HOW To CRAFT a $7,000,000 SWORD in Crazy Craft (OVERPOWERED)


My name is Sundy Macungie and welcome to the first ever crazy craft, cribs the game or the show where you guys before entering man. You got an enchanting table with literally no books around it. You know it’s. My bookshelf or processing facility final base. Final house is mine. Look at my custom door. This is my girlfriend Gertrude she’s, always right there in that spot. She never nice little. We got a nice little microscope. We got some right. We got some stuff, and over here we got a nice stairway hole for audio hole for audio.

I am son, Dima condi, and this is my house. That’S Episode, one of crazy crap cribs to leave your votes down in the comments whose is the best now on to the episode all right. So we got a lot to do this episode. I expanded my house. We got a lot to do this episode. I’M gon na be working with sigils and Henry. I think Henry said he wanted to show me something I don’t know. So, let’s get a cola sizzles. I want to see how much emc we actually have. Oh yeah before that dudes. Do me a favor a lot of you guys that are watching this series are liking, it a lot so keep hitting the like button. If we get this video to a hundred thousand likes in two days, you won’t be hunted by bad pools all right. Let’S do this, I said you ready to check out our AMC boy. I’M nervous, do you think we’re rich, yet really foot Inc, we got ta. Add your name up there dude add you got ta. Add your name. Your sword add what keep calling us a bad pool, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal Yuriy illegal. All right, you ready to see how much we got yeah high five hundred million in one six hundred million in the other – I’m not really good at math is that is that over a billion yeah, it is like 1.15 billion.

Emc ha go ahead and take half of that take a phenom yeah. We got me yeah. You take that 500 million EMC each doing business. What I think, listen boy! You stops like bad pool, it’s really annoying. What badboo is my I embed pool know what’s DC wants Marvel dude, you can’t do it. Oh cool, okay, here’s the thing, I’m gon na challenge you to a fight this episode. You want to fight that and if I win, you have to pick either the batter the pool I am gon na, be the best bat pool ever you will die. It’S illegal, no yeah! Look at this 780 million EMC boys. We are broken. Okay. Let me go check out Henry, so I need to prepare for that fight with sigils, oh gosh, but let me get a call with Henry. Let me see what he wants boys. We are rich, Oh actually, just before you go before you go poke a good grab. Grab the shark grab the shark grabbed this so short, there’s a shard, the soul, shard okay hold on you got it put it on your hotbar got it. There’S 361 kills. Yes, we need a thousand guy. You just now got cow tipper.

How many now on camera? Before don’t get going get going, I am gon na spawn all of these. So many goes hey. I said yeah. I know this is cheating but check this out. You’Re, fine, you’re, fine! Well, you got to you’re five. I got you’re fine, it’s all like glow in stone. Oh look at that tier five buys alright, alright. So let’s throw that in there our EMC boys. What does know how much EMC you think we’re gon na have in this yeah. My next episode all right Henry. What do you want to show me over here? [, Music, ], I’m cool, I’m cool all right. So what do you want to show me? Oh gosh, I’m still nauseous all right. What are you trying to show me? You know this watch of flowing time, dark matter. Pedestal right this thing here: it speeds up time arrived with things around it. Right, hey, go ahead and grab that, for me, real quick, just pick it up, grab it. Okay got it, got it and take the pits to make the pedestal got it. Okay got it. Oh my, what a cheater, cheating cheater, you can teleport right, yeah. Of course, I’m fabulous easy. Just follow me over here. Do what are you dying, you’re gon na kill me. What are you doing? Are you checking me your secret? Oh, what is this? Oh?

This is my cave. Am I here you’re gon na touch, my foot don’t touch my foot. I might touch something behead. Oh, what did you do go on in this? Is my secret bunker base? This is alright. So what you show me dude, your secret base. Do you remember those trees that I had trees, some special trees, oh yeah, I haven’t showed you guys that yet the viewers, but these trees are insane. Okay. Are these the trees? These are my magic trees, but hey for now right. They might look normal for now, but I’m gon na go ahead and place down some coal in there and over time, slowly. That would duplicate right yeah. If you put, if you put blocks on the bottom of these trees, it duplicates the block yeah.

But if you go ahead and place down your dog, my depends right here: just go ahead and play ball and then go ahead and put the time thing in that. Oh look at the trees. Look at the trees, they’re spewing apples. Look what else this as well golden apples? What are you doing hold on you? I want to test something check that out. Look at that. Look at that. Look at that chest. Look at the EMC on that chest! Oh, my point. Seven million will that’s duplicate. Oh, I mean it sure, doesn’t look right, wait here, so this is the one that does it.

