Marshawn Lynch Almost BROKE Madden 20…


They’Ve dropped a beastmode card. I know I don’t really do videos like this, but I really really want to do this. I can’t power about Paul huh, so excited. Does anyone want to tell me why Paxton Lynch there’s only three of them and they’re all a million three hundred sixty thousand coins we get beastmode his stats to be honest with his stats are underwhelming, it seems like Bo Jackson’s, pretty much. Obviously, the better card I mean IV sees a power back, but Bo Jackson is faster and the power back.

So I don’t know, I’m not gon na make comparisons until I play with I’m excited to see if he gets any X factors that I haven’t seen before. Definitely gon na run some RP pigs on Bubba with this man. It’S definitely gon na happen, I’m giving a bulldozer and then armbar I’ll, give them insides on guru, maybe we’ll run some inside zone plays. I don’t know I’ve never really used that.

Definitely giving him wrecking ball all right shit. Let’S do this, I’m really really excited. Never did, I think, I’d be playing with this card this year. Buy my coins is the best place to get Madden coins for anything it’s cheap and reliable and, of course, my code MMG is 15 % off poof viper ooh. I like that gamertag hola Amy’s got a pretty damn good squad all right. This should be a good one swear to god. He’S coming out in our field feeds on bubble.

He came out an RPO pigs on bubble. The man knows the man knows. I love that, are you gon na stay in it? My friend, I cannot recommend staying in it yeah I don’t recommend it. Olli throws an errant pass hello max, got it I’m gon na. Take this I’m gon na. Oh, I wanted to take it back. The other way so I can get more yards with Marshawn, but this works too. Should I show him how to run our yeah. I’M gon na show him how to run our peel peak summer. I’M gon na teach this man come on bro, you should know. Oh, he said he’s going for it. He knew he knew it. I was doing all right. I still got six yards of Barry, but this is a Marshawn Lynch video. So we can’t be doing any more of that. This looks like a full blitz.

Damn I can’t get it to Marshawn Lynch here either. Oh a little shovel pass a little joke for Marshawn Lynch. I think you got the first down. If he keeps running pinch buck, I should be able to split through it randomly you don’t. I mean like there’s. Always a nice little bathroom time, as always and I thought gap, let’s go Marshawn Lynch, probably keying onto the fact that I’m just gon na use Marshawn Lynch here. But if I keep getting compliance it doesn’t matter, though every single time he has fallen forward. I don’t think he’s gotten pushed back, yet all berries in I’ll, probably just scramble with Muammar, that oh shit full good lurk. Oh my god, he might house that it’s what happens when Marshawn comes out.

Man and it’s true, Seattle Seahawks throw back right there, because I just threw the wrong zone interception what I had bleh clock at five: [ Applause, ] ouch man. Alright, that fully can’t fuck up again on her reads, he’s definitely gon na know him to run come on. Let’S go baseball, oh my god. First lady slow, though that 90 speed was looked like nothing against whoever that was seven to seven great work. First and ten Dickerson’s got that x-factor sort of try and get that thing take it off. Do we get there? Oh, I think I just took off yeah. He just got negative one yards. Let’S go, this is peak zone peak, so MoMA or maybe it isn’t. He was running some variation of peaks on bubble, for he also picked up it last night and he doesn’t pick up the game. Let’S go. That’S like some weird variation of peaks, a bubble that I’ve never seen hey. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Hat back.

Dive has been shredding. Let’S go. We don’t need much. I’M gon na stretch this actually stretch great blocks. Great blocks. Get there. Oh, let’s go. Has he gotten knocked backwards, yet I think he literally pushes forward no matter what every single time he’s not even tired, yet he’s still going we’re going right up the middle with a whim, doh JJ walk, JJ walk. I got bullied right there. Alright, we got ta go for it actually know what I’m gon na go with. I’M gon na go monster stack. This is my fourth and six play right here. Come on snap, it don’t just don’t just don’t just don’t just don’t adjust. Yes, yes dude.

He Auto touched the lineman. Why don’t you just shoot the fucking gap, a little verticals? Alright, we know this. We were running this ooh lots of room to go with Lamar Jackson there, but he turned around this guy’s running my playbook. I can’t blame them. It’S a good playbook who maybe not anymore. I don’t recognize this definite recognize this little corner out action straight up, halfback dive! That’S getting a lot of yards good tackle, though alright an actual pass play here. Go get the QB go, get the QB wow. He really wants to test me.

Tell me what the pick gets. Weirdly dragged down by Randy Moss. There didn’t even get some yards, though boys. Oh yes, come on JJ wah. I just need a minor block out of you man. I do not need much. That’S what I’m talking about come here. Let’S go! Ten rush is 147 yards. Alright, we’re gon na block everybody here and I’m gon na run with Lamar because he is getting greedy with these blitzes. Look at that blitz, bro! That’S just greedy straight up. He knows I’m going to Marshawn Lynch every time, though, that’s why first and 10 we’re gon na try it. I know one of these time just gon na go long, good good! Oh my god!

Let’S go don’t know, is this guy that is so fast. We finally got around good. Oh another, huge run from beast mode. I don’t know I’ve seen Bo Jackson, do some crazy shit, but he’s actually so much better than his card looks like like statistically his card does not look that strong, but he’s going on right. All right got a pass here, throwing one deep, that’s some balls on you what I said you get one of those a game, you one of those, a game, one per game, my friend, that’s all you get ooof Viper ooh! You get one per game. I almost feel like I can do a stretch since he’s sending these huge blitzes up. The middle gun blasts hold out there. This could be B, oh jeez, why the fuck did both of you completely ignore your blocks.

