build guard! I’M a build guard, build guard, i’m the best builder in this in this game. You’Ve never seen better builders than me, i’m so good. [ Applause, ] yeah yeah yeah pushing in pushing in pushing in like this like this, like this yeah yeah yeah build up, build up, build up jump on his head. Oh up up dragon’s breath dragon’s breath blow him up come on come on, come on he’s dead. He’S dead, he’s dead so confused. This is a part of the game. I don’t understand, i don’t know ammo, that’s why.

Obviously his buddies coming assist, i’m the best assistant in the game. You’Ve never you’ve never seen as many assists on a player like me, i’m just so good. I don’t understand, what’s happening, i’m so confused, ah build up. All i got ta do is just be the assist he’s, probably like yes, nice job well, legendary player. Yes, like that buddy yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, oh dude, you are yes carrying me to victory, never seen players like me in this game, i’m the best, oh god, and i’m insane i’ve got two kills. I think i don’t really know. To be honest, i might have two kills or two assists. I have seven assists no wait atm cash money, i knew there’d be gold in there see, i’m i’m a genius. This is how you swim like a dolphin, i’m so majestic in the way i move in this game. It’S just incredible. Oh blessing me the sniper rifle incredible, readable stuff. Oh, how did you do that? It’S like wait. Wait sniper back! Oh dude! I took a sniper. It’S fine, it’s fine, all right, i’ll drop, it i’ll drop it out, so get so good right there there! Oh it’s! Okay! Oh thanks man! What a nice guy, what a nice guy! What’S that? What? Ah? Oh, my god, i did not know.

That was a thing. Oh sweet, this guy’s like babysitting me. I s you can set trees on fire they’ve at that’s just mad. I mean i know, that’s something so simple, really, but the fact that they added that. Oh, we can go fishing. Yes, buddy. How do i see? I need ammo, i do need ammo just a little bit and i’m just burning this whole town down. Okay, let’s go! Let’S go! Go! Let’S go come on what’s in bg, carrying me to victory the dynamic duo, what does this do? I think it gives me health. I don’t really know 91. Okay, we need shotgun, ammo, oh sure, go, go, go, go! Go yes, excellent! Oh it like fires, four shots at once. I see something come on. I i’m i’m uh. I am i’m incredible. This game! You’Ve never seen players like me. We’Re about to run up on these fours, they won’t know what hit them they won’t. They won’t have a clue yeah. We got we’re going for this.

It’S help can’t climb, say that buddy, some mini gun or something i need to help my teammate come on. Build. No i’m setting fire to everything. Oh, i didn’t really work. Did it? I’M sorry, dude, that’s, okay! I let him down. I’M literally stuck this guy’s, not voiceless, fighting each other. I can revive him. They still reboot cards from apex. There’S like two players right above me: where is it where’s his reboot caught? No, no, no! No come on whoa doing it. We’Re doing it come on. Go go, go! Go! Oh! No! Oh gg! Man, wow, okay, good match!

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