Modern Warfare Battle Royale “Warzone” (( 20+ New Gameplay Details )) & Release Date Leak


Yeah, what’s up you do your 90 Chad’s welcome back and today we got a really good news regarding Mon Wharf is battle royal. We got like literally everything leaked at this point and I’m gon na be going through every single thing. You need to know regarding warzone battle, real gameplay and what you can expect, but I want to light this candle real quick, because what we’re hearing that gaming revolution has been done absolutely dirty guys. I believe a time stand below if you really don’t care about it, but you got ta understand this is the man I want to just take this time to clap it up, because if it wasn’t for this man be what I know anything and mr

Bob man tell us: what do you see? Thank you gives the likes, but it has been a disastrous night to say the least, and ever since the the gaming revolution took an oath that he will tell and keep the community in the loose that had activations attention. Schism, I don’t think you understand and act tuition escalated things further. They loop him up.

They send this man’s Twitter Twitter having skills. Oh, I had people on the street side cry it’s pretty pretty sad around here. I don’t think you understand, because Activision is not only deleting the information he was posting but they’re deleting his memes deleting the games. It looks like a planet, I mean they’re, sending special vital time days. Chocolate should be view tubers and this man was sent to Twitter. Heaven this is a disaster and we do not know what the gaming revolution next move will be, but as soon as we hear maybe he’s gon na take revenge, I’m not sure, but as soon as we hear anything about it, I’ll, let you know squizzle, but as Of right now I really can’t take it. I can’t take it back to you a thank you, mr

Bachmann for telling us the news, we really appreciate the news and I’m telling you man. This sounds like a horror story and, as always here I do call of duty and gaming news if a stud muffin like you is into that subscribe. But, first of all I want to talk about this one. We are hearing about different rarities items, and this is something that we’ve actually seen from the gaming revolution, video one in the chat, if you have already seen the gameplay of battle world 2. If you have not, but here’s the thing, the gameplay, the gaming revolution uploaded obviously actors and you know they loop them up and they got their songs involving the video was sent to YouTube’s.

Haven’T I mean they cut gaming revolution wings. At this point, I’m really sad about it, but hey! Listen! He uploaded that video and in that I’ve seen a green MP salmon and the leek says that we’re gon na have different rarities items. We’Re gon na have white green, blue purple and gold a similar to Port night right, and I want to talk about for tonight in just a little bit, because that might tell us when it’s really gon na release now, because if you really think about it there. Next season is gon na be dropping very soon, I’m an on for tonight player, but the experts are telling me that the next season for 49 is gon na be dropping on the 20th right. So maybe that is gon na tell us the release date of the war zone, but coming back to the rarities. Now, obviously we have seen the green MP salmon and I’m assuming that every single one of them is gon na have different profiles. Maybe the the white one is gon na be decent. It’S gon na be a normal one. Green one might have a higher damage ratio, but gold, that’s gon na, be the real God here.

So maybe that’s what’s up and in terms of the map size, we’re hearing that it’s gon na be almost three times bigger than black and – and you know it kind of makes sense, because we’re now hearing that it’s gon na have 200 players in total, and I Mean damn because, a couple of months ago we heard that it’s gon na have 150 player. Some leaked said that it’s gon na have 175 because Activision they were not sure that we’re testing it out, but now, by the looks of it it’s really gon na have 200 players. I mean I got a photographic evidence on in front of my eyes. I I have it on my desktop, which I definitely cannot put it on the screen, but a lot of stud muffins. What else can I say were able to glitch their way through they were able to play. They were able to take screenshot put it on the Twitter’s, and I have seen it so. It is confirmed that it’s gon na have 200 players and honestly, like nobody’s glitching. It’S just that the game is glitching and they’re, sending people into the battle royal and activations. Getting their schlongs involved, I mean, I understand it – the they trying to protect their property, I get it, but we’re gon na have 200 players and in terms of the armor system. I think this is really gon na wrestle a lot of jimmies, because I do know for the fact that, during blackout days when it was fresh literally like everyone started complaining about the armor system, because it was really Opie.

So I’m not sure how this is gon na work, because we got two different armor system. The first one is helmet and not only the helmet, we got different kind of West and they got different levels to them. I mean I’m gon na put the helmet on your screen, I’m just gon na text on your screen right, but it has different levels: yeah, they kind of nailed it level. 1, 1. 1, but the the level 3 1 will reduce headshot damage by 30 and it will also reduce the effect of flash and concussion. So it’s gon na be like a TAC mask ride. Level 2 will reduce the headshot damage by 30 as well, but no tag mask and the third one will reduce the headshot damage by 15 and in terms of the West we got level 1, 2 and 3. The first one will absorb 50 damage. The second one. 150, the third one will absorb 150 damage as well, but it will increase the healing time usage by 25, so I’m assuming 25 % faster.

