Hey, what’s going on for hey, what’s going on guys Nick at Nite, here your host of bikes for a dollar today, I’m joined by mole quickly go through an old pawnshop and rip up some bikes now for a dollar. Let’S go it on! So, my dear you guys y’all can see on the screen is a Schwinn.

This baby looks like it’s got some use on it, Chad, but I think it really grace her out guys we’re gon na grease up the Schwinn and we’re gon na. Take it into a fun little game mode here that we all know you guys love you guys. You know that we were legally obligated by the contrail new card Association of a ladder of a PC yeah mr. er er and CA yeah. The CRN CA we’re legally obligated to show you as many of these guises of the girls as we can get down both at night and during the day, it’s a good old time. I do a many clone this one, so you can get some elixir sure boss, don’t play your pump on that side.

Again, I’m mirrored this trip. Yeah zap it a little bit, maybe zap that you’ll get elixir nice. If you do, they go that’ll work too. Nice trip couple dripping nice I’ll, go and heal you I’ll, heal up your people over here. Alright I’ll heal you nice night, I’m going fun this trip, so you get more elixir over there drip drip drop, some would say yikes folks, we’re so dope, [ Music, ] yeah, but how mirror zap?

Oh, I didn’t see my tower you. What the heck is wrong with you sabotage McGowan draw the names McGowan draw. Thank you wait. Where are you trying to say scoundrel? It’S like no McGowan drew well, I’m gon na tell me laughter his name. Okay, guys, new t-shirt design coming out. I’M gon na have a number on the front and the back is gon na, say McGowan drilling.

Well, it sounds like I have a cheese. Oh my god, my head actually hurts from laughing hey. Well, you guys are welcoming McGowan girls. Are you gon na? Do anything now I am, I can’t believe you just took my King tower like that literally the most bugged thing I’ve ever seen done. I warn you yeah. You tried. Oh here we go here. We go baby, it’s really butter cake right now, baby Sally, oh, my!

That right side is gon na get. Oh, my gosh go. What that did to there. We go nice didn’t do that much! That is true! Well, I literally didn’t realize this left side here sabotage sabotage nice to meet you. The name is McGowan, drew MacGyver sabotage it. So that’s gon na be way too much. Oh yeah, the name’s sabotage. Did you see the clip that oj treated where you can drop up an ice spear it and it on your side as defense, and it will activate your king tower, the Firecracker will miss it and firecracker will die and then it will go on to hit some Other things wave wave like valuable fire spear. I swear I’ve ever written, so you drop up.

I spirit, the firecracker misses it. The firecrackers shoot your king power and the firecracker dies, and then the ice beer goes on to hit something in the lane. If there is anything in the lane, what and that ridiculous, that’s like actually hilarious, it’s like the biggest punishment you could ever give someone ya know like that. That’S a great example of McGowan drove! You ask me yeah I mean if you got some scallywag McGowan girl.

I don’t have any things down you just like it. I didn’t mean to. Can i clone my pump, I’m literally imagine if you can clone your pumps, think about what that would do on the screen, something like a caterpillar yeah. It would be ridiculous all right. I will start cycling here in just a second after my next hike my neck pumping up foot down nice hi, McGowan, dro they’re, coming in.

Let’S go McGowan girl here we go folks ready and ready or not. I mean every time I like put down the v card in a row. It freezes and puts it back in my hand right. You can’t get like a couple good cards in a row. I’M trying my best Nick, don’t worry I can offer you is my best. That’S all I can offer you okay I’ll, take two. Oh yes I’ll! Take two of those! Please. How are you doing on elixir? Oh full before I could even drop anything okay good here we go gon na sit.

I was gon na say I could clone these, but if I can save that elixir, then I would rather do that. Oh heck yeah save it folks. We’Ve got a minute left in ot ot. Yes, you might want to start cloning soon. Otherwise, we’re gon na run out of time on it. Yeah the cloning has begun. Oh my dude look at the smoke just coming out of them. It looks like that’s our. It looks so perfect that none of them have a number above their head.

I just threw a pump in the middle of that it just got destroyed it. Would it be wherever I said that didn’t even see it? No, you have a McGowan girl over there. Don’T work, I’m trying my best here. Just I’m coming back sometime. I bet some time. I bet yes. Yes, oh that’s! Look at all of them. That’S a lot! That’S a lot of punks! That’S a lot! All the legs caught is grayed out. I’D, say about 80 60 to 80, 60 yeah by 80, 60 to 90 40. Maybe that’s actually right sabotage. We got Andrew, oh wait.

This is a legendary mecha has to be your name in the next game that we down like the next time we go play arc or whatever, because before it was miss Pitt, Oh Kip. Now it has to be sabotage by Goucher. I, like leagues, like the next time I go play all right. That’S gon na happen next week, no, not art. I said the next time we play a game like art, oh nice. I like that idea. Yeah. You know what thanks, so I pick when you think about it when you, when you wake up the enemy King, it’s like. Oh, he like screams to the sky right. I think I was a different sound.

Then I got a real good one. Oh, he sounds like goofy from the goofy movie when he gets oh yeah. You guys know what I’m talking about. What’S the heck firecrackers get over here, no they’re gon na go ahead. Lane. Are they come back? Come back yes, dude! Look at that white way. Does she come back because she shot at something yeah, oh dude weapon? Is she gon na jump behind it? Yep? Oh, oh gosh! That’S a lot! Now I’m ready for the death honestly, don’t like one-on-one! They don’t really do that much damage to a tower.

