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Getting Started with Call of Duty: Mobile


Hey folks and welcome to another ‘Getting Started’ video by AFK Gaming In this video we will be covering Call of Duty Mobile, the basics of the game and how to get started with it So if you’re a PUBG player whos been forced to shift to Call of Duty Mobile because of the PUBG ban in India, then this video is perfect for you. Although if you’re just a new guy whos starting Call of Duty for the first time. Then you’ll also find some really helpful tips. Let’s get started! The point of this video is to point out some of the key differences between PUBG and Call of Duty and help you get settled into the game so you can start kicking a** faster. The first and foremost thing as soon as you finish the tutorial of the game, you’ll be asked to choose between a simple and advanced mode of aiming Please, choose the advanced mode! The simple one just downright sucks. Next, as you start playing you will also start to unlock free rewards please don’t forget to claim these rewards go ahead, click the ‘star’ button underneath your name and claim these rewards, claim the weapons because they are actually really helpful.

You don’t want to be stuck playing with the default M4, which you get at the start of the game. It’s not that good to be honest. You’ll not just need to unlock new weapons, but you’ll also get to unlock new game modes When you start the game for the first time, only the Frontline and team Deathmatch modes will be available to you. Modes like Search and Destroy, Domination, Hardpoint, Terminal, Headquarters, and all of these will be locked. So you will have to play more, grind more and get these modes unlocked. Now Call of Duty mobile also has a battle royale mode just like PUBG, but it’s really really different. There’s new vehicles like tanks and helicopters, there’s many new weapons, there’s a lot of options for customizations and you can choose between different classes So it’s like a completely different battle royale experience than what you’d have seen in PUBG. But keep in mind that the battle royale mode is never played in tournaments. In Call of Duty tournaments, modes like Search and Destroy, Domination and Hardpoint are the ones that are taken into consideration Once you start unlocking new weapons, you’ll also need to upgrade them in the ‘Gunsmith’ mode.

Now, keep in mind that the Gunsmith update is a new thing that Call of Duty introduced just a couple of months ago. So, nobody has figured out the perfect formula for this Nobody knows what are the perfect attachments, what’s the perfect weapon. There are a certain few weapons which are in meta, but then you can’t really be a 100% sure about it because the whole point of customization is that you suit it to your playstyle. So you’ll find plenty of videos on the internet that will describe you which loadout is the best. Let’s be honest, none of those videos are wrong and every one of those videos will recommend you something different and all of them are correct to some extent At the end of the day, whatever videos you find whatever attachments they tell you to put on your weapons, you need to make sure that they are suited to your playstyle.

So we’re gonna give you some pointers that you need to keep in mind while you’re setting up your weapons Now we’re not in any position to tell you what button layouts to use because that’s a highly personal choice and it really depends upon what you’re comfortable with. But keep in mind that whatever layout you have, make sure that the jump and the duck buttons are easily accessible A lot of people in PUBG use the 3-Finger or 4-Finger layouts If you’re holding the phone like this, you usually have one of the fingers dedicated to the fire button and the other one dedicated to the ADS button. Now that’s not necessary in COD Mobile because you can ADS and shoot with the same button from your thumb itself. So that extra finger that you’re dedicating, it’s not really needed. You can still have a fire button up on the top-left of the top-right corner depending upon where you wanna put it but we’d recommend keeping a finger dedicated to the jump and the duck button. You see, in PUBG if you just move your thumb, your player would jiggle The jiggle movement which makes your player go left and right, it was enough to bamboozle your enemies and make them miss their shots It was enough to make you a harder target But in COD it’s not gonna be enough, you need to be sliding, crouching, drop-shotting, jumping as often as possible because the jiggle-movement in Call of Duty is not enough.

Hence, if it’s possible, use your third and the fourth finger to dedicate to a jump and a duck button or if you’re still using just your two thumbs, just make sure that the buttons are in a position where you can reach them easily and you don’t need to struggle much You need to create different loadouts which are more suitable for different maps. In this game, in close-quarter combat, SMGs are considered to be better than shotguns Although, I’m not saying that shotguns are useless.