I think people will complain about it and they will definitely nerf this one. Health, we’re also gon na, have perks in this one, but we’re not sure how they’re gon na worry. Aren’T they gon na worry? Are they gon na be similar to blackout most likely? Yes, where you’re gon na go around loot, the area you’re gon na be given pirates and you can hold X down or square down. If you play on the Sony Ponies and you can activate the perks and in terms of the sleight of hand that will reload your weapon, 50 % faster than normal and we’re also gon na have armor upper again when you use armor plates, it’s gon na be 20 % faster and they will supply 10 % more armor. So I don’t know man armor system and the armor part. That’S gon na be a disaster and speaking of the armor system, because here’s the thing we have the supply station in this mode in this mode.

As well and it’s kind of really suss, because you’re gon na be able to buy equipments from supply station and there we have the armor plate bundle and it only costs. 59 points everybody. So this is gon na be on the low tier. So once you buy that you got the armor or perk and you also got the level 3 helmet level. 3 West, I mean you’re gon na, be a super suppose that’ll royal and I’m kind of pumped, but I do know that a lot of people will definitely complain about it. We also got the gas masks, which is definitely going on. Let’S be real, give it gon na give you a longevity and you’re gon na last longer we’re gon na have precision air strike, shield turret cluster strike, ammunition, box dropped in marker and also UAV, and that right there is actually suss, because we do have streaks and That’S separate from the supply station and are we really gon na hair like enemy? You are we online constantly? I am Not sure because a lot of people are paranoid. This one and even Spiro, he’s like a full-blown fortnight or I should say blackout Battle Royale. Let’S say studmuffin out there even he’s paranoid about this one, and I get it like you. Stud muffins might be paranoid about this one as well, because once you call in the UAV, is it gon na be a disaster where, let’s say you got like hundred people alive on the map?

Are you gon na be able to know everyone’s location? If, yes, that’s really gon na be a disaster, but if you don’t, then I personally am assuming that it’s gon na be similar to the sensor dart from blackout. Where you get it, you know you can collect it, but in monomorphic battle row you’re gon na be able to purchase, and once you have it, you can call it, and it’s just gon na, be you a V but on a smaller radius, similar to how sensor Dart was that’s kind of like what I’m assuming, but this is kind of suss, though, because we also have the killstreak leaks, and it says that the killstreaks are gon na, be activated using the lethal and tactical buttons. And it’s just says juggernauts here and it will not be able to pick up loot. So that’s a streak and it also says you have a satellite trucks must be charged before scanning an area and once they are used they will remain on cooldown for some time before coming back online. So you see what I’m saying so we got you having satellite trucks. We also got UAV that you can buy.

I’M not sure. So this sounds like a horror story, but I still am pumped and I’m pretty sure like. If it’s really 200 P, people are gon na complain, and they will know if we’re also gon na have missions in this one and that’s kind of like what I’m pumped for, because it kind of gives me that GTA. Why? Because we’re not only just gon na have cracked missions, we’re gon na have time runs where I’m pretty sure it’s gon na be like speedruns. We got domination very gon na be able to capture different like domination flags, but we’re also gon na have the bounty system where you can actually put bounty. I mean that’s kind of like what I’m getting out of this one. Maybe it’s gon na be a little bit different, but what I’m getting out of this one is that you were gon na, be able to put bounty ozone bodies on people and you’re gon na be able to go GTA online on everybody. I’M really excited for that. One and we’re also shortly gon na have plunder, but plunder is a little bit like a disaster in terms of for explanation.

Obviously, it’s not a disaster, it’s like really good, but it had different description a year ago and now it’s constantly changing and I’m pretty sure once we have battle well, it’s really gon na change, but essentially it’s like the in-game currency. You get it by eliminating other people and I’m pretty sure there will be like paper lying around, because that’s what it is. It’S Benji’s right, it’s in-game cash and you’re gon na be able to loot it from other people. You’Re gon na be able to get it by eliminating other people and you’re gon na be able to use this, and you will be able to convert it into XP by depositing into ATM machines located throughout the game. So that will give you more XP more XP. You will be able to rank up faster, and previously it did say that you’re gon na be able to use this and buy micro transactions in the game. Is it gon na still be in the game?

I really have no idea, but that’s what the league said. