I made a Roblox TYCOON… and trolled everyone who played..


This guy’s just she’s already on the ground. Man. Oh, Oh guys, are you sick of this you’re just trying to play the best game on roblox, superhero tycoon or any other type Coon that has a weapon in it and you’ve got these people who’ve been playing it for, like thirty minutes already, and they already got All the guns – and you have nothing so they just keep on killing you well guys. I’Ve decided if I can’t beat the bullies, I’m gon na be the bullies. Look at that.

Please stop! Please! Thank you, know your app. My roblox crashed from trying to run superhero Tycoon interesting. Maybe it’s time for a new computer or he’s a superhero Tycoon was the best game ever wrong. Free superhero Tycoon is the best. I have basically stolen their game and made it my own. What I’m gon na do is I’m gon na advertise, this Tycoon and I’m gon na you know we’ll just see how many terrible things I can do to people look. It looks legit it works correctly. I don’t want to steal someone’s favorite superhero if they’re gon na be joining my server all be winter solid or winter slider cuz.

That does not say soldier if it’s supposed to say that Oh apparently I’m ant-man now so since I’m the owner, I pretty much have full control over everything that could happen on this side. Kun that I got for free off of free models. I didn’t do anything here. You know I could probably sell game passes here and actually make a lot of money, but not gon na. Do that that would that would be wrong of me if I started doing that and I’m just starting to run some ads.

Alright, free free, superhero tycoon has uh, has 20,000 robots worth of ads going on now I don’t know who vision is so I’ll just pick that cuz, I don’t think anybody else knows who that is either see it’s like a completely working tycoon. Look at it. This is mine. Oh girl, invisible me fly me Beto’s me. Alright, she has started her journey whoo. I don’t know what to do. First, another person joined bro. I should start selling things here. Oh, he left well, alright, she’s already upgrading um alright. Now, let’s just let’s start off small, let’s just let’s just remove that wall right there she’s got her sword out she’s willing to fight this man right there. Alright, then we put it back. You know kind of make her think she’s going crazy.

You want to buy two mega dropper. Well, it’s all the way over here. Now you want to buy it all the way over. Here you got it. You got ta, be faster than that. No, it’s right here all the way over there, Oh God, nope nope, all right! There you go. You got the mega dropper! Now, listen, let’s, let’s rotate this the other way. So four things go the wrong way. Now she can’t make any money what’s happening. Oh, oh sorry, to hear oh he’s just gon na spawn killer now, huh there’s so many is a full server. Does she not see this she’s not making any money like it goes on the conveyor belt just goes that way! Yeah! It’S like him! Look he’s trying to buy you stuff why’d, you kill him. He was stepping on your buttons all right, I’ll, flip it around now I’ll flip it around look you’re about to get a lot of cash now see.

Definitely is a little skeptical, no laser for you. That’S too dangerous all right. I changed their money to zero. I think she had a few thousand before, but now she has nothing as you can see right up there. Oh you’ve got some money now, but you lost now. What if I make it like? What did that make put her money make her like out there like now she has to go out here to get her money: hey you’re, using your powerful for evil, alright you’re about to lose privileges; alright, no more money for you, I’m turning this around! For a little bit, no more money for you, it’s going that way! Wait money! There you go there, you go! You get your money privileges back. She asked for she’s like five K right now. I’M gon na give her I’m gon na make her a zero.

All right, zero dollars. No, you could not. You could not buy anything now, alright, yeah. What superhero is this? You might ask this person. This is Falcon, as you can see that as a bird you know she’s making a lot of progress right now. So, oh, I think what I’m gon na do is do something really alright, so I’m gon na select our whole entire tycoon and I’m just gon na unanchored all [ Laughter ]. Well, there we go so vit, oh yeah! It won’t. Let me undo it yeah, I’m real sorry about that.

Hey at least you could still buy stuff yeah. It really won’t. Let me undo it her tycoons completely done. All of her progress is wasted, ah flung by her own masterpiece. What is this? Oh, they had. The spider-man Tycoon, so they have a web shooter. She left No yeah. I can understand her leaving that does make sense at all. I am offended that she left my game. You know something dumb.

