I died to the player with the MOST WINS in Fortnite then added him after… (I confronted him)


I’M in a really good mood today, so you know what that means, if you guys drop a like on the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel next 4.9 seconds tomorrow will be the greatest day of your entire life and that’s about it. I’M in a good mood, so no one’s gon na get bad luck, so yeah like and subscribe, what’s going on everybody, my name is Alex Austin on this formula, bring guys a brandy for a new video for you guys today. So today’s video is a little weird.

So I was doing some duo squads with my friend disc, and I ended up dying to the player. Who has the world record for the most dual wins? This guy actually has over 7,000 wins total and he is an absolute beast, not gon na lie, though, when he killed me. I had my biggest rage of all time, but I ended up adding him and shortly after we got a crazy win and it was just gon na be a really good video. I hope you all do enjoy drop a like on the lid subscribe to the channel. Follow me on Instagram a take a formula. I love you guys so much enjoy the video.

Oh, my god, he got the nest, get the nest, keep pushing, keep pushing we’re up where to go where to go where to go where to go. I’M coming! I’M coming. Nice, I’m with you, I’m with you, nice you’re, insane, there’s literally three dead bodies. Here, some kids, I got ta land here, hey sway its face way. Oh, he just dropped in with the free kill. Let’S go this way. Let’S go. Let’S go! Keep moving, keep moving. Keep moving yep there over your own southeast southeast up top headshot under 66 yeah. I got him, I got him kill me. Oh got him, got him nice, nice, nice! This is a go to drop yeah, I’m mad Lou yeah! I can’t care by the reboot. Then yeah I’m gon na. Let him I’m gon na. Let him I’m gon na. Let him thereby well got one nice. Nice. Nice got one. Let’S go man, let’s go, we are go dude so good!

Oh, I got a snowball launcher, yell, let’s dude, let’s go and there’s a boat here, yeah, let’s go, we just want ham and Misty won’t even happen. Let’S go frenzy actually they’re, not in zone they’re, not in zone. Let’S hold them here. Let’S hold them here: they’re going up the they’re going up the house they’re on the how it’s all good, just let him fight, let him fight! Let him fight well cut them up, we’ll cut them off we’ll do it. Everybody else sides I’m gon na make a little one by one. I cracked the kid not dude yeah. They are so sweaty beyond sweaty. This kid had some fire loot right there, yeah they’re in storm, we’re not so hot. Are they? Are they coming out crack crack crack? I got ta kill this team.

We got to kill this team they’re, so sweaty hit him dude he’s one shot dead dead, Oh Annie’s, a streamer, Oh No, two more kids, two more kids on me just get above me! So sweaty they’re, all above me once I got one got one person. Oh come here. Come here come here, my god, I’m dead, I’m dead, [, Music, ] dude. They were literally in storm and that dude dude with this kid has ranked number one. Pc duel wins globally, six thousand nine hundred plus wings. Oh my god, that is crazy. We shot it was not tight just beginning.

Oh, my goodness realized your little 392. That is maybe I feel that did you buy the first hundred tears? No sir! No, my goodness! If you did you’d be up for 92 right now, that’s insane! So so you have the world record for dual wins. Is that correct? Well, PC, yeah, that’s insane and wait! I saw what’s the exact number, do you know read the hose and something? Oh? Okay, so, but you have like 7000 total right yeah, I got two thousand two squaws I was in the solos. You got ta teach me all your little secrets to win duels man. What’S up, what’s your high skill when you ever got it’s not really the no just two hundred two thousand twenty okay, that’s insanely high, but he’s behind the tree I missed.

Every shy is behind me, his teammate just assigned me bro like the to me one morning, yeah yeah, yes, ma’am he’s one shot. One shot got him. You got him. You got a night spike trap in the building. Okay, yep I’m coming, I’m gon na go behind him. Bruce fool crack them. No, I’m I’m so bad dude, I’m a little guy soldier dude. Your little ego did baby yeah that yeah there’s somebody yeah. They took our boat yeah. My bullets are right on the guy, but it’s just hitting the bow. I don’t understand that. Oh there’s a yeah I’ll snowball launch them. If they build Z behind the tree, hit him 75 white he’s one shot, nice dead, just oh cool.