So if we go ahead and in mind that okay – well it’s a chest there and then, if I activate this, if I’ve a mine it oh dude, my huggers gone. So how this is working vein. Miner is constantly activating and breaking the new chests that are duplicating yeah. I think we might have broken this game. Dude, I’m gon na get another pedestal right, uh-huh and then what are you doing this time? Life stone? This will give us constant hunger. No, you can just go ahead and continuously use it like that. So, whatever we activate vein miner, our hunger shouldn’t go down and we’ll just constantly vein mine. This, my hunger isn’t going down see we have right now: okay, okay, here’s the deal! I’Ve never done this before with anybody ever not even once: okay, okay, okay! So I’m first time! Okay, do you want to build a company with me? Oh, like a secret, and nobody will know about it and we will just make endless amounts of EMC. What do you think endless of EMC will become the richest people in the South?

Yes, I’m that dude, I’m dumb okay. So what we’ll do? What we’ll do we’ll build? An underground cave between my house in your house set up one of these things and make endless EMC. Oh boy. This is gon na be overpowered, as now we just got ta. Think of a name guys. What do you wan na call this this company? How do I get out of here? It’S like a big door. It’S just a big obsidian door dude. This is so sick Henry. This was a good fight, you’re good you’re, a human, I’m glad you like it. Okay, let’s figure out how to build underneath my house to your house yeah. We dig it like right here underneath here deep down, then we can both dig under and get there all right all right, and we could we got to do this uh Henry yeah.

If you ever heard of carpenter blocks right uh, yes, you can place them down and then you can skin them. Okay, look at that! I may or may not be, laying our foundation with red matter blocks matter. Block is 1.8 million EMC. So we got my pathway. That’S coming from my base up there, my house – this is Henry’s house over here, yeah. All of that with red matter blocks. We’Re not done, though. I have some more ideas to make that farm even more opie give us like 10 20 minutes we’ll be done. This is gon na be sick and we gon na break my nose so so good, all right, Henry I’m making something for you. There we go. Oh man, let me go ahead and throw that in there got that got that got that, and this is called a black hole band. Oh, that doesn’t sound good Ian, that’s noisy! So if I throw the pedestal down right, put the black hole band there.

Aha, I, like that click back crap crap, I’m okay, throw that in there now you see that cobblestone over there right. If I put a chest there and then right click, this oh look at it. It sucks items in and it stores it in the chest. So we could activate our vein miner on those duplicating chest and they create a giant storage system of nine million EMC chess yeah. So we got we got our pedestals in this art time ones right right. We got our healing ones for our hunker and then we got the sucker ones. Okay, we need to put down the yeah the duplication block. All right Henry should be working, throw the chest down. Okay, you ready and then turn this on. Okay, we can we it’s infinitely famous, go ahead.

No, it’s a dark matter, Pig, it’s infinite! It’S fine! Next episode! Let us know how many stacks of 600 million EMC we’re gon na have Co is the way to go as per usual. What all let’s go and turn this off per usual? We got it. You know you got to take off her armor go ahead. Take off her armor, take off her armor. We got to do an initiation for each other. Okay, okay, [, Music, ]! Welcome to the business so now we own two companies. I thought, since I have these red matter tools like I said, I’m making something for this fight with sigils right check this out.

My current store does fifteen damage this sword here, the red guitar 23 damage and it only cost seven point: five million EMC, oh yeah, that’s easy! Go ahead! Make that dark matter! Sword, red matter, sword, dark matter ho and that’s kind of useless red matter ho. Even more useless red matter axe that sounds pretty neat and some red matter shears. That seems pretty shiri. What what does that mean? Take all that put it like that and there we go the red guitar, but we learned that too that there we go enough. I charge this.

This goes well with my bat pool suit. Now the last thing that I want to craft for this fight, this is called a juggernaut pet. Whenever I use this, it makes it to where I’m immune to damage for one whole minute, and then I can teach this to my table and then spawn infinite of these. So what’s the first one wears off, I can activate the next one. Now I want to test this really quick.

Let’S remove all of our Deadpool armor activate this. Ah Thank You penny. I almost died, but that is awesome, zero damage and then, if all that fails – and I just cannot do enough damage to him – I got something here called a criminal. What this does check this out whenever he hits me right, look at him whenever he hits me. He took off my helmet it down. He just removed all of my armor itself on the criminal atom to take off his armor and then I’ll kill him with this new sword. Let’S do this. I have come to challenge the abomination. The illegal saying that is, I am cool, I’m challenging you to a battle to the death. I have become an abomination. Just like you just stopped you.

I am the iron bat. Are you Iron Man and Batman? Yes, I am combined more powerful than ever and I’m gon na stop you. So if I win, I can continue to be bat pool, but if you win, you get to be bat iron back fat. All your crap bring it you freak now and I brought you out yeah, you can’t hurt me, can you go ahead and try to hurt me try to hurt? Oh, I didn’t mean to do that. I admitted it hurt me. Oh, that is not fair. Small artillery strike wait for good. Oh, oh, oh you! Let me orbital strike, you know you had a few. Your honor boo is my chance. Did I just one shot? I am back cool. I’M just put you back to Thor dad! No more of this! No more of this god, I feel like back, pool hit that like button and, of course, if you guys have enjoyed this video, be sure to hit the subscribe button down below join. The team also hit this next video to watch the next one Klingon