So why are they so good? Like I said, I don’t think they’re that good, I think they’re just like okay, no yeah, yeah, they’re, very high-risk high-reward, because again, like I said your enemy can drop off an ice spirit and activate their King Tower like yeah and like they. Don’T even do that. Much damage, I don’t think, no, they don’t. I mean they do a new crush. Like minion horns. I know about the minion horde in a second true. What is this dead to doing walking down this left?

This is sabotaging like crazy. Wait actually is gon na be perfect timing, because that pumps gon na be done yeah trying to build a alternate, build an anti elixir, golem tempting one yeah yeah well, and just remember once you get yours, you’re not gon na need that many true. So don’t don’t even I wouldn’t even go far past that I don’t even need to know in here I’ll go ahead, I’m gon na! Do it one more time and then I’m gon na drop off the electrical and we’ll be good to go, because I need a little bit more than you yeah there.

You go. Do that? Oh baby, it’s happening one trip to drip, oh dude, they’re! Moving! Do you see them they’re moving now yeah they book it holy. They Huck it downtown. If you know heavy [ Music ] downtown yeah, they do. Oh, no they’re, looking they’re gon na go to the wrong side. I’M gon na give them up and they aren’t going to I’ll heal as well. Oh, no, they are gon na go to the wrong sides. It will be fine, we’ll be fine. Yeah! Look at that! One that one’s already it’s fine! If there’s one of them, wait.

Why mine, I’m literally wasting my deal, spells on not dropping them on them. Yeah yeah same except not like they’re, not getting damaged all right, stopping knowing that one ditch over there. Okay, yeah be a jerk and that’s fine he’ll these days, yeah I’m running out. Oh no, I’m running out. Oh my goodness, there’s no control. They are they’re like they’re, either moving like snails speed or they’re. Moving at like 86 kilometers an hour. Should i how much help there’s a lava hound? Half, I don’t know way less. You could try hounds, but if the main thing is you’ll run out of elixir like you have been with the three it gets hard shoot, though we should do giant skeletons, uh, no, no okay, giant skeleton.

So we should be good. Wait, wait. What we just got to be quicker with this, but look at this look I’ll Fisher. We’Re about to be oh, look out, look dude! Look how efficient we’re about to be looking out for him! Oh, come on dude zap it or start your next bush starting next Bush of it already we’re start. You get your firecrackers down over there. I don’t have them yet how the heck not over here, no but kill the freaking the dick bags up. There look now they’re, just oh well, I thought you said like I have to get to your tower, quick, so I’ll, just like freaked out, oh no, I was saying you need to defend yours, quick, 37, nice app right.

There drip my pumpkin known to that’s. Okay, that’s okay! I had subway it didn’t, though I’m gon na clone this again, so you can zap it or drop off whatever and it’ll help I’ll poison. It yeah perfect! Really! Are you just gon na yeah? I guess phone him and zap everything there you go. That’S good that was probably little bit too much. That’S! Okay! Look! I did like no damage over there. Oh no! Look at this drip on the lap! Oh my goodness! Oh I bet your monocle in Aisle three. He I he’s just not gon na get cloned okay! Okay, why did I not zap it, and that folks is why you don’t feel elixir golems in regular lexer Bob?

No we’re good look at this look more damage than you did and we were worried about you and now dude, nice yeah. That was that was that was orchestrated. You don’t an orchestra is Nick. That’S what I do right. Yes, what you say those two good, oh yeah people were like wait. Did I forget to pause my movie yeah just now noticing a half-hour Endora or whatever 20 minutes into a video uvula to the Jurassic Park in the back the whole time all right?

Next, one, I’m gon na start what I did not put her there. I swear. I did not mean to poor we’re done. Alright, see you guys here my that bit wait literally. How did you put her there? I don’t know. Sometimes I tap that area of the screen. Lately, I don’t know what it is with my positioning, my like on the other side, oh yeah, I used my right middle finger to guide by along the side of the iPad and I keep clicking with it what they I got another there. What do you say?

Like that sounds ridiculous, what the heck I did not put it. I did not. I did not put her there. I don’t know how she got there. I didn’t put her there. Then she I got my cycle now. This is gon na, be good, really cuz. I started on a blow like crazy yeah. I would start cloning whenever like, if you have it, just use it, because I’ve got a we’ve got a minute. 17 left. You know this it.

This is it with everybody yeah. No, this is the one, but all right. I think I thought oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, I’m all now who needs to be cloning? Dude you get that Conan! Well! No! I can’t close. I can do jack swap for me man. Oh, oh, we’re switching lanes here. Okay, this is looking crazy folks. Oh that raids get there.

Oh, my goodness, yeah we did it. We did a lot uncle lag ski up. Get let’s go if you want to see a series about all class Ralph card associations from 1 to 96 or if it’s in the future 90, whatever leave a like down below and tell Lucille that that’s what you really want! Yeah talk to Lucille and tell her that you really loved the class round new card Association, yes, so be on the left on your way out. Don’T forget to. She has great hard candies, alright, see ya. [ Music, ]

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