I have to kill the Roblox SMILES FAMILY…


All right, so, what about like a minute and a half I actually have to meet with a smiles family or I’m gon na be late, don’t want to be late, so I got ta try to explain to you uh. If you don’t know what the smiles family is and if you know what the smiles family is, but maybe forgot a couple of things, you’re, a quick recap all right so you’re about to see me meet with the smiles family uh, which you’ve probably seen. I made a few videos on them in the past, but if you haven’t or if you’re not really sure where we left off I’m about to clear it all up for you real quick recap: real, quick all right. So this is a smiles household which is on the top of an island. Some weird things happen on this island.

A recent tragedy has shocked nearby residents of this island. Apparently, on July 20th, 50 people tragically died on Hallam Island. Strange things happen. They have a whole Cemetery Island to bury all the dead people. This is Robert smiles, the dead, Claire, the daughter, Matthew, the son and Seth smiles, the other son red, yellow blue. Keep that in mind. Speaking of weird, things happened on this island, weird entities, weird demons, slash evil things appear and they tell you to do things. This will be you if you don’t do, as I say, rest and death. Mr

Flim-Flam there we go also the year is 1994 at the time of this first video that I shot on them. Roberts miles also sees these same demons. I mean you’re asking me: they kill a man, I’m calling off the deal he’s talking to nobody, or at least it seems like there’s nobody. I can’t see him only. He can see him all right right before he sees those uh or right after he sees those demons. Um yeah, he chops the door down with an X and goes after the kids. As you can see, there’s me hiding very safe there in the light I’m in the dark, I’m the smart one they’re stupid well later on the house, burns down and Roberts miles is never seen again, but you know who is seen again this guy, you can give Me, the kids and odds that I I kind of said. Okay to him, I kind of didn’t um and right after this guy leaves Dan stickman and a distant relative comes by to save the day and he takes them to Florida.

Dance. Stick man wah not too sure if he’s a good guy or not yet stare eyes at him, and him are the same people but yeah they go to a dance, stick man’s house which is in Florida. I think – and this right here is years later. I am at the the the smiles family diner or Walt Dan’s diner. You can visit it. This was a while ago and then this guy shows up who’s, apparently an employee at the Dan’s diner, but he didn’t actually exist. It was one of those things I was just seeing like Robert smiles was talking to these things are evil, here’s another one. These things are evil. You have no idea what it is or what it’ll do they all seem to want me to get out of whatever conflict is going on between the evil whatever and the smiles family. I don’t know what this is the evil of all we cracked some code and to get to some basement in the Dan’s diner, and it had some weird code wet has like it has weird code doors which has yellow red and blue references, which means Matthew, Seth And Claire, and that’s where we left off um they’re about to show me those codes like they, they figured out some more and you guys figured out some more yeah gone. So Robert smiles messaged me um, like the other day, go to the diner with the smiles family when they invite you, I want to arrange a deal with you. I haven’t seen him since, like the first encounter, which was many months ago and I’m supposed to call him Diamond Eyes, I don’t know and just messaged me are you ready?

Yes, I hate them and I hate myself: let’s go back back to Dan’s dyed hair, oh god it was changed. November. 10, 2013, 15 miles out. It’S daytime and it’s 2013 come a long way since 1994. Oh, my god, I’m nervous, I’m nervous, hey Roberts, miles diamond dies. Okay is the under uh. Oh God have you been uh? I’Ve been great. How about you guys here you guys you guys life probably sucks, but we figured out all the codes. Ok, good straight to business, very good. Okay, so yeah Dan stickman has been showing signs of uh not being able to be trusted which would make sense because we think he’s the demon who wanted to steal. The kids was happy good good to get together, investigate, and I think so too Dan still doesn’t know, though yet don’t tell him or he will kill all of you all right, so we’re gon na straight the business we’re heading down, so the code for this was Birth of street, which was uh, this is actually the date I made. My first roblox account named Street II, so birth of Street shriti all right, uh-huh. There we go well, Oh God bro. I can’t see a thing say it. That’S like a hex or some sort of code like these turn into letters or something okay, creator and destroyer.

That’S what that means. All those mean creator and destroyer. How do you already figure this out yeah? I kind of left it up to you guys to figure out all the codes, because one I’m lazy too, it’s fun CV engraved house yeah. That’S your old house wait. So that would mean there’s like a key in front of the house like right there. If you guys haven’t do the house, you know the place where all the where it burnt down stuff went down yeah. Let’S call it that all right going on to the next room couldn’t fun thing. Problems is often the best solution, so I’m guessing that something they found from digging right there in that spot and find a key or maybe then so like yeah. Do you understand any of this creator of life? Okay? So I’m trying to figure out what this is. They said it looks like a portal and I’ve only seen one portal of my day, which is a Chuck Lloyd portal, but that doesn’t look the same. How you knew the code? It just cans me kind of like an instinctive feeling use understand – oh god, oh god, Dan’s here, yeah we’re not supposed to be down here. Do we just go through he’s through, say the coats? What do we do all right? Well, hey! I’M! Not here! I’M behind here what are y’all doing down here. I hate my life. I hate it Timmy you tell us what this place is yeah. Do that I’m over here, I didn’t feel like y’all ready.

