I became a Roblox creeper to kill noobs


All right this right here, this dudes about to die. This is creeper chaos. So it’s basically like a bill to survive game you built for like five minutes and then you have to survive five minutes of creepers exploding. Then you have all you a lot of people like that who are absolute trash at the game. Oh, what’s this do Perley. This is good all right. I did that. I don’t know what that does I killed someone? Oh god, stop it wait. Just get rid of the last bit of the people, so look I can explode like that and it will blow things up.

Oh this guy dresses a creeper to throw us off. They actually worked. You Inc know this Laura Lee such a good idea. Alright, we’re all idiots and couldn’t get this last guy for some reason: who’s right there. I do not get home alright. So, as you can see, I am a hot babe and I will build alright. It doesn’t really give me much to work with alright. This guy’s on my squad signal we’re probably gon na lose. Alright, we got to start off with a strong base. We all got to work together around this. We don’t work together, I’m gon na whoa. Let me place it alright. I genuinely have no idea what I’m doing. I just know it’s gon na fail. Maybe if I just start connecting oh wait, I got an idea. I got a full profile.

Okay, this idea sucks I’m actually getting kind of mad. Just thinking about this, I only have like three minutes left, I’m already wasted. Alright, you know what this guy starts spamming, like all these idiot noobs, are doing I’m just gon na spam. Half these people are not even building, and that makes me very angry here. Man, you’re gon na you do something. Okay, this guy is an idiot because look if you go up there, you can pull that up with one hit. Then you just fall down and die, see what these people don’t realize is it makes you jump away higher as a human um in build mode, but what’s the actual round source you just jump like an old person, they think they’re invincible, their google losing well there Ya, go get you up here, yeah! It’S not gon na work!

Oh wait! It is okay. What I thought! What would happen is it puts you like back down there, I’m gon na see how much Paul damage he takes. He’S gon na he’s gon na try. This hey Michael jump to the top. This is somebody who is financially supported me. They have the filipe head, Michael, do it, you could do it just commit Wow. Oh god, please just trust this one. Oh my god, actually scared me whoever burped, nobody tell him. Don’T corrupt his mind. Okay, my plan is, if they blow this up, I’m just gon na walk down it as it’s falling down and I’m not gon na take any fall damage. Oh God! Oh I’m gon na look at it. You like no I’m still alive. Oh Mike, I’m still alive, I’m still alive. How could this happen?

Okay, this one right behind me. So that’s my cue to start, jumping you’re planning for my death and you’re, not even a creeper, yet stop I’m kind of in like a bad spot right now. Wait! That’S actually mine right there I made that we would all be on the ground if it wasn’t for me all right this time, I’m gon na I’m gon na just spam by everything with robux and see how that works for me. So what i’m gon na do is i’m. I sil ate myself away from everybody just like how i do in real life, but see everyone’s gon na be over there.

I’M gon na be over here lonely. I have been practicing my tip. This tactic, my entire life, all right, that’s pretty much holding my entire thing up. Hopefully this works okay. Well, let’s see, if my tactic works, this person is going to die a painful death. Actually they built all around them. So after their thing falls, they might forget. He’S in there people are know enough for that’s at work, they’re all going over there, which is according to plan. Maybe they just won’t see me. Oh okay, there’s sort of this more me a little bit, it’s good to put the iron at the bottom. Obviously, because that’s a stronger one, but it’s also really inconvenient to blow it up, so nobody even tries yes, it’s working, no I’ll go over there.

Okay, I got ta hide alright. So that’s that’s gone! That’S! Okay! I still got that and all this no stop it. Stop horsing around down there, so I have an escape route. If this goes I’ll, go I’ll jump down there, oh noes, oh, never, mind him! All right! You guys down! There’S nobody up here! Stop no one’s up here! Stop did you see it was letting me fly. My Valerie’s gon na be able to fly forever. That happens. That’S not fair! Looking ahead, slow motion yeah! Well, this sucks all right, so I put a VIP server link on Twitter and you guys are all in here it as you can see it’s way harder. Now. Now that there’s not a bunch of stupid, drooling noobs controlling the creepers, now it’s actually very very difficult, because there’s a minute left that one person’s left have fun dying, Buster, oh it’s! Actually, no xiety is the last one all right. Whatever I started out as the creeper, I think I got like actually like eight kills, because I bought it with money. Oh that doesn’t count though alright. Now I got, I got a lot of money now. I could just pretty much max out everything. Alright.

