HALO : Reach – Quick ‘Off The Cuff’ Review


I recently finished Halo Reach from the Master Chief collection and thought I’d. Do a quick review give you my my basic feelings towards this game and my basic feelings: are it’s a pretty good, FPS game? It’S reasonably solid. The story is adequate. The cutscenes are reasonably good. Actually, it was quite engaging and the gunplay was in general, pretty solid. Nothing stands out about the gunplay. It’S not it’s not like a doom 2016 sort of game. It’S a fairly dated fps in that regards, but most of the basics are there. If you’ve played a lot of FPS games, you’re gon na feel right at home play in this game with a few minor exceptions. For example, you can only have two weapons lots of FPS games.

Do that so again, not not massively different, but if you’re looking for a doom esque experience where you just pick up tons and tons of weapons and then keep them for the rest of the game, this games a little different. You can only ever carry two weapons and you will be constantly dropping your current weapon and picking up a new one, because, although you might find a weapon, that’s your favorite once it runs out of ammo, there’s actually no point keeping it. You don’t find ammo packs to refill your weapons. You find more weapons that have ammo for that weapon. So once your weapons gone, you might as well. Ditch it pick up a new weapon and when you finally find another weapon with the same ammo, it’ll have a weapon attached to it. Isn’T that the ammo comes with its own weapon, so you’ll be changing your weapons constantly and that’s actually pretty good, because there are lots of different types of enemies and they do require slightly different tactics. You know, sometimes you will actually drop weapons. You utterly adore because you’re facing enemies where there are just some better enemies. The classic example of this is shielded enemies.

The plasma pistol is absolutely brilliant for stripping the shields and luckily those things drop all over the place. So if you come across enemies like that, you can quickly switch one of your to that sort of a weapon. You’Ll get used to playing like that. If you are more of a dune style, FPS game, the sound was okay mostly, but there were several times where in a cutscene I just didn’t feel like there was any background sound or music. It was all very muted, so you could hear the voices quite clearly, but it was a little strangely muted, but it it didn’t, ruin the experience for me. The only major complaint I would have about the game is at the higher difficulties. Anyway, it’s a little too easy to get one shotted by things like grenades or AoE weapons.

You know, you’d be fighting for 20 minutes, killing things having a great time and then suddenly out of nowhere, you might not even see it coming. Something would hit the wall next to you, a bump you’re dead, you’re dead instantly, and you have to replay that entire 20 minutes, because it does use a sort of checkpoint, save system. It was a little aggressive for my liking, but you know it’s. It is what it is you find ways around it. It’S just a lil. I said it’s, it’s a little frustrating to be just knocked out by something that you you just didn’t see coming. The the other thing I would say is if you’re thinking of playing this game don’t be afraid of changing your armor upgrade.

I started out a little reluctant to change my armor power very often because the first armour power you get is sprint and I’m so used to sprinting in an FPS game that I found it very difficult to drop that and pick up a different armor power. But when you do you can’t sprint, and I find that really strange – the lack of mobility kind of freaks me out, but it does help if you sort of gauge the situation, look at what you’re facing and quickly change, armor powers. On occasion there was one mission. I was, I was really getting annoyed by. I may have attempted it 50 times, maybe more and I kept dying to this one random. While it wasn’t one, but it was always one of those grenades or AoE effects. It was just one one-shot me and it was getting really really annoying and I eventually got the mission done by switching to an armored power.

That was a stealth field and I just ran past everything clicked on the button. I was supposed to click on and it just went to the cutscene, so I skipped the entire fight which works, and there are plenty of other powers that can be useful. The jetpack is tons of fun. That was the one I used quite a lot as well. Sprint and jetpack, but don’t be afraid of the things like lock armor. I didn’t really enjoy the shield one that much all the decoy did use them a few times, but, generally speaking, you just didn’t quite gel with my play style. However, whatever your play style is, don’t be afraid of experimenting and that’s it. Basically, it’s it’s a pretty solid FPS.

I enjoyed playing it and looking forward to the next few games to be released as part of the Master Chief collection and considering you know it’s only one part of a many part series it felt like I got my money’s worth if you’re an FPS fan. You’Re probably going to enjoy this if you’ve not played the Halo series, because you didn’t have to correct console and you just want to go back for a bit of old-school fps, there is I, as I said, just all-round a solid experience. This is actually a pretty good choice.