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LAZARBEAM Challenged me to this…


What’S up guys? Yes, so laser beam sent me a challenge. Hahahaha, you want to come into my house fresh. This is my domain. I do not believe you could only use the weapons from here to win a game of fortnight.

You could not do it. Do you accept this challenge? Young fresh? I was waiting for a yes anyway, so you can only use the guns from lays beams house. You are not allowed to use any meds good luck. You’Re gon na die a lot. That’S see, that’s the big yet making our way the laser beams house even got baby Jin’s you we got Frankie with us. Frankie’S come to join us just to clarify by no meds laser beam meant only the meds from the house. Alright that that’s what he met. Just gon na clarify that seems like one contested: we love, but laser beams house what we got blue pistol. We got an org, that’s some G! Oh my god.

We got a shotgun, okay and snowmen okay, but that’s just gon na be another blue pistol. So we’re not even gon na follow it that go we’ll grab the orb alright looks like we started with normal snowman and three minutes. Honestly, that’s not bad one more minute. What the hell of I kind of don’t have able given it will give a try, but I don’t know if we can keep it up only the bits from the house cuz, it’s not really much looser. Oh my God. Look at that. I won’t even get above 50 shield this game. Oh, we can use these camp.

Oh! Actually, I could finance lab truck. We really want to. We could use a slab truck. Alright, please don’t tag me all right, chill out chill out buddy, why? Okay, all right so drop Herman ease our first proper fight and we’re all ready. This is gon na be right. Well, first of all, let’s go back to the campfire military; I’m definitely not trying to fight anyone else right now.

Ah, let’s get back up to freakin 100 HP. Oh I can’t even I don’t even have wood to start. The damn thing all right. I can’t remember where the nearest slept truck is because we definitely want to try and get some shield. Otherwise, this is gon na. Be really rough, zero meds am i running into a fight, you’d love to see it. What can I let it’s Gabby? Oh, this could be a potential. Let’S just stop something down here. Otto guys come down right. You only took 30 damage. What do you mean like holy crap, my shield, these guys had like hardly any mats as well?

Oh, come on, I just miss the middle, my boat alone – oh my god, but the Scot is hit me with it Bart get the hell away from me. My son get me out of here. It’S still chasing me, go away. Have I lost him? I got a plan. I got a plan, we’re gon na, send the boat straight. Send it. Oh my god. Please tell me he didn’t see me. So this is what it’s like to be laser beam. Wait he’s gon na be back, oh shit. What okay? Maybe he found me dude? No, I hate this challenge. Dude sky wouldn’t leave me alone, nah, alright, so that was um. That was a horrible experience.

We’Re back again that laser beams house, oh yeah, kind of really hoping that we just get a fishing rod, not gon na lie just really want to get a fishing rod. Then we can get fishies do that before we enter dream pistol, three nades horrible. At least we got a confirm shotgun. Are you really? I want lightsabers. What are the chances I give them lightsaber test. Are you kidding me? Ah, another lovely round of laser beams house what it what it is lovely place, definitely not the worst place to land if you’re looking for good food, definitely not, and we got a blue pop round two – and this is our loadout, you hate to damn see it. Please keep keep standing there. Just let me get a little closer leaving.

Apart from the damn laser beam house cat hit once cut jump to jail dude, please! I don’t want to lose my shield kind of place so hard not to lose anything fight. We’Re even bottom of your damn ramp, oh crack yeah. Thank you touch my shield, like that good trying so hard not to get hurt. Oh my gosh, do you Rick? Oh my god, stop snow people are dead everywhere.

Why isn’t one on the edge brah? Why? Why are you here? Please explain, I didn’t even mean to do that 81 Blizzard coming as well. Oh, this guy’s water break you’ve used all my I’m still being watched by a damn boat come on. I need to get out of here and just hope. There was a slurp truck there, at least with the blizzard we can’t get both I mean. Hopefully you can’t see me too well, when he scuffed Gabe a fortnight. Our flopper and slurp fish turned into two fries cuz I had needs.

Are you kidding me we’re gon na have a little peek over here in case they’re in the slab truck full. You told me. No one touched you slept truck. Please you break this thing before it’s in 74 mum, semi elves, all right. We have a hundred ship. Now we’re just gon na get the circle, my god, this guys throwing coal at me. Excuse there mate! Wait! Don’T cult, hey! Stop that! Okay! This is definitely not good at shooting stuff down a dream. This is especially guys a bow.

Stop it. I’M just trying to do a laser beam challenge come on. Oh my god. Jesus all my time getting bowed from somewhere else. Are you kidding me, okay, we’re in a bit of a pickle now? Definitely not what you want to see. Oh my god! Oh, my gosh GG ha once go away. Leave my mountain alone. It’S good a sniper. My god leave my mountain tomorrow, I’m going down for this camp. I wonder if there’s just a sneaky slope, chopper waiting for me somewhere come on campfire. Do your walk. Is so rough dude eliminate him?

Do this back Chella, please! So, Scott! Oh, what someone fell? You love to dam, say it! Oh, my so on that’s right now! Oh god, this guy’s pushing me dude, he’s a sweat, so where’s, the other guy third party. This! Yes, the party in get him off me: try the dead widow. No, oh my god jump down as he jumped up. Stop it where’s the other guy dude shoot the guy on to me. You know trying to win like. Why would you not shoot him? Oh, my god, you have a war dude, this guy hat god. Why are you sure, yeah baby guy with the gun? Oh, my god! This is not. This is not epic raaah. What is this? There are these? Oh, my god he’s gone on the minute, possibly not. What is this, I’m not having a good time holy crap? Yes, you guys are finally looking at each other.

Let you get the gang on me always on watch. Oh, my god. Stop it brah get it! You love snowball, oh they’re, both cracked, my god, hey, we’ll be taking that job holy crap. We have to go to literally that last circle to cop the damn daubers laser beam. Definitely don’t land out laser beams house and definitely don’t use only to loot from laser beams house, because it is, it is not a good experience. [, Music, ]

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