Here’s some quick tips to help you get the most from HyperX NGenuity Software. Create a new profile. Customize your profile. Now, save your profile. Click the customize button to change your lighting and DPI settings. With standard lighting customization, you can select 1 of 5 effects. Each effect can be adjusted slightly. Using advanced lighting customization, you can customize both lighting zones individually. An effect can be added to the selected lighting zone. Click the apply button to view the changes on your mouse. DPI sensitivity levels are customizable under the Performance tab. Each profile can set up to 5 different DPI levels.

After selecting the number of desired DPI steps, you can change the DPI values and linked colors. The mouse will display the linked colors when changing DPI setting. In order to save your profile adjustment to the onboard memory, return to the main page. Select your profile. Drag and drop the profile in one of the 3 onboard memory slots. HyperX NGenuity Software: Customize your gear JUST the way you like it..

As found on Youtube