Welcome to the world-famous Coney Island New York City to kick things off earlier than I expected. With this video I hopped off the train. Second, maybe third pokin, when I tapped on shiny Sneasel. Finally, my first shiny of this winter event, not including the Glacial lure day where I did get that one Lapras I’m happy about, but Sneasel. Finally, I know a lot of people. Well, some people have caught a ton of Sneasel personally. This was only my second one, so I’m very happy to see this. This was probably one of the pokin when I wanted the most aside from the new ones – Snover. Obviously, maybe the beanie Pikachu that one’s not as important to me, but there we go excellent, throw a second shiny Sneasel to add to my collection, beautiful, shiny pokemon, with the critical catch Coney Island, New York City, we’re out here terrible terrible Ivy’s there. It is New York, New York. I don’t really have a ton of options for filming locations because it hasn’t stopped raining. Since I got here to New York, I got in yesterday I’m here to celebrate the New Year, because this is where all the good music is. This year, so I decided since I’m staying with a new friend in South Brooklyn. This is the closest I’ve ever been to Coney Island. I got kind of a late start today. Didn’T want to take the train all the way into like Manhattan. You know, we’ve we’ve been around, you guys have seen the city, but I decided to come out to Coney Island today. Maybe maybe just because of my fondness for mr

Robot, but I couldn’t imagine it looking any other way: it’s not not fun to film in though so here it is Coney Island in Pokemon gal there’s, actually a ton going on a Stantler raid, just hatched down there, so I think I’ll head down that way. For that raid, but, like I said I’m here, to celebrate the new year and while we’re on this subject, let’s talk about what you can expect in the new year from Pokemon: go [ Music, ], [, Music, ]! Okay, I found oh come on, come on. Don’T do this to me there we go. I found a little bit of shelter from the rain right here at the Stantler raid. I guess this is my recommended team. It’S rainy weather, so it gave me some boosted. Water types should be good enough, but I think I think this Stantler is gon na, be the end of my little Coney Island adventure and as soon as I’m done here, we’re gon na go, find someplace warm and dry. So we can talk about. What’S coming, Pogo want to go 2020 cool. I really really should have brought some gloves out. I can’t feel my hands. I can’t feel my hands, but I can tell I’m tapping there. We go stand lay down if this is not shiny. Well then, fine, if this is shiny and I definitely suffered for it. So let’s see shiny sampler to follow the shiny Sneasel out here too cold rainy, coutny, nope, okay Stantler. I almost don’t even want to catch you just that’s as fast as my thumb can move there. It is that’s the throw I need to get out of the rain. [ Music ] forgot that when I was looking for someplace warm and dry, I also needed someplace quiet, which is hard to find in New York City. So I’m heading back. That’S my friend’s apartment, but on the way, no one around here at the subway station. Just yet so we can start talking about 2020 in Pokemon. Go. We have new events coming for January, more team go rocket. Special research January’s research breakthrough is going to be Lapras in those ice Chardin ice beam. We have the egg-citing adventure, sink hatch, with on back, Heatran comes back to raids and more you Nova Pokemon. So, starting with that January team, go rocket special research again right now we have Zapdos shadow Zapdos as Giovanni’s Pokemon. Presumably it’s gon na be Moltres. Next did I mention it’s allowed in New York City. So if you haven’t finished that Zapdos research, like me, I’m gon na try to battle the three team leaders either tonight or tomorrow, but we’re gon na have new team go rocket. Research make sure you finish up this month’s, so you can get Zapdos. You can start late if you where’s the d-train, you had to keep going well. You can start next months late, if you don’t finish this one in time, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to get that Zapdos. Our next research breakthrough is gon na be Lapras that knows ice shard and ice beam. Those are legacy moves so starting January 1st at 1 p.m.

