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How to get the 3rd FREE GIFT / FREE BUNDLE – Just for you! – Call of Duty Modern Warfare


Hi everyone, another quick video on how to get your free gifts in call of duty, modern warfare, 2019. So in this video I go over how to get it again and also show you guys how lucky I got in this one, and then I’m also going to get into the Doritos free gift and how to get three different things from that.

If you haven’t gotten the code for that, if you weren’t involved in that contest or if you didn’t retweet at them, I don’t know if you can still get the codes, but you may want to try and reach out to them on Twitter and try to get Them, if not I’ve got two codes that I did get as extras, so I could give them away, and I will do that giveaway once I hit a thousand subs and if anyone in the comment section below I will be able to give those out too. So don’t forget to comment, don’t forget to Like, don’t forget to subscribe and let’s get into it.

So for my third opening I got really lucky and, as you can see, I got the flood SMG, it’s a legendary weapon skin and I got the knife fight emblem, which is perfect for me because I love to knife and it worked out pretty well so how To get this, like, I said before in my previous video I’ll link it above and the first one above as well, you basically want to go to your store.

You want to go to just for you and you want to just go through there quickly and see. What’S available and sometimes you’ll see the free bundles there I have talked to a lot of people about how to get these bundles and why some people are getting them in some part, and I haven’t been able to get a definitive answer on that. But basically, what you want to do is check everyday. Every time you log in check that free gift area or you’re just for new area, and hopefully you will get some bundles and you’ll eventually get these items as well. Now, let’s get into the doritos free gift. So for this one, you actually get three different things.

Two of them are epic, and one of them is legendary. So, let’s start with the epics. What you get for. One of them is the going dark, epic charm and shown here, and then you also can get as one of the other f crunch time watch as shown here. These are pretty cool, but I think my favorite one in this free gift that they give, which you do need a key for, and I can definitely give you guys how to keys that. I do have, as I mentioned in the comment section just comment and I’ll just choose randomly from there. So hopefully you guys will be able to get your hands on these and the second one or the third one is the getting vertical legendary calling card.

It’S an animated calling card and it looks pretty cool if you’re a skater. If you like Mountain Dew, this perfect for you so once again, that’s it for this video don’t forget to Like subscribe share with your friends and good luck. Hunting in Call of Duty I’ll see you guys next time,

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