Give me a bunch of these ok, we’re good, alright, hold them build or I’ll. Kick you so yeah. That’S one way to motivate them alright. So if I build up to the top and then they’re all probably gon na try to build to top too so it works. I just want to see how hard it our intensive like a match. You can be these people. No, I’m gon na delete the other blocks out from under them. You Inc later idiot. Alright, I’m just trying to use all my blocks cuz. I I bought as many as possible. Alright, so right now we’re basically just building a big sky island. This is this: isn’t like a good maneuver or anything like that, I’m not trying to sound like an expert or anything I’m just trying to play cuz, I’m scared. If I make it too good like. If I give them too good of guidance, then I won’t be able to defeat them found the creeper cuz. I was one of the starting creepers last time and we won haha get noob you’re gon na be stuck there.

You’Re gon na be stuck yes, okay, I’m on the sky and we fall we’re all gon na die. We’Re held up by like a lot, though, if you look at all that it’s gon na be hard to destroy. Oh the first explosions. You know, I think we’re gon na be good up here, the entire time. Oh, it’s actually gon na – be really tough for them. Cuz we’re all up here, so it’s gon na it’s gon na be a real long time before they can get more creepers. On this side, but now oh there’s a lot of cracks over there or god these people suck at building their fault. Not mine, don’t worry! The Titanic is too big to sink we’re good. On that side, though right, I don’t really see too many bad things. I’M cleda you’re ugly, oh here, oh, but no that’s, cheating! We can still win guys. We can still win. There’S a big, Oh! No! Oh! This is bad. This is bad! I’M a runaway! I can’t get up. Okay, I’m alive, I’m alive and healthy.

Why can’t I move, though this is so stupid all right? I just got it okay, that fell that’s okay, okay, literally just pretty much, everybody died. No, my mouse broke and there’s a big puddle of spit. Oh my no! Oh, my it’s like it looks like this. Now this is an expensive gaming mouse, so I was trying to get really good at for tonight. All right, I bought backups just in case something like this or it ever happen, idiots build, build or kick yeah this mouse, okay, you guys got ta. Give me credit. This mouse has lasted me like a few months and now now it is then, oh god, the champion yes bro. What AM why do they have to break my mouse? It’S their fault, not mine. Actually, a studies show that this is not my fault. Oh great, hey, sisters, alright, they’re doing that thing again! That’S it that didn’t work last time. Where are you guys trying through a Skyland? Alright, the sky island won’t work this time? Oh god, I only have like ten seconds I fell. I fell. I fell. No! No! No, how do I get back up? How do I get up? How do I get up? How do I get up you ink you ink, you ink come on. Let me up. Let me up. Let me up. Let me up. Let me let me up. No, no! No, no, no, I’m literally stuck down here.

No, what’s a sad day hi I see you two have ski ski. Maybe if I just I’m hiding up here, I will not be seen. Maybe I could like somehow climb. Okay, wait! No! Don’T touch me right. I can. I can use these. I can use these. No stop. You’Re messing me up. I’M not messing me up. You did this to me. Oh god, this is like a giant hole. There stop move dude, oh no! We can’t get up there. Ah, okay, okay, I’m making I’m making over there. I will not be attacked, see I’m way safer than the people up there. Okay, okay, we’re doing really good, actually, alright, so we’re! Basically all stuck here boost me up: noob, okay, okay, haha haha. Now I’m safe! Alright, they don’t know that I’m down here alright, this is good. Now I just need to box myself in somewhere never to be found again. Oh this is such a good spot. Right now I was getting so mad playing with like normal players, because I bought one they’re all trash at building they’re all trash shipping, the creeper you guys are fun to play with this – is a secret society about Shh. That’S it no more people, no more people know no one needs to know about this. Oh no brothers! Oh, we are tipping over just very slowly. Oh god, oh god, oh god!

No! Let me climb down. Oh we’re tipped over against that thing. If they knock that down we’re dead, no, they see me, they see me, they see me, you ink it stop it. How might I just Rayleigh law sell new ink yo ink going going going? No, no! You hit me from so far away. That’S not fair! You were not playing fair, oh stop, don’t do it, don’t do it you’re, ugly, you’re ugly? Did your parents hate you? No, how could this happen to me? I’M doing it. I don’t care, everybody else gets to die now bro. I can’t wait even do that and I still died. I both you were on my team yeah literally all three of you were hiding with me and somehow I died. If I just held on for dear life, my life would have panned out a completely different way. No we’re gon na lose, kill them where’s, the hostile, that’s not fair. Whatever we lose, Wow, rancor and tight ends, Wow, alright, I’ll, actually rank rancor and all what’s his name. Tight ends at the UH at the competition winners rank because I had a competition like two months ago when I made this ring thinking. I’D have competitions like every day, but I don’t so yeah you, you guys are the new winners in that rank whatever okay. This is oh, hey. There sisters, oh hey there sister. I don’t like this. I’M leaving