In certain situations, they can be good, but most people still prefer using SMGs Obviously, ARs are more suited for medium to close range combats and sniper rifles for long-range combat but that was obvious. Now let’s get down to business about what attachments to put on your weapons There are 9 attachment slots that you can modify Each of these 9 slots have even more options in it Which make it even more complicated because there’s just so many permutations and combinations possible If you’re gonna play aggressively with an SMG, you need to put attachments which give you better ADS speed, better movement speed, and better movement speed while you’re ADSed. Maybe even a little bit of reloading perks will help, but they’re not that helpful.

So, you need to prioritize movement and you need to be as agile and as evasive as possible Now, if you put down attachments on your weapons that will increase your ADS speed, it might mean that your accuracy is not that good Your weapon won’t be a 100% accurate. But that’s fine. You know why? Because with an SMG you’ll mostly be taking close-quarter fights and since your enemy is closer to you, it should be easier to hit him and it should be fine even if you’re not a 100% accurate As long as you have the speed to take him down, it’s fine. In fact, if you’re one of those players who like to move around, jump, duck and be as evasive as possible when playing with an SMG, there’s even a perk called the Wild Hipfire, which can let you be as aggressive and as evasive as you want to be.

You can jump around and do whatever you want and you can still be a little accurate. For assault rifles that you’ll be playing from a mid-range, it’s better that you go for accuracy and better recoil-control, while sacrificing the ADS speed and the movement speed If you’re gonna take fights, at a medium-range or maybe even a long-range with an assault rifle, you need the accuracy and you need the recoil control. So prioritize getting your muzzle, your foregrip and your lazer attachements accordingly You might not necessarily need perks for assault rifles, but if you want you can still get them. For snipers, you obviously need high movement speed when you’re scoped in. So get attachments which let you move faster when ADSed. Also, if it helps get the FMJ perk. A lot of times as a sniper you will notice and opponent hiding in a corner and he will never reveal himself. So instead of waiting for him to peak out, you can shoot them through the walls, and that’s why the wall-penetration on the FMJ is really helpful when you’re sniping If you can do it, and if you’re comfortable with it Don’t attach red-dots, holographic sights, 3x, 4x scopes, whatever.

Play with your iron-sights Of course, if you think you need your sights, you need your red-dots to get kills, by all means go ahead and do it, there’s absolutely no problem with it But if I were you and you are comfortable with it just get rid of any attachments on the optical side, play with your iron sights and use that extra free attachment slot to put up something else which will boost your accuracy or boost your recoil control. Don’t bother equipping a silencer on to your gun, it really doesn’t help. Even if you think it makes you sneaky and silent, any good player which has a decent amount of game sense will still be able to figure out where you’re shooting him from. Ok ya, in the battle royale mode the silencers might help, but in the regular multiplayer modes, they are absolutely useless. Dead silence is the single most important thing in the entire game. Please use it if you don’t want to broadcast your position to your enemies. It’s literally the bread and butter of survival. Last but not the least, please check your corners.

This entire game is all about making sure that all the corners are cleared so that nobody holding a sneaky angle is able to kill you. Don’t rush in like an idiot Don’t end up giving free kills. Check your corners, check the common places where you think the enemies might be. If you need help with figuring out which angles are the best to hold and which angles you should clear, check out the other COD tutorial videos on our channel! Speaking of sneaky campers, it is possible to fire underwater in the game. Now that’s gonna make the battle royale mode really really interesting In the end, Call of Duty Mobile is way more personal than PUBG Mobile. There is no one best way to play the game It lets you customize and create your own playstyle rather than following a certain trend or a meta These were some of the most basic tips of Call of Duty Mobile If you want more advanced tips, you can check out the other videos on our channel as well.

So if you are PUBG player who’s just shifting to Call of Duty Mobile because of the PUBG Ban or if you’re an avid gamer who wants to learn the game. We hope you find this video successful. If these tips help you, please let us know in the comments below and like the video. If there are a couple of things that you think we missed out on and you’d want the others to know, list them down in the comments as well. Let’s have a healthy discussion! As always, we’ll see you next time and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

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