Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter


This video, my friend, tries to speedrun and beat minecraft. While I try to stop him. If I kill him once he loses. If he beats minecraft, I lose. This is minecraft manhunt. Also only a small percentage of people who watch my videos are subscribed. So if you end up liking this video consider subscribing, you can always unsubscribe it’s free enjoy the video. Are you just running tried to pull of me, but I’m like right on your village. You can either chase me down.

We can go. Get the amazing loop from the blacksmith. What do you want dream? What you want? Okay, you’ve chosen blacksmith, oh god, what a lot of stuff! Oh my! That was the biggest mistake you have made in your entire life. Alright, I’m gon na have to be extra sneaky and quick George. What what is that I see you’ve got to be over real, quick where’d. You go you’re stuck in my boat. I can’t eat you, you lose the end of the video it in the world. So it’s his hunter video, that’s true! I want you men to get away from you now.

Oh, you have a boat. No, where are you? How can you see me which I know you’re not in the morning work? I hear you spamming your spacebar. Well, I’m trying to get stuff right now and it’s kind of working. Well, I’m like right on your trail, so good eye, a sheep just broke a grass block and I thought it was you. I eat the grass so eventually, please, please Ice Ice Baby. How are you getting closer come on what’d I miss with you. Yours have I find you stop stop it. Why this river is so long he’s gon na head at some point? Oh, is ending it same big doors. What are you gon na? Do hey not anything with the heck?

No! No. This thing I want that whatever. That is, I want to go to the chest. Okay, oh I don’t even care about the boat. Please just something good where’d! You go! Oh there’s! Another village. Did you really not stop at the village at all, so many of these baby guy baby guy yeah a lot baby guy? Oh yeah? Oh yes, alright! Well, George! I just gave you a bunch of buffer time. So hopefully you know I appreciate it buddy. I take hit bombs above it gon na miss clicks, I’m so nervous. Okay, yes, finally, [ Music ]. What are you gon na do drawers?

I got your oh, my god come and get it George coming yeah, even good any! Oh! I can. I can make a shield: oh that scared me so much what the hell hey, all the time that you were just sitting in the village. Doing, who knows what I was out being productive and he used came and took it all like. I hardly got any iron. It’S all in the furnaces I’m just going for a little a little fish. Oh I caught a fishing rod. Hot stuff is that, yes, it is love! Oh okay, and now you have armor, I’m ignoring what I was just doing, and I am on my way. I didn’t think you give that fast. How’D you get higher now house, it’s been like a minute, I’m just going as quick as I can: [ Music ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] George.

Would you leave down there? George? I made some stuff. This time, okay, okay, I can’t believe I actually made it out of that. Oh I found something. Amazing did you yes, lion and shield? Well, it’s mostly thanks to you. Ah, this is just like chasing simulator. I can run forever, I’m not letting you go this time. You have to as well wait it’s not there’s both. This is like last time what is happening I kind of want to get this. Yes, I win what is down there and then chanting Golden Apple? No, it’s not yeah. Is there? Oh, my god. This is a joke what’s happening, even though there’s doors or something yes, wait. You were here where, in the village I just found your stick in the Cabaye, the crafting bench, heck yeah, you must have win the village, it’s a stick, a stick. What do you mean? What’S a stick: where could you possibly have ran off to wait?

What is that you? Let is you but George, what? Oh, my god? Oh my god hey! Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh George, thought you thought really good news you. I can’t believe this. I I will achieve would have got away, but there was so many black that was pillaging attacking by yourself. What please guys, please! No! I just wasted that. No, no don’t take me now that I’m gon na drown. My pearls gon na drown me no wait. What you’re on the water anymore? No I’m just swimming over to you right, no clothes for you! Oh no!

Not again! I’M just gon na leave! I i’ma head out buddy, I’m just gon na good, find more lava. Who is that get out there we go. I have filled in the entire portal George, it’s just a block or sit in your eyes that as long as you can run for, if I’m just following, you then eventually like we’ll, have to run into each other. If you try and stop so you stop to do a another portal that I’m just gon na catch you. Okay, that’s fine! No, no, all right! No, no! No! No [, Music! ]! George George! Hmm! I lost you! Where are you dream yeah? Where are you I’m right behind you? Oh yeah, nothing! Yes, oh my god! I’M actually safe, I’m safe!

Oh my god! This feels so relieving [ Music ] watching the sunset has never been more beautiful. What me, what why did he leave he’s waiting for me? On the other side, George check this out. You ready yeah there. It is Oh Gigi you’re in the fortress Wow, it’s Amer cool oh-oh-oh. What no no no dying in lava. I lost all my stuff. Okay, so I just rushed right now I see a brush. Where is the blaze spawner? I can’t believe I died. Oh no!

