Hey guys, Maxim here with no intro, because I managed to flush down the mp4 when I re-installed Windows 10 after trying out Windows 7, rip. A new update has arrived, with some juicy changes coming straight from the beta update, along with some other stuff none of us expected to see. Like always, I’ll go through the changes and what they mean. So we have an update on how the bomb works, or rather how long you can defuse before the bomb explodes. In theory, this will allow a player to defuse defuse the bomb with 0.000 seconds left. It’s probably added to prevent weird type of scenarios during the London Major or future events. Another very interesting feature added is this Prime feature where you will receive a warning in a Competitive lobby when other Prime accounts whose Trust Factor may impact your matchmaking experience. It basically means that if you play with a friend and you get this red message, you should probably get new friends. Jokes aside, if you play a match with someone that has a low trust value you’ll now get a warning message and obviously there’s a higher risk that you’ll queue up with cheaters and toxic players.

Just remember, they’re all down there for a reason. I would love to know from you guys what you think about this party pooper message, let me know in the comments. It’s not your typical Valve move but I’m intrigued. Next we’ll go down to the Gameplay changes which were introduced a couple days ago but now they’re live in the game. So let’s start with the sound changes/adjustments.

Shooting inside a building or a tunnel or just you know in a tight environment, will give you a new reverb effect which is very familiar to us in real life when you’re inside a tunnel and you start screaming like a monkey just to hear your beautiful voice. They’ve also mixed and adjusted the sound. Some people online thought that the footsteps sound have been changed but Valve quickly clarified that they didn’t, even thought it might sound that way. Oh and breaking vents is now a little bit louder. Speaking of breaking, this was the first thing in the beta update that really caught my attention.

They’ve added a new hitbox type for necks. To summarize what it means, it’s easier now to get headshots when you shoot someone from behind. It works in the way that if your bullet goes through the neck and then to the head it will now count as a headshot. I mean if you’ve played this game you should know exactly how frustrating it is, especially on DM’s. I’ve even seen matches where pro’s are struggling sometimes to get headshots from behind so this change will be very interesting to see in action and how it will affect gameplay.

Another part of the update was to fix the “use” key so it’s less buggy? There are moments where you’re trying to pick up a gun right after picking up another gun and sometimes it doesn’t work as intended. This should fix that issue, or whatever the issue was. I’m not sure actually. Now let’s go through the map changes, starting with Nuke. They’ve optimized the map for us who love our low settings in-game which means we can finally enjoy Nuke at a higher frame-rate. They’ve added this to A-site which is actually a big deal. All the changes from the Wingman version of Nuke have been added to the official version of Nuke which was also a big surprise to me, because now the vents are totally different.

There’s no way of accessing the site through vents anymore, you would have to go through the doors or window. Toxic has been removed, this change I actually liked, and these boxes have been pushed back oh and it’s easier to see enemies here. I feel like the Nuke changes makes the map more simple for beginners. Anyway on Overpass they’ve finally removed the tra- But what they really did and was really needed, was lower the ambient sounds. For example, going down lower tunnels is much quieter now *finally*. The last change worth mentioning is that this wall is much less random, you can now throw more reliable nades on it and players will not get stuck so easily. This is the update, and it is a pretty good one. Now I’m busy trying to get everything back in order after my mess up with the Windows installation. Also, I’m almost ready to show you one of my projects so if you want to see more of that just follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

That was the video, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!.

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