Y’All told on guys it’s chase welcome back to a brand new video in today’s video we’re gon na be watching the trailer that you will be seeing soon at the 6:00 Invitational it got revealed early and put on reddit, so yeah, let’s go ahead and watch it. It’S just about what Oryx iana do and then the operation or that sorry, the organ rework. So a new force of destruction is coming to Rainbow six siege. An operation void edge, so he does not overs awnser defend, oh and in addition to crashing through soft walls and sturdy Frenchmen, he can also perform he knocks over Montaigne. That is gon na be very good holy crap, let’s gather feats of athletic prowess, then there’s the new attacker Jana don’t be alarmed if you shoot her and she disappears. That’S just her hologram that looks, moves and sounds exactly like her. Okay. Maybe that’s a little alarming.

That’S creepy, here’s the rundown on the new operators and their gadgets and a look at what they can do on a newly renovated Oregon map. Let’S start with the new Jordanian defender Oryx because of the Smashing. This is powered by his Reema ability, a quick sprint that lets him move faster than any other operator with it. He can update attackers to the ground, including Montagne and other shield barefoot. Let’S go that’s literally, you can also smash through barricades and unreinforced walls. Keep in mind that while barricades are a breeze, he does take some damage when crashing through a wall, so don’t get to smash happy without a friendly doc nearby. Unless you want to end up losing a 1v1 to wood, panelling oryx’s runs on charges. He can use them rapidly a few times in a row, but they take time to replenish and they reset to zero when you bust, through a wall, gridlocks tracks, stingers and nomads air jabs can interrupt. His done’ takes a moment for him to get his gun back up after dashing orcs.

His footsteps aren’t exactly subtle when he dashes his ability is more about speed and strength. I love it and he’s got one more trick up. His complete lack of sleeves Oryx can jump up and grab open hatches then either peek at his surroundings and drop down. He can pull pull himself up through the hatch to the floor above I’m gon na be in order can’t do it on I love. I love to break open the hatch first over his mp5 or his bailiff sidearm over his USP 40. Isn’T a bad idea, I’m so excited, but his climbing ability is independent of his Reema charges. So you can use these two skills in tandem. This makes Oryx a dangerous new defender who will have attackers looking over their shoulders and wondering where he’ll show up next operation. Void. Edge is also bringing the attackers their own deceptive new threat, even though it’s something that can’t hurt the defenders at all.

This is the new Dutch operator Jana, and this is her hologram using her Gemini replicator gadget Jana creates and controls a hologram that looks like her, including her headgear, uniform and primary weapon. Skin moves like her with the exception of rappelling or climbing ladders, and sounds like her. While it can’t deal damage to enemies or physical objects, it can have serious effects on the defenders survivability in addition to scouting traps, but not triggering them, Jana can make defenders. Think she’s everything down there now they said that she doesn’t seem like she can or dupes smoke orgullo into triggering their gadgets prematurely. After all, when a defender sees the hologram peak around the corner or hears it in a hallway, how are they to know? It’S? Not the very real and very dangerous Jana convincing as it is the hologram is fragile.

One bullet will destroy it, as will electricity or mute jammers. Maestro’S, evil eyes can zap it as well and they can detect it’s a hologram by the tell-tale lack of warm body. Glow shooting Yanis hologram does not result in a location thing as with alibis Prisma, holograms and organisations skin and honesty vigil. When he’s using his cloaking device, Jana can’t move while her hologram is active, so defenders are temporarily safe from her a rx, 200 or g36c primary weapon or her mk1 9-millimeter sidearm, but she doesn’t just have one hologram. The cooldown period is longer if it’s destroyed than if she deactivates it, but her hologram will always recharge whether she’s using it to run solo, misdirection, plays or conspiring with teammates in a coordinated push. Yanis deceptions can have deadly consequences.

There used to be an exterior door here on the dining hall bomb site on the Oregon map, but it’s been removed as part of some key renovations to rework the map. The nearby small office tower has been expanded on both levels, giving defenders more room to work with when keeping attackers at bay. The basement area has also grown both the dorm stairs now extending down one level and connecting through a new freezer section to the old basement operators looking to traverse the attic connector above, the meeting hall will have more options, including a redesigned floor plan near the master Bedroom and a new exterior, 2nd floor window, thank God that is something that attic has always needed, is some way to get outside.

Like literally that tunnel, you are going to die it. The ladder to the first floor has been removed. You’Ll also find a new hallway connecting the big tower directly to the kitchen, allowing you to vonda’s the meeting room entirely. That’S a good operation void edge is also bringing some impactful gameplay updates that you’ll want to know about changes to barricade damage will make breaking boards more consistent and less obstructive. Attacker drones will now spawn on the same side of the building. As the attackers first spawn location choice. Great, I am a player hub – will be revamped for improved navigation. That looks nice. I like that these updates, as well as the Oregon map rework, will be free for all players when operation void, edge launches the new operators.

Oryx and Yana will be available at launch for year. Five Pass owners and everyone else can unlock them a week later. Using renowned or more ziggurat pass come out itself more on Rainbow six siege subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit us at News: Ubisoft calm, I’m 100 % excited and 4k here or it’s not Caillou keys, kayid son, I think live on test server February 17th. I’M so excited for Oryx, I’m gon na be me and I’ll be curious of how Jana works at first, but I believe she’ll be a good operator but yeah other than that. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure to smack that, like button and if you’re new to the channel subscribe, join the discord with a link down below in the description and I’ll see you guys later. Peace.