I think he thinks this is a path aah. I hate that Lawrence Taylor he’s so fast. Then we really just need field goal range. Oh, I got a QB spy on me. That’S unfortunate. Rb is wide open, though maclaurins got it for the first dude my team is fighting. My team is fighting so hard right now. I love it first and 10. I’M gon na try the run. I got one more time out. I guess I might as well right. Okay, good yardage, I think that’s field goal range gon na go for the touchdown, I’m gon na look Tory hole or Tyree kill. I don’t know if they’re gon na be there or not. But oh let me get this ball out of here. Yeah you got ta. Take my field goal.

I got three seconds left so we’re just gon na pin this all right, beautiful great kick to bend it all right that is 17 to 49 Marshawn Lynch with two touchdowns and like 200 yards or something I don’t actually know. Oh, I keep forgetting. I got. Ta use those inside zone, as I got inside zone guru all right, we’re gon na try inside zone here. I actually feel like this is gon na get really good blocks yeah. Why did I say that one yard is Marshawn Lynch’s territory? Dude? Let’S go No! Oh, my god. He didn’t get it. He didn’t get it. I would say, for one yard a stretches. The move I sleep but up the middle is where I’ve been getting stuff that oh I got this, I got this go Marshawn come on, go I don’t think he got it.

No, he didn’t. I was so close. All right, definitely a pass. Definitely a pass got a QB spy on him, QB spies all over and ethos enteric pad. Let’S go: do this Lamar Jackson’s having a rough day honestly, I should look into different plays because I keep just kind of spamming, Marshawn Lynch and its really obvious what I’m gon na do press coverage. Let’S see what happens here, that is a touchdown, I’m pretty sure get in second at 14, you think I could get in with a pig’s own bubble. He’S been all over it so far, I feel like I probably can’t oh, I can get him give me that blog, let’s go Marshawn. Lynch doesn’t get all the way to the first, though third and four I’m going inside zone. I did it. I got this inside zone guru ability. I feel like this shouldn’t be so terrible. I feel like this should work got JJ Watt blocking here, great block from JJ Watt, and I ear trunk like any idiot that one touchdown 33 yards, let’s go free 300. That’S the goal you certain goal will go over the stretch.

Ah, it’s their joke. Mansa should not have to box, and it’s really hurting me right now. I’M gon na have to do something different for the touchdown. Let’S just hold this pocket presence, I’m just gon na throw it. Oh my god, that’s got, ta hurt in all right, third and nine and in 1qb spy and then coverage on the rest. Oh, he threw the pig soul, but he got a little. I got both of these clamps, I think cleat went, I thought I said you get one of those a game not to did you see that dude he’s got a hundred fifty passing yards and a hundred thirty of them are garbage. I feel like this is a run. Oh, it’s it’s an RP, oh great, Joop. Alright, this gives beastmode a chance to get the 300 yards, so we want okay. So this should have got me so many yards last time, but it just totally goof. Oh, I just I can hit this though no Lamar passed it.

Oh, my god, I tried to run the play action out of that. It didn’t work at all. I kind of need to get a first down because it is 2421, so I’m gon na go 5 wide. I should be able to hit toward him. I think I guess it just depends where his user floats yeah. I got a move. Oh, why can’t I catch that? One, that’s the one that he caught. I can’t pong I got ta go with verticals. This is a big. This is really big. If I can get this Oh ice, the game, but if I can go buddy sketchy business, oh dude, why is it touchdown?

Oh he’s done, though you didn’t throw the ball hard enough, but it’s the punch so we’re down to the nine on the punch. It was this last time this was oh, it was that same thing, big hit. Let’S go, oh just like a very base run there. I second at 11. I think he’s gon na put someone on a slant there, but soon he’s got here. I don’t know what these routes are. Patrick Willis, with the EZ pick haven’t, got much off for those, though alright Marshawn, let’s get your touchdown. I hope you run commits everyone up the middle and then Marshawn can get to the edge. Okay did get to the edge red as yours are over: let’s go 243 yards. Ah, I don’t know boys kind of I’m gon na get 300. I think he knows. I’M waving this up the middle we’ll see if we can get it anyway. Okay, oh my god.

Three touchdowns 260 yards. Is that correct? Something like that? That’S a good fantasy football day. I’Ll say that I got to get the ball back one more time to get 300 yards, though we are in frantic mode here, throw it a lob again, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Tori Hall, you cannot catch literally everything. Yes, I have the potential for 300 yards of Marshawn Lynch. This dress should be there. Dude he’s all pinched he’s looking for everything up the middle, oh he’s gon na. Do the the RPL Reid thing: oh nevermind Wow! Well, that was like deja vu that was straight-up deja vu. All right. Can we ah food?

Again, though, can you let me run into your user with Marshawn Lynch? Oh boy, pulling it laughs, got a great lead block right there, we’re stretching it again. Ronnie Lots out of position he’s far out of position. Oh, I was just about to stiff arm. Somebody go to the other side. I’Ve never stretched it to the other side yeah. Why not right? Okay! I was like the first time I even hit the stiff arm button, the whole game. Damn I probably should use that a little more Wow bro 31 carries 366 yards four touchdowns and a long of 76. I cannot believe how he decked that user.

I need that. Touchdown there was this one bro look at this: this user probably actually elbow them in the fucking face bro, that’s disgusting. The other thing was the stiff arm, which was the final play of the game which they do have on here. Excellent game Marshawn Lynch is way better than I expected way better than I expected boys. I hope you enjoyed this video I’ll see in the next one. I’Ll only do this on very rare occasions. When there’s really a card, I really want to get gameplay, but that was one of them, so I don’t know who else there will be, but we’ll see I love you guys, as always be so [, Music, ], [, Music, ]

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