Is this the Nintendo Switch Pro?


They found soybean, so we’ve talked PlayStation Five and Xbox series extra murmurs, but now, let’s take a look at the switch and the possibility of a brand new model in 2012. Now, of course, the longtime thing that a lot of people have been hoping for is that 2020 is the year that we see some kind of switch Pro and the rumor that’s going around today yesterday, by the time this video is live, I hope, isn’t necessarily confirming That it’s saying that, sometime by the end of this current quarter, quarter 1, we are going to be seeing a manufacturing production of a new switch model to come out later this year.

Now this rumor is currently circulating across a number of different websites. The actual original source is a Taiwanese website called digi times, and specifically, what it’s talking about is that there’s a timetable coming up where these new switches are going to go into production and they’ll be coming out later this year, probably near the end of quarter.

So maybe June early summer, that kind of thing – and it doesn’t necessarily focus on the idea of it being a switch Pro, but it does mention two specific things that are interesting now. The first thing is that it’s going to have an improved CPU, which is something’s, been talked about a lot in the past for the switch a lot of people wondering if the revised switch that came out last year was gon na feature that and it didn’t it Was a lightly upgraded one, but not something noticeably different, so there’s been ongoing talks that we might be seeing a more powerful CPU, which has been one of the main rumors for a switch Pro in the future.

The other thing it talks about, though, that I don’t think anyone’s really heavily speculated on before is the idea that this new switch model would be designed using a magnesium alloy as what it’s made out of instead of the traditional plastic. Now my immediate reaction just hearing this is that it’s really interesting to think about a more durable metal body switch because one of the biggest complaints I’ve had with the original switch, especially the launch.

One, has been the issues of how frail the plastic is. It doesn’t do a great job of absorbing impact if you ever dropped the system, it’s just not gon na look great. The kickstand obviously is a problem, and really the plastic itself doesn’t even hold that well against the heat.

The system produces original launch switches. If you leave them in the dock really often, there are all kinds of reported issues like systems slightly bending causing cracks in the system, parts near where the screws are and even having the heating vents completely break off, which is exactly what happened to my switch sure. The system still runs fine, but it’s really disheartening to have your favorite main system fall apart, even when you try your best to take care of it.

So the idea of having a different material that it’s constructed out of that would absolutely be a much more durable design is really interesting. Now the downside to switching over to a metal like this is obviously the fact that production costs would go up compared to the plastic, so that would also result any more expensive system, and this is where the question comes up a little bit of whether or not This new model is the switch Pro that people want, or if it’s something entirely different, is it possible that instead of getting a technical switch Pro, this is a new additional sideline model that offers some interesting differences and maybe a performance bump, but not necessarily the kind Of thing that people were talking about with getting some kind of true 4k system now, one possibility is that this is the switch Pro where it is something that has that kind of 4k capability for video it’s going to be made out of metal instead of plastic.

It’S just one more thing to add on in terms of all the features and functions people want out of a higher quality premium Nintendo system. I think another possibility, though at least going off of what’s stated in this article alone – is that maybe we’re not seeing necessarily switch Pro, but instead just a new model that offers something that’s a little more premium, the trade-off being that you would have this slightly more Powerful and much better feeling system, but at a higher price point than regular switches, currently go for where you’re spending instead of 300 ollars, maybe something closer to 400, but not necessarily going to the same height that a 4k version would do.

The other big question. I have for this is whether or not this is the switch pro or just some kind of special metal switch. Where do the joy cons come to this equation, because is it a situation where it is like a regular switch and it just comes with its own metal, joy Collins? Are you expected to use the regular plastic? Droid comes with it, which i think would have this really weird kind of contradictory, feel or is this some kind of weird cross design of a regular switch in a switch light where it’s a full-size switch that can dock it can still do all the things.

A regular switch can do, but it does have permanently attached joy’ cons to the side that just act as part of the controls, and it gives you that kind of unibody design that the switch light has which honestly, I’m a really big fan of. I know there’s this kind of cool concept, feature of being able to take off a toy con and hand it to a friend and that’s a neat thing for a local multiplayer, but honestly, ever since, using the switch light not having that unibody design makes the regular Switch feel really awkward to me.

So, if there’s a possibility that we can get a regular full sized switch, that has all the regular benefits of a normal switch but features that more durable, unibody design of a switch light that I also find to be a lot more comfortable and again, if you Have that metal design instead, that is really tempting to me now, of course, the other thing that was talked about that we mentioned earlier is that, along with the metal design, it would also have a different CPU, and if it’s not a switch Pro, I think something Else that’s worth considering is that this could be another kind of half-step up situation, kind of like the 3ds to the new 3ds, where this isn’t a more powerful system.

That’S hitting all new resolutions, but instead is something that just has that kind of pushing power to make sure that certain games are run a lot smoother and better than they were before, whether that’s ensuring that they do hit 1080p on TV and 720 in handheld. Because some games still aren’t always doing that, ensuring that they have more stable frame rates and hopefully doesn’t actually continue the news Radiesse side of having some games that require the new version, because that’s just awful but the point is, it may not necessarily be a switch Pro, it might just be a switch small plus minor, plus pro light.

Whatever the point is, we might be seeing some kind of cool new side version of a switch, but not necessarily a true switch Pro now, of course, with any kind of article like this, you have to take it all with a grain of salt, it’s possible that This is something that is real and it’s happening, but it’s also possible that it’s based on zero facts whatsoever. A lot of people are really interested about what it’s saying, and I think, there’s a lot of buzz and hype around what it could mean for a new model switch just the fact that there is another model on the way after we got the switch redesign and Switch light last year is really interesting to see the Nintendo is going to have that kind of constant pattern where just a year later, we’re seeing something new now Nintendo has made a comment about the article, but it’s not one, that’s completely condemning it. It’S really more of the kind of non-committal non-answer, whereas just saying we have no announcements to make at this time, so it’s gon na be really interesting. Whether or not this proves to be true, and if it is what exactly this new model is gon na really be [ Music, ]

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