Welcome back to the channel guys judo sloth here, I hope, you’re having a great start to the new year, and this one is an exciting video, because I purchased a new phone, the iPhone 11 pro max. This is over a $ 1000 phone in order to play clash of clans check it out. We have the new overlay. I’Ve got it all set up for you ahead of time, so that we could showcase this to you now.

The first time that I seen clash of clans on this phone was a couple of months ago when it was released, and I knew I wanted to bring it to you. But I like to wait of the January sales. I didn’t really save much in terms of the phone just the contract that went with it boots. The iPhone 11 has the three cameras or the pro version. Does I don’t know if you’ve used them, but they are incredible guys. However, I went with the pro bucks that is the one with the bigger screen, so we’re showcasing it today using our first attacks on the phone, the wider screen, I quite like being at the bottom instead of over to the right, which I normally arm in terms Of the iPad, but I guess it’s just because it’s different, however, I am not used to playing on a phone. I just struggle with the thumbs.

I am going to be using a strategy which I’ve seen used very successfully in recent days. It is the electron in two dragons now, basically you’re using the electron to take down one, a defense and a huge portion of the base, followed by the royal champion to take down a second, your king and queen, to take down a third before dragging into the. Fourth, which is pretty crazy, but again I’m a little bit nervous about using my thumb’s here. Let me know in the comments: do you play on a phone or a tablet? I am much more a tablet. The bigger screen small screen, a large screen. What do you play? I prefer to play with my fingers.

I struggle to play with my thumb’s. I just feel like. I don’t have as much precision I’d be interested to know where the split is with the community. Here, though, so let me know down in the comments what you prefer to use and let’s dive straight into this and see if we can showcase this on the brand new fawn over a thousand dollars guys to bring this gameplay. But I’m excited to bring the widescreen. Maybe I’ll bring some more Bronze Stars back. I do have a video in the pipeline that I want to bring you because I much prefer playing brawl stars on my phone. If you are new to the channel be sure to subscribe, to turn on the notification bell.

So you don’t miss out on daily clash of clans videos. Now this one has two single target: infernos in the center of the base, not what you want for dragons. Definitely a lower level base, so we might have been able to take it, but we want to find a base. That is a little bit tricky that we can showcase this to you, but we don’t want one that’s too difficult, because I also have to do this on my phone. We have a single target, infernal, let’s find a different one. Let’S come back when we have a base ready to attack okay, this one doesn’t look too bad.

The first attack on the new phone guys, you know, what’s really weird when we were in the clouds. The chat button was on the screen, but for you guys it looks so different for me because the forward facing camera is there I’ll show you what I mean when we go back to base. But what are we doing here? We’Ve got an air defense that is so easy to pick off from the side, but the electron I kind of want to send in towards the single yeah, because we don’t have to worry about the Queen as much. So let’s go with a couple of loons here to the Archer tower.

Then let’s go with the stone slammer flying in here, not the stone slammer, but the battle blimp – and I want this around about in the center of the base near enough. Where that single target Inferno is now, let’s clone and let’s ridge, all of the balloons move forward, look at this guys. This is pretty crazy. If we Wow, we did, we’ve got the Eagle artillery. Imagine if we get the town wall are we going to know it? Didn’T activate, it did not activate, but that was pretty amazing, pretty amazing right then, let’s use, let’s use the king and queen over this.

In order to take this out, I want to use Queen a couple of loons to this area, just to try and help my queen to the air defense and then down order cuz. She might actually move to the we need another loon. There look. She might actually move down over to the next air defense, which I think she’s going to. Then the Royal champion can come in this side. While this is wrecked guys. This is absolutely wrecked. Okay, let’s go royal champion over. Let’S go one: a drag here: royal tramping that that a drag was meant for the cloned section as well.

Then, let’s go with the Dragons here straight through the sensor, the my word trying to get that in there in terms of the grand warden king and queen, going around the side, because I don’t have to worry about the abilities they are just flying straight in and This base is getting crushed guys that one eat drag, that we forgot about on. The side of the base has came in absolutely clutch because it is funneled all of the dragons into the center of the base, and this could not have been a better example of this strategy to showcase you. If we had have tried, I mean, like I said.