He has a duo somewhere. Mom he’s super lit and I got ta be careful doing he’s dude this guy’s one shot dead, one below me dead. Let’S go nice, let’s go formula pops! Oh wait! Um bro! That’S how I do it. Finally, putting in some work all stormtroopers are still there. We can probably go kill them. Coaxially do some menus. I hear Oh, what the dude Wow yup, which is 100 over. I might literally just died a stormtrooper bro log, I’m so bad, not post a hit like thought they posed to be stormtroopers. You got ta. Do something insane for ten thousand wins what you thinking you’re missing my dudes hit him 32 steam his father, but yeah yep hit him 23. The guy in the far back, got the guy up top nice.

Nice nice got the other guy got the other guy. Let’S go eyes: oh man, I literally lasered this dude yeah, I’m gon na throw some snowballs at him. No, I hit 75 back. Both of them are cracked and common white person isn’t knock, knock yeah nice. Let’S go man load. Your phone took lotion 33 white dead. Let’S go: let’s go nice game first one I like that it’s getting! First, though, you want to try to get it back to back. So let’s get you run and I’m dying. Have you done what somebody’s waiting on his wait? Wait? Wait! Wait I just late! Oh wait now hold one nice I’ll get the limb. I lasered a kid in front of us he’s in her present cracked him dead, one one shot in here nice. Let’S go! Oh Salty’s! Over just sir soccer field.

Later, hey done, white down not seen the team man yeah, I got mats for you bro here here I got it done. I got a time. Yeah yeah they’re, fighting they’re fighting, I’m gon na blow them as soon as I get close. Wait. There’S, like four teams here, pick up some babes on a hundred on the dog with tweet cracked one, oh, my goodness, bro down to one. I got a guy on man, white history, get on me as a saber. Fine got him. Let’S go home, let’s go that’s! How we do it another kid in front me, South South, dad you missing the back with a saber dead weight. You would yeah yeah. He died. Well, we just snagged all these kills 30 people alive. So that’s actually a lot for duo’s hit on 32 33 own individual cracked.

Cracked mush is in this box right here, Rochelle Rochelle, dad dad was not right on me with a lightsaber. All you dead. Let’S go good stop man! I got like pretty much max Matz. If you need back to the boat back to the boat, oh I see a build, build fly it right up there. Yes, all died, get bill to. It looks like it’s getting bill, yeah, they’re off here’s something dog! You got ta fight, I’ve, hi yep, I’m 75! Now, it’s all my fault, bro good! Try! Oh oh good job, good job! I did. I know the knock glitch got this one. Let’S go! Let’S go! Let’S bowl, don’t act! 3! Hp! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, Pro oh dude. How am i alive wow?

That was crazy. Laser that kid hit him 30 believed and beamed him beamed him. The kid on you, cracked, him, cracked, him nice! Nice! That’S was in this box! Really nice bro, nice, nice! Let’S go! There’S flappers here huh! You have rockets to take over some shots. Oh selfies, as well yep, yep, you’re, right aggregation party, huh Barney behind behind me. Believe me using hard mats blue welcome honey, poppin minis down to one nice, nice, I’m coming up aluminum. What Late Late Late? Wait! Oh! Well, the team militant Jim crack them cracked him right next to you right next to you hit him white again does enjoy John I’ve got him got him. Let’S call man coming out the storm: oh no, worse, other teams to the north as well other teams to the north yeah to kids directly under me, good shot of that kids 61 in front of you crack this kid in front of me. I’M boxing up!

I’M Adam ATS, are you in circle there? No, not you yeah! I mean I’m I’m like almost in circle. There’S one that kid below you is literally one hit. You know I took all of his health off trying to break me down no um, I might die. I got to under man you’re good you’re good and not push it right. I’M pushing that guy. You were crossing I’m gon na I’m gon na put pressure on him. He’S cracked dead lot seems right in front of me. I have no mats, though they’re right under me: let’s go cracked and prepped him got one. Let’S go.

Please did that. Let’S go man! How many kills me off? I had 12 that game. Let’S go nah, that’s a 20 bomb one! Oh baby, 20 bomb. Let’S go man, let’s go guys. That was one of the craziest wins man with the guy. Who has the world record for the most duel? Wins couldn’t be better than that hope you guys enjoyed. The video definitely go. Follow my dude prospering on his twitch channel down below, don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe to the channel. If you guys are new, it has been your boy alex also known as formula. I will see you guys in tomorrow’s video. That’S it [ Music, ],

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