You know yeah well we’re hiding over here. You probably saw all the images on the walls. You saw a couple of those eye on us. Ah how to be honest with you, I suppose kind of hard to miss the one who built this place was me: let’s have big zoinks you for real. Well, it used to be at me at least LLL. What do you mean? I came here on a mission to terminate something wait. So Stan’s a good guy or the bad guy. Is he does he wan na kill the kids eat them, or is he the good guy? Was he actually trying to save them and I think y’all have right run right into it, terminate what Matthew, Seth and Claire I’m? Here too, you are the only ones who can get rid of it. You know in the last one I’ll explain more as we go, I was given warnings as to not interrupt anything that’s going on and that you know things aren’t as they seem. Oh god, oh god, so about the shattered crystal looking things. Nash is one of the outcomes. What does that mean? The prophecy itself doesn’t have a clear ending. It’S here that thing dies or you guys die yeah. Specifically. What this thing is it’s a good question. It’S hard to explain, maybe even impossible. Is it that thing that was like sending me weird messages?

Think of it as just pure, concentrated evil, see like this guy right here. Remember there are forces at play. You people don’t understand, there’ll be more harm than good Albert. Can we talk privately sure Robert and I were good friends Robert, would tell me things rock and he didn’t think that. Well, he didn’t think that he’s the real father of Matthew, Seth and Claire. What Nancy just woke up with Matthew one day same thing with Claire and Seth? I think they were sent with a purpose to finally get rid of this thing. Yeah. I don’t know if that’s how childbirth works. Oh yeah, it probably a little deeper meaning: hey they’re brothers. Oh, what’s this? What is that yeah? This is how I got here. What wow something’s happening? Stop it? Oh, oh god! Oh god! Oh it’s Robert! Oh! Oh! It moves and the guy who asked if people if I gave if you could take the kids and then that creepy guy who worked for the restaurant, hey Albert long time, no see what it talks. Hey, hey, hey, stop, don’t say that how’d I get here. Stop it, the boys is four, am i this is Albert. I wish to make a deal with you Diamond Eyes. Wait, that’s like the true form of Robert. You must kill the smiles family or is it he told me to call him that bribe. I want to kill him uh-huh, but why, when the time comes, you will be their executioner brother. That is terrifying there.

My way out of here out of what is he like trapped in here? Where am I, they have enough energy to send me back home in Boonton to blow this planet to smithereens, but I live here, see this clock yeah! Oh, it’s ticking bro! I hate this so much think of it as a Doomsday Clock yeah when both hands hit 12:00. That’S when they’ll be executed. Wait do I have a choice. What’S in it, for you sit down, oh okay, I just kind of got here. I can bring someone back. Someone you care about dearly and I think I know who that may be my 10 years ago. Oh my god! It’S worth it! Oh, the! If you don’t know D age of IRB of white tea. Why is my online girlfriend from literally 12 years ago? I? I might have to pay a toll e, oh my god. This is our choice. You do, as I say, I think I have to so. Do we have a deal I’ll just say yes, and if I do it, I do it. If I don’t, I don’t, oh god he got closer, I think we got a deal. Yeah a deal, bro I’ll, be sending you back now, Albert huh. It was nice talking yeah, you too bro goodbye. Yeah, see you later, Oh God, okay, yeah!

There we go uh-huh! Okay, there we go Hey that was weird y’all right there Albert must have passed out for a sec. You look panic yeah, it’s a little hard to breathe down here. I’M I’m fine! Now, though, you know something strange happens, anyways, let’s continue yeah. Let’S sure that’s good to hear yeah, I’m cool now bro, I don’t want to kill them, but I love that girl loved uh. I have a girlfriend now, but I can have two: oh god, what the all right! Well, there’s! There’S the kids! Well, they’re, not kids anymore and there’s that thing that I just met with yeah. That’S that thing yeah that sucks! Ah, I don’t want to kill them. I really don’t, but that was my girl. Now wait, a second! Oh they don’t know. Do they that’s the thing. We’Re up against Oh yep and probably die with yeah. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not doing that. You know that might not be the only person you’re up against you wouldn’t die if they all say yes, I will not feel bad, maybe curse drawings, weren’t telling the truth. They’Re not always right. Well, guy is close. Bro Seth is no longer in the game. Set. Is gone Matthew? What good clear you idiot get off of there, bring you back Claire God, Alvin Wow! Well, there she goes Dan you’re. All I got this is this is more than suck. It is bad, I’m not going to kill them. I love them too much. I fight for good, not evil. I don’t care if that was my online girlfriend from 12 years ago. She never truly loved me. Like I love myself and, like my current girlfriend, loves me: creative life, okay, yeah, that’s uh!

I don’t know what to say. This is bad burn and confronting rose over the solution, so that thing, so what is that key mean? Is that does that just lead to the code? For that I’m not sure cuz. I just go get your car and leave me Albert yeah. It’S up to us. Now us we have to go back to the island and save them, oh god, man! I do want to save them. I truly do, oh god, okay taking the car back to the island, all right, he wasn’t to be continued god, man, you know, I don’t know what I’m gon na like. Obviously, I’m not, I don’t want to kill them yeah I feel like these are like my children almost so I don’t really have much more to say all the things will be linked below the in the description that you like check out everything. Every single link description go check it out. Please it’s a lot taken. They tweeted this out and I was just like. Oh I guess it was like a warning. The entire time.