MAJOR Design Flaw On New Nvidia GPUs?



Hey guys, levelcap here and today in gaming, nvidia’s new gpus might have a major hardware flaw black ops, cold war. Zombies got a reveal date. Do maternal rips and tears on xbox game pass and more. A report from igor’s lab is claiming that the strange crashes and performance issues with the rtx, 3080 and 3090 are due to poor component selection by third-party vendors.


Apparently cheap capacitors on the pcbs for both gpus are causing hardware stability issues when they run at boosted. Clock speeds basically, because these cheaper components are supposedly letting interference into the electrical systems of the gpus, which causes instability and other problems. The interference can come from a number of sources, such as the power supply of your pc, the quality of the electrical wiring in your house, radio, transmitters and other devices that generate emi nvidia hasn’t released an official statement regarding igor’s lab’s claims, and they will need to Be validated by third-party vendors before any sort of recall or buyer beware: warnings are made as with most new hardware launches, there are always software bugs that impact stability.


Often these issues are resolved in the first few. Software updates, but nvidia have a fairly troubled pass with component selection issues. For now, it seems like your best bet is to wait on official word from nvidia and their vendor partners. If you’re dead set on buying a gpu today, you should look for vendors using higher quality components or just buy direct from nvidia call of duty. Black ops, cold war. Zombies will be revealed. On monday. An easter egg hunt went on all week with various call of duty partners and their communities decoding cryptic clues and websites sent to them by activision at the end of it all the reveal date was decrypted. The only thing left is for activision to officially confirm that date. The big question for me is whether or not we’ll be getting the zombies gameplay trailer on monday or if warzone itself will be updated with an in-game easter egg event.


The original reveal for cold war’s multiplayer kicked off as a live event in warzone. It seems unlikely that activision would devote the same level of resources to reveal the game’s zombie mode, though regardless we’ll be here on monday, to cover whatever happens. Warzone’S next major update lands with season 6 on tuesday it’ll, add a subway system to the map that does a circuit around its entire perimeter. Apparently, if you’re in a firefight while riding the subway, the train will stop until the fight ends. Microsoft just announced their buyout of zenimax parent company, bethesda and they’re already announcing some changes to the way their games are handled due maternal, officially launches on xbox game pass october, 1st technically microsoft’s deal hasn’t been finalized.


Yet so it’s unclear if the addition of eternal to game pass was made independently of the deal either way. It’S great news for game pass owners eternal, is one of the year’s most well reviewed games and is getting its first major dlc on october 20th. The ancient gods, part 1, will take players back to heaven to clean up the demonic evasion that took over after the game’s campaign. It’S also being released as a standard game for people that didn’t buy eternal, hopefully, it’ll be bundled with eternal for game pass owners, metal gear, solid, 1 and 2 are now available on


The original metal gear. Solid games are absolutely classic titles that spawned an 18-year franchise under the direction of hideo kojima. Of course, the original metal gear debuted even further back in 1987, but 1 and 2, are what put the franchise on the map. Neither game has received a modern pc port until today, though, things are not quite all sunshine and rainbows konami have just made their original pc ports from 7 years ago. Available for download gog have added a few things to make playing the games on pc a bit easier, but they haven’t fixed any of the original issues with the ports.


In other words, the gog version have all the same, bugs and problems the old ones had. The good news is there are plenty of community made patches that will get things running correctly with both games? Hopefully, this means that konami will finally bring metal gear solid, 3 and 4 to pc. Both of those games are landmarks for the franchise, but they’re stuck on the playstation 2 and playstation 3


A modern pc port for them would be amazing, especially considering that metal gear. Solid 3 is arguably the peak of the franchise amazon made several big reveals. Yesterday they announced a new in-home camera. That’S also a drone fulfilling the prophecy of ghost recon breakpoint. They also revealed a game streaming service called luna. It will run windows, games on nvidia, t4 gpus and works on desktop and mobile devices. The launch date has not been confirmed, but signups are now available for play. Testing. The service will offer gaming channels that users can subscribe to rather than offering one blanket fee that covers everything right now.


However, it only seems to have one channel called luna plus they’re, offering it for 5.99 a month, but that price is likely to go up in the future. You get access to 50 games via the lunaplus channel. Ubisoft will also offer a channel with 50 games as well. At some point, amazon is selling a luna compatible controller for 50 as well in terms of tech. Specs luna offers 1080p gaming with 4k support coming soon for selected titles, because it runs on windows. Most games will work almost out of the box compared to stadia’s linux based solution.


It’S a big time saver for developers looking to support amazon service game streaming has taken off lately, thanks to advances in streaming technology, and while it seemed to be mostly a gimmick that failed to deliver a fun gaming experience in the past these days, microsoft, xcloud, nvidia, Geforce now and even google stadia are nearly indistinguishable from a native desktop experience. Of course, there’s some additional latency and the quality of your internet connection can have a dramatic impact on your experience. Still game streaming is definitely a viable alternative to owning a pc or console hardware. Nowadays, riot have announced the first esports major for valorent called first strike.


There will be a series of regional qualifying events leading up to the major tournament. North america, europe, cis, turkey, asia oceania, brazil and the middle east will all be represented. The regional finals take place from december 3rd to the 6th registration opens in the next few weeks, though, it’s unclear if riot will be charging franchising fees or requiring teams from established esports organizations in our final story today, fallout 76 is opening its public test servers again With some significant changes and hints at future content the pts launches soon and will offer new camp building mechanics a few weeks after launch it’ll be updated with steel dawn quests.


These are from the game’s next big story, expansion that adds more brotherhood of steel stuff and that wraps it up for today in gaming, as always guys. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know what you thought about the stories in the comments down below. Don’T forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video subscribe. If you want to see more content, i’ll see you guys next time. This is level cap signing off foreign

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