Hatchathon Pokemon Go – The FIRST Pok?mon GO Events & Changes of 2019! (Hatchathon)


Hello, everyone, it is awkward, so welcome back to another episode of Pokemon go and 2019 is definitely going to be the year in which, starting this moment on Pokemon go is going to be playing a center key part. Roll on to the channel, alongside with other projects like Pokemon, let’s go, which will be playing a little bit more into the background and then other games which will be there so 2019. Definitely a focused year from Pokemon go right into the shadow. It’S a matter of fact. The next video will be called quest review because there’s a lot of quests and changes to the tasks which have been just updated to Pokemon go. I wanted to make a video on its own on that, but the very first video I feel, should be a kick off video talking about some events. Talking about some of my you know my thoughts, my opinions and welcoming you guys to Pokemon go in 2019. Let’S get started, login screen brand new login screen. I think it looks, though I just kind of think it’s interesting that the previous login screen was only there for like two weeks. I really liked the previous login screen with trainer battles I just kind of wished. It was there a little bit sooner, because I mean that a lot, an executor that alone and login screen.

We had that for months, so to see this one so quickly, a little bit of a surprise. Also, this one didn’t get leaked, so it wasn’t in the data mind or anything like that. It just boom was there in the game. So I thought that was cool. That’S a nice little change from what it usually is, and let’s take a look at some of the things over here, so obviously in fireworks, two beautiful 2019. I think this is an upgrade from the last year’s 2018 screen over here. What couple of things you may notice – and you might be curious about what? What are these Pokemon doing here, spoink at the right side, grumpig in the center, we got a swine up off. There 2019 is the year of the pig and the Chinese zodiac horoscope. So that explains why there’s so many pig ask Pokemon there. You also got electro fire here as well, of course, and one thing that I noticed over here: evie with the spiky hair. I thought that was awesome, not sure why Lucario is there by the way – and you see something here or is that Lucario in common, like wavy, I think it’s Lucario waiting at the fireworks yeah, maybe I’m looking a little bit too deep into it, but yeah. I think that’s cool, I hope, we’ll see Mamoswine coming to Pokemon gone very soon as a result of SWANA being there.

Now that was not the only change the new change just added today, new great bosses of Pokemon go another swapper unni of things that are here. This this little info graph was made by leek duck. Make sure to follow him on Twitter link is in the description below. If you guys are curious to look at this for yourself, save it on your phone or go to leak, the leaked, doc.com, slash boss or follow him on instagram, so over here level, one magic, our machina, Willmar, shanks and weasel. I think it’s a cool cool v, not too bad. Nothing really out of the ordinary four of them can be shiny and there you go bristle as a new one as well. So I don’t have much to say about that: a TN /! You got sand /, crocodile Bri, loom and my wall, I’m not really sure about breeding sense. Flash kana is there from time to time. Proto crocodiles, interesting in this case, because obviously total doubt community today is the next one definitely gets you saw some crocodile. So that way, you can learn your relegate ER, a very nice water type move, which I think it’s probably going to be hydro, cabin and already sure about that level. 3. We see a lowland right. You can be ashati right now looks really cool Machamp. A lot of people are always happy with Machamp star me dolphin and Sharpedo interesting choices, honest ii, don’t know why these were decided on yeah. I don’t feel much more to say on that level.

For golem, a lot of Marowak ride on surroundings are kind of the the usual fork that that we’re seeing in the race lately and, of course, number 5. He tram and the ox’s attack form and all it shows a little bit of an example as to what the things are so definitely download that I thought it was kind of interesting that app. So it’s not in here app. So, as a Tier four and then also togetic, I was kind of interested interested why togetic was not in there and there’s, probably a bunch of other rate bosses which could have been in there as well, which aren’t in there. I would have liked to see a little bit more of ice typing, considering it’s still winter. I would still love to have the opportunity. For example, she got like another snow room or something like that, but before she does not meant to be, but yeah, that’s it. That is all there is over here for the new raid bosses. We have a newly invented Pokemon. Go the adventure, sync hackathon. Now this event is kind of like a follow-up on the last event, the Christmas holiday events in which the last, in which yesterday you have the capability of actually walking half the distance and then hatching your act. So this kind of like an addition to that. To celebrate new beginnings, trainers will enjoy bonuses for hatching eggs from the 2nd of January 1 p.m.