Pacific time until February, 1st at 1 p.m. Pacific time Lapras with ice, shard ice beam and, of course, there’s a possibility of getting that as a shiny. So a new research breakthrough coming in the new year, the adventure sink hatch Athan is back starting January, 2nd at 1 p.m. until Thursday January 16th at 1 p.m. so 2 weeks. They’Ve interesting cash bond will return time to get all the leg up on your New Year’s resolutions, which, by the way, what are they mine is to make therapy a more regular part of my self-care routine and to leave judgment behind in 2019. Anyway, during the adventure sink hatch, a thon, you can be rewarded with extra Stardust, rare candies and a nova stone if you walk a certain distance, so that sounds like just adventure. Sink rewards, you’ll be able to find Pokemon wearing party hats. Is this the d-train? It is I’m gon na hop on and be quiet you’ll be able to find pokemon wearing party hats by hatching eggs and encounter in the wild. So, finally, our wishes have come. True. Niantic appreciates the memes we’re finally getting a party hat Wurmple, along with some other party hat Pokemon. It sounds like more details coming soon. Next up, Heatran blazes back into raids. Ok, it’s not a terrible Pokemon can’t be pretty good against team go rocket, so he Tran from Tuesday January 7th until Tuesday February 4th so almost a full month. Kietryn will return to 5 star raids and of course, if you’re lucky, you might encounter a shiny witches. It’S not that great, it’s a little bit lighter orange and it’s got purple eyes. So look out for shiny Heatran coming January 7 and finally, you Nova Nouveau in the new year remember when pokemon originally discovered in the Innova region.

First came to vogue on go. It was a long time ago we’re still waiting for the rest. Well, we’ve received reports that some more might be coming soon and keep your eyes peeled, trainers that stay tuned or share more details soon. So finally, more Gen 5 Pokemon coming the Pokemon go and I’m going somewhere warm and wet bit dry, [, Music, ], all right. Since we were just talking about it. I got a battle with Cliff right here. I need to do all three liters before the end of the day before we switch over or the end of the day tomorrow, before the end of the year. How about that and I’m gon na try to talk while I battle, which historically has not gone well, but I just kind of want to talk about my plans for 2019. When I know a lot of people are probably asking and have been asking, am I still planning on moving to New York? I’M here I mean I’m in the city right now. I still love it. Oh just barely got that one off, but these two things kind of go hand-in-hand. There was there was a time where I was hyper focused on career and work, and that was that was like really the peak of me wanting to move to New York. She’D just come to power a bunch when I was really considering moving to New York City work was really my number one priority and since then I’ve kind of realized that I’m not so wow. This is an easy cliff battle. I’M not so hyper focused on work as I used to be and that that’s that that was probably the easiest easiest cliff battle.

I’Ve ever done. Well, that’s good, because now we can just talk man. I knew exactly what I was gon na say when I was walking over here. How about a shiny check, no shiny for me New York City to me, is the type of place that you come when you’re really trying to accomplish something when you’re really trying to make it when you’re pursuing a career and – and that’s just not where I’m at Right now, like I said earlier, one of my goals for 2019 is to really make therapy a more regular part of my self-care routine. There was a time when I was really hyper, focused on work and on accomplishing things and – and you know getting things done and that’s not to say that I don’t want to do those things anymore. It’S just that. It’S not my number one priority. I realize I’ve been incredibly fortunate over the last three years or so to have accomplished so much in my career in in building this channel in creating content and traveling the world. But I’ve come to an important realization recently and that’s what does all that accomplishment really mean if you’re not truly happy so myself, my happiness, my mental health is number one priority for 2019 and I think, being in a place where I’m close to friends and family Is really the best place for me to be?

When that’s that’s kind of my focus, that doesn’t mean I won’t ever move to New York City, because I really do love it here. I really do. There’S there’s a magic in this city, but I want to get things straight with me. First, before I put my focus back on to work, an accomplishment and building and creating we’re still doing all those things in 2019, 2020 geez we’re still doing all those things in 2020 is what I meant to say and that’s also what’s coming and Pokemon go, which You can expect and poco and go in 2020. So I’m out here, New York City, celebrating New Year’s I’ll be seeing above and beyond tomorrow night New Year’s Eve. If you’re gon na be there leave a comment. Tweet me, let me know, maybe we can link up we’ll do a meet-up and above-and-beyond trainer tips Meetup. How does that sound? Hopefully I’ll see some of you there happy new year. Everyone

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