I saw this strategy from one of my clan mates and it crushed the base. It was perfect just picking off the air defense wow, I mean how many dragons were left over there, guys. That was incredible. I’M telling you this might be a new strategy that we need to hone in on a little bit more. I wanted to use it within this video just to kind of kick it off. I thought it was a cool strategy and I think we need to cook the same thing up again, because that was pure overkill now, before we dive into the next attack. What I, what I think I should do is request some troops to start off with, but I want to show you look like on my screen. I can see that the chat button to the left hand side is skewed off a little bit, whereas down on the phone, it’s actually well.

Let me show you the chat button actually has the forward-facing camera there look coming in front of it. So that’s kind of strange to see that from a different perspective I it doesn’t mess the gameplay or too much. I think we dive into another attack. Remember guys if you want to see daily clash of clans videos be sure to subscribe. Let’S come back when we have another epic dragon attack ready to go. Should we wreck this base guys? I was searching and we came across this and I think it’s gon na be walk in the park.

I really do look at the center of this base. I mean he has two of these multi infernos down. I must admit I tend to do this. I think if I just need to upgrade them I’ll, just get them out the way, but it doesn’t help when we are using this type of strategy. So I think, let’s get everything in there: let’s send a pack of loons the battle blimp, let’s actually get that other redragon there as well, just to just to help out I’m actually gon na rage. That thing up just just to see what happens just to see what happens now, let’s use the clones, the ridge, everything in the middle. How much can we take down enemy Queen about to go there down?

She goes on my word: we’re going to get the townhall. We didn’t oh, the scatter shots, the scatter shots absolutely get that one eat rag really just do that. It’S taken out half of the base, what that’s incredible! Okay, let’s use the king who will be able to battle through the wall and I think the Royal champion down to the bottom there as well. That’S I want to wait until the Kings got a little bit more damage just to ensure that the Queen doesn’t go walkabout.

So I want the Queen to go into the base there. There she goes royal champion coming in as well, then we will send the dragons in from the top. Let’S use the baby dragon to start the funneling, then we can go. We can go with the Dragons straight. In I mean we knew this was going to be a walk in the park guys. There was no no question about it, but let’s spread them 10 dragons in followed by the grand warden royal champions ability is over there.

Oh, I kind of wanted the royal champion to go down to the bottom. She didn’t. She moved into the center and found herself is sudden death. But if she’d have gone down to the bottom, she’d have been protected. Look at the scatter shot. It does a lot of damage, let’s use the grand Warren’s ability, probably now the black bomb popped up. I knew the scatter shot was at the other end and we want to get through the Giga bomb.

Now I must admit as much as we were laughing and joking around it might have been harder than we think well. I might have also spoke too soon how many dragons have we got there? One two three. I don’t think I need to count. There’S a lot of them: let’s just put it that way. There’S a lot of dragons this base was upgrading as well guys but super fun to get the electron into the middle.

Honestly, I think of all of the strategies which I tend to use. The electron is my favorite, I just love doing it. I feel like all of the setups, maybe the Queen, charged, I quite like the Queen charged as well, but the electron is just awesome. Do you have a favorite entry electron Queen charge? Let me know alongside if you play on a small screen or a bigger screen, but I see we continue with this strategy because I’m having fun, I hope you guys are as well be sure to leave a like on the video if you are, but let’s come Back when we are ready to go shout out to Lionheart for giving me the troops, this is an interesting base for the strategy check it out guys.

We have all of the air defense to the left hand, side everything else to the right, so any air defense that we can pick off here is going to be huge for our strategy. Let’S see, I kind of feel like hmm, it’s not the easiest to choose, but I’m going to use my king and queen up at this area with the baby dragon in order to help, let’s see where they go potentially into the center of the base. In order to pick off them, air defense would be my most ideal solution looks like the Queen has other ideas.

She wants to walk around the side – lovely well done Queen, so let’s send the Royal champion in instead to see whether she can help to take this out now the king is going to hopefully create a funnel. I popped his ability to take out the mortar and hopefully force the royal champion down to the air defense in the center as she does. This is beautiful. Actually, because it’s creating the funnel very nicely, can we get all of the air defense guys? Can we get them all royal champions ability? Remember, will one-shot an air defense.

