League Of Legends LCS contracts expiring at the end of the year A guide By: Rularuu


I was watching GG?s new doc and FBI mentioned that some player contracts were coming to a close at the end of the year, so he wasn?t sure if the roster would stick together. I decided to look into this and checked out the GCD where I was able to compile this list instead of going to bed.

All of this data is from the Global Contract Database, which claims to have been last updated on July 22 (although it shows the Immortals release, which happened only a week ago). It is possible that some players or coaches have agreed to deals which have not been reflected on the GCD yet.

This should go without saying, but to be clear, a player or coach having a contract past 2020 does not necessarily mean that they will remain on the team next year, nor does someone having a contract which is expected to end in 2020 mean that they won?t extend their contract.

100 Thieves: The main roster?s contracts all end in 2021 or 2022, but academy players FakeGod, Soligo and Prismal?s contracts are expiring in November. Academy coach Kelsey Moser?s contract is also set to expire.

Cloud9: Nobody on C9 has an expiring contract. All players for both teams, as well as the entire coaching staff, are signed through 2022.

Counter Logic Gaming: Top laner Ruin?s contract is set to expire in November, which will likely mean the end of his time on CLG considering a disappointing 2020 season. Academy support Fill and reserve jungler Rush also have contracts which expire at the end of the year.

Team Dignitas: Top laner V1per and jungler Dardoch both joined on short contracts which end in November. Everyone else is signed through 2021.

Evil Geniuses: Top laner Kumo?s contract is ending in November, when he is expected to be replaced indefinitely (at least on the main roster) by incoming NA resident Huni. Academy support Matt as well as recent main roster mid laner Goldenglue also have contracts expiring at the end of 2020.

FlyQuest: Star jungler Santorin?s contract is set to end in November alongside the contracts of academy players Fanatiik, Triple and Mash, as well as the contracts of LCS coach DLim and academy coach Cop. Santorin will likely get an extension after Worlds if he chooses to remain on the team.

Golden Guardians: Top laner Hauntzer and support player Huhi both have contracts set to expire in November. The renewal of these contracts is up in the air after the underdog GG fell short of Worlds. Also expiring are the contracts of academy players Keith, ZionSpartan and Chime.

Immortals: Immortals already announced the release of most of their roster from the summer split, including soaZ, Eika, Altec, Gate and GoToOne. Only the team?s coach, Malaclypse, has a contract expected to end in November.

Team Liquid: TL?s contract end dates are possibly the most significant in the LCS, as Impact, Jensen and Broxah all have contracts which end in November. Academy bot laner Rikara?s contract is also expected to expire. LCS coach Cain and academy coach Yaltz are also on the list.

TSM: The only player contract set to expire in November is academy support Treatz, who played a few games with the main roster at the end of the regular season and the beginning of playoffs. However, the contracts of LCS coaches Mabrey and Lustboy are also set to end in November.

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