I actually did. I have to undo so it’s ten player servers, but there’s only a one, two, three, four five, six, seven there’s only eight Tycoon, so two people are always left with that one messed up a little bit there. Oh wait! This person is making way too much progress right now that I’m putting into this. This has gone on long enough. Your dropper is right here they are going right there yeah. Now you make a lot less money, it’s a fun challenge! Now, yes, Queen, why is there pee everywhere yeah, I’m just gon na delete three of our droppers. We didn’t actually need those. Did you hey? That’S a little too much money for someone as young as you no way. I actually have an idea so I’ll.

Let her have the droppers, but I won’t let her have the money. She just gets to look at the money and she just gets to watch this number stacked to the ceiling, but she isn’t able to get any of it. No, don’t get that that’s a dropper! I don’t want you to have that. I Bray abracadabra the magic spell now you’re allowed in hahaha just having to watch that money just rise, and just oh, no, I think she’s trying to I feel like she realizes that the buttons there woah Iron Man – Oh nope, no, you eat that. You ruin my life change. You eat uh cash, zero.

No, it doesn’t work I’ll. Just take it away. I’Ll just take everything. You know what take the roof away: no roof you’re going down. I I got guys you’d understand. If you were me, I got an unanchored. This one she’s getting way too far into this way to my quick, quick yeah. Would she go? That was the final straw, my tycoon, anybody who touches that gets longer, she’s running back to just just to make sure it really is just to see if this is the real deal, all right, I’m gon na drop it on her. There look it’s right here. Oh no, how could she leave? I won’t unanchored hearse right here I’ll just make it all. Sonic heads all right, Sonic, the Hedgehog.

Okay, that mate just made everything invisible. Maybe I’ll just put her Tycoon like way up there, just so, Oh God, okay, I actually ruined her Tycoon. Wait. Maybe if I uh Nager her Tycoon, then it will come back down to her yeah. I messed something up. Don’T worry, wait stay in this game. I can I can fix this here. Your tycoon will now fall down to you on anchor. There goes no, no, the motorbike, so it landed on her and she just kind of went up there kind of went towards the Sun. Me tycoon say destroy. Oh, yes, all right here, I’ll drop it all the way back down. Yeah you pea, tycoon time, fun! Tycoon! Oh no! She’S going right under it!

Now watch out is falling okay there she goes well. She left yeah. I think this guy actually beat the game. Hey. Nice job a little bit too nice of a job that is see. I don’t want to ink, I don’t want to unanchored and just make all of us fall and you do something else. They’Ll pay all of it. Lime, green, maybe I’ll, make it really big. All that that maybe was a mistake on do-don do didn’t work, please fair! Now, okay I’ll do this, and now all unanchored they’ll make it better.

Oh god wait! Oh god, I think I broke it. Okay, there’s a chance that I broke this server, there’s a small chance. I did that all right. How about I do one of these, where I just delete I’ll just delete like half of his Tycoon like it’ll just go down there, he’s gon na go he’s gon na go upstairs. Hey just he’s like going up again just to make sure like he’s like rubbing his eyes, making sure everything’s actually gone. We get rid of that too. He’S rich he’s our hurry. He said: well, they get so even even more stuff is gone. Alright he’s about to go up this stairs again, he’s gon na see even more stuff is gosh [, Music ], alright, the second he like walks up to his tycoon, I’m just gon na drag it on the ground. Alright, he’s gon na turn around and he’s gon na see nothing wait.

Where is it he left there. So there’s a lot of a lot of pain there yeah I like how you could see every single step you hear you just see it might go from here. Go ah use me a tank ooh there he rejoined nope. Now it’s extra gone dude, I kind of feel bad. Now he really really liked this game. He was having a lot of fun. I don’t know why he plays like in first-person like this. I know he like just started again: mom, I’m just gon na ruin it already everything. I touch goes to waste, and now it is all gone.

So you guys, though, let me know any other games you’d like me to make anything. That’S kind of easy to just steal off of free models and just grab and make my own say just comment on this video or like it or something. It comment telling me what other thing you’d want me to do. Why does this guy keep joining I’m going to make your life miserable, alright, just gon na? Do that real, quick before I leave goodbye to you to hold of your work and then this guy again later

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