We do have to be careful on time, but um we’re having fun. Aren’T we we’re just having fun with this, and the royal champions ability will go off in a second there. It goes gets one Oh got them both. That is so epic, just epic, oh, I didn’t see the scatter shot. What is that doing at the corner of the base like come on? Okay, so we’ll put that one a drag they butt down. It goes we’re gon na take this out without even using the Dragons guys, let’s send in the battle blimp.

I think we’ll just pop it right on top of the multi here, let’s put the clones in and let’s pop it, let’s use the ridge. Can we do this, like virtually without dragons, look virtually without dragons, I’m going to put a rage in just to try it? I mean we’re not going to use the rage really. Are we for the let’s put the ground water in we’re, not going to need this? We’Re just not gon na have enough steam guys I mean the base is wrecked. It’S absolutely crushed, I kind of feel like we try it come on.

Let’S do this grand warden tui drags. We need to chain, through this area, we’ve got 51 seconds, so we don’t want to get too clever and run out of time, which i think might happen here. Cranborne has won a drag. I would love to do this: let’s send them all in from the opposite side of the base come on drugs that will send them straight to the townhall. We’Re cutting it fine on time. That’S what I’m talking about! Look look at the wide screen here, showcasing all of the dragons coming from the left-hand side of the screen straight of the way through.

Oh no guys, oh no, we might have got too clever here. We might have got too clever. Let’S use that ability because we need every dragon coming through, we’ve definitely got to clever. We’Ve definitely got to clever. Imagine if it’s a one-star I mean I still think it’s your cases how strong this is and a time Phil a time fail. With all of that left I mean, I don’t know, I feel like we had to take the risk to just see if we could have done it, I’m in no doubt that we would have done it if we’d have used all the Dragons, but okay, guys. Okay, I kind of feel like the next one. We have to take a little bit more seriously and try and finish off with a three-star.

We found a legend League Blair in order to finish this one off now. Remember what I said at the start of the video for this strategy. You do not want to attack single target infernos, and I stand by that. However, I want to try it it’s a legend League player. I feel we should give it a shot. So let’s go with a pack of loons, followed by the slammer, the e drag as that gets into the center. We will clone right on top of that Town Hall with the rage spell come on. Let’S take all of this town, let’s take all of this town. That’S two singles down Town Hall going down another sweeper going down Queen going down. Yes, I’m telling you this is now wrecked: we’re not actually gon na get that enemy Queen, but I don’t think it matters. I really don’t think it matters at this stage.

Why don’t? We send our King in to take down the Queen just to take out that area. I feel that’s a good exchange set the funnel off that little bit as well Kings ability followed by kind of feel like we should use the Dragons down to this bottom area. So, let’s go with the baby dragon followed by the rest of the Dragons. Maybe one dragon on the side to help a couple of balloons, the grand warden and then let’s go with the Queen – probably probably at the top here, followed by the royal champion to come in and try and snipe off the air defense. So I don’t want to use my rage spells just yet I’m actually going to use one of them as we come forward.

Try and take out who we’re gon na have to use that ability, because the single is locked onto my royal champion. We have the grand wardens ability which can now be used as the Eagle artillery reins fire down and we’ve just got ta get through to air defense. Now, let’s use the rage spell to power the Dragons forward. This is where the single infernos aren’t necessarily our best friend, but as the dragons move through, they can rage through the air defense.

And as long as you rage to the air defense and on top of them, you should be able to take them down relatively easily, and although we had three single target infernos, yes, we had one air defense upgrading. I just felt like the value we could get from the stone slammer. I keep seeing the stone slammer the battle blimp, the value we could get from that battle. Blimp would indeed give us the three-star, and what do you know from messing around in a couple of attacks?

They’Re, getting time fails to wrapping it off with the three-star against allegedly Claire 34 trophies, but we got a six pack a couple of days ago in war using two different strategies that I think you would be interested in. I’M going to link that video right above me, so I’d be sure to check that one out. It was a ton of fun, but that wraps it up for this one guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed it until next time. Peace out

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