Pacific Standard Time into the 15th at the same time, so roughly about two weeks. This is also when the huge run is gon na be ending as a raid boss. So make sure you keep that in mind. Maybe there are some connection there, but I couldn’t find it make sure your shoes are tightly laced for the long journey, as you are more likely to receive 5 and 10 collar motor acts from Boca stops and gyms and then obviously adventure. Sync, that’s what we’re saying here and then twice hatch, candy and Stardust here and I think that’s pretty interesting. I don’t think it’s even too bad to be honest, but there’s one thing that the one little concern of the matthew rhys. So obviously the last event was really interesting, with a bunch of new additions for pokemons in 7.

Kilometer acts now one thing that I recently took to Twitter, which you guys seem to be agreeing with this, there’s really not much of a purpose at this moment. In time to hatch seven kilometer Acts right now, seeing as sure you’ll be able to got some baby Pokemon in there. Maybe if Pokemon go we’ll do the following like remove all that, along with Pokemon from a catches completely making them a little bit more rare, but then for the summer, reintroduce them with all the shiny forms. I think a lot of you guys will be excited for that idea. If you guys are make sure you, let me know in the comments below, if you think that suggestion is a good one, but yeah higher chance of five and 10 kilomettre acts. I honestly don’t mind as much, but if the SHINee rates were to be increasing, if five and 10 K acts, that would be awesome and then people are definitely gon na, be jumping on to that one. That obviously ties in perfectly with a new year’s still.

That’S currently ongoing in Pocomoke own objectively looking the the great box, especially with the super incubators, if you buy them like separately for two and a pocket coins, a pop, which I know a lot of people actually do you already got. You know the value is worse. So the way that I see the gray box and Ultravox is hey: if you want to be buying some super incubators, just buy, don’t stand on five super incubators. You got all those lucky acts and star pieces and Ray passes for free. Now the ultra box is kind of different because it offers you six regular incubators. I don’t really sure about that choice. We definitely had some batter boxes out there, but I think it’s safe to assume with the way that boxes have been for the past. I would say like half a year, this is pretty much what it’s always going to be. There’S going to be a mixture of things you might not be as interested in and there might be some things that you guys are interested in. I mean I’ve seen a bunch of people being frustrated with more ray passes and other people like who’s gon na buy normal juice anyway. So you know just clean up the stuff that you currently Agathe on going or just wait for better sale. It’S that simple moving on there was a analysis being done two days ago by user travelin, and I thought it was interesting to point out.

He basically said long story short one in every seven trainer, / pvp battle that you’re doing in Pokemon go will give you a sin of stone drop so try that out for yourself see if these are rights. I’Ll have this article linked in the description down below. I thought it was pretty interested to share show this with you guys, because that way, one in every two day, you should be able to get yourself this one and, of course the research breakthrough will also give you a sin of stone. Then spin. The number five is in Pokemon go right now you can get this through a quest. I believe its throw five great curveballs in a row which is the most difficult spin a quest we’ve ever had. But you know what we’re gon na cover this one in the next episode, which obviously is going to be the quest for fume, which I’m gon na be going over. All the quests so make sure you stay tuned for that and that’s it. That’S it for everything that is new in poker will go right now. The event of the currently ongoing tell me in the comment section down below what is your Pokemon go New Year’s resolution?

What do you want to achieve in this game, or are there other things that you guys are excited for? I would love to read your guys’s comments in the comment section down below upon releasing of this video. I will be making sure that I’ll be in the comments for the next hour of this video going live, responding to you guys out there, so that in mind just want to say thank you guys so much for watching. I’M super excited for this year. That’S a lot Vito’s coming you guys, I’m gon na be doing better than 2018. I mean that’s not very hard to do. I was very like well, let’s, let’s not talk about 2018 onwards to 2019 and beyond. I wish you guys a very great day wherever you guys are watching from the world and yeah this reverse for Pokemon. Go I’m gon na be signing off I’ll, see you guys in the next one and as always, make sure you, if you guys like this video, do give it a thumbs up.

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