That’S he’s so bad like I’m, not even doing anything. I just used winning the game moment. You just died for me. After all of this you’re gon na somehow win gon na be the easiest sweetest victory. I don’t know if I’m just getting it, I guess getting. What what are you getting cheap? I am well yeah, you know I need I and you just died with all your iron. Nice got some lapis yay. What what are you doing? You’Re just having a single play? Survival? Huh? What are you doing? My food is all cooked. I approve Mike wait what what dream haha, I finally find the post it’s like a cross, just lava like me. I can see what you’ve done. What do you mean? Hey George, you actually broke the portal. Oh my god. What am I meant to do? I’M just running back from the fortress and I see that up see I’m like.

Yes, I just see one little tiny bit missing and there’s no portal. Yes, I’m such a genius George tell me: I’m a genius. Well, it’s kind of unfair but whatever [ Applause ]. How are you working this out? I’M just stuck in the nether yeah. I can just say you know I don’t have to kill you to win, you can die if you die. I win well I’ll just stand still. Then then you’ll you run on a hunger. Eventually it doesn’t matter if you stand still, you don’t lose hunger if you’re standing. Yes, you do, you lose hunger, we’ll find out. I guess I’m just waiting for you, so you can I’m not gon na come in. I’M not gon na come in and kill you just come through and kill me all right. What are you doing right now? I’M wait. What Wow I swear.

What what are you in the forum now I’m waiting in another feed and he is no when we hurry up and kill me. So we can finish. This live city and online portal trap the you can’t break a block when your portal traps right. Well, Jean Postal trapped you’re in you’re, not in the nether anymore, I’m tracking you! How do you get out? How did you get out of the nether? How did you get out of another? What did you do tell me what happened?

Oh, what a wizard has his ways. How did you get out? Oh, my god, how did he find me so quickly, cuz, you’re right here, I feel like ages away. You came through this portal. Yes, how did you? How did you break what I thought you can’t break when your portal traps? Oh me, I got diamonds from this stupid stronghold. Oh my god and you broke the obsidian, but how did you I didn’t think you could break when you were portal? Shaft I mean you had a nice plan, but was I nearby? Are you going through? Did you see me? I didn’t see you, but I came through. I just broke the thing and went off on my merry way.

The one time I actually do with the comments say a comment to be like: Oh Brittany, typo, that’s what I meant: [ Music ]. Are you still in the ocean? Really yeah? [ Applause, ], [, Laughter? ]? Yes, yes, yes, village! Oh my god! Oh you gon na do you’re in the mountains. I don’t see.

A single Enderman anyway was daytime now [ Music ] by dream – lovely! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god. Are you gon na? Do Georgia State I’m with the rights of a ravine? No I’m out of the ravine and I’m right on your ID. What are you already? It’S been like 30 seconds? Well, it’s better poke or mutton depends which religion you ask please say loud, because I’m trying to do something, and it’s annoying me that I think I think so long minecraft days lost so long eyes want Enderman all night long. I rhymed long with long and I’m gon na start popping out. Oh that was close. Yes, what?

Oh, my god, are you just gon na get like soy, pee and then just try call me. This is my time to shine. This is my time to shine and what your this way like behind me like litter, there’s a zero chance to kill me now, so you just better hope that on the off chance that I that I happen to somehow not find you in time, you came backwards. You ran towards me, I was literally right. There was literally no way you do you, you kill me how much damage do I do with the sharpness one diamond sword. George, you bet to find out. I caught myself in as well no say with you where you go. Oh my god. I got a pole. Oh my god. I eat my god, a pole. Oh my god. I had water. What am I talking about? I thought I used both my waters. I just need wasted my god. What was that there’s a ravine here, it’s like a hole in the ground and it was a ravine. It was the perfect place for beam. Sorry, dream you’re, just waiting above the overview, and I feel it. I feel that I feel it please.

No, please! Okay, you’re, not! Oh, my god, [ Music, ] George! This is where you die, George, Oh God. Oh, my god, there’s so many dead ends dream! Oh, my god. I actually got conned get through this stronghold George. Where are you I heard you right next to me before I don’t know. Where am I I found the portal before you did. Oh, how many things right now. I think you know why cuz I saw your name over here. How I came over here to see you, my school must have been here. He was like hiding in the wall.

I don’t know, I’m looking for like Enderman and end of hose, there’s no end of house in these stupid chests you’re, not in the stronghold you’re. Such a liar irony will come up, then see what happens: [, Music, ], no George come out to play George. It’S a play date between you and death: [; Music ]; No! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my you’re! So actually annoying at this game. You’Re! So annoying [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. What’S your name? No! No! Oh my god! Oh my god. What just happened? I’M just gon na beat the end now, so I can’t believe that happened. What are the odds? Thank you for playing dream. That is very kind of you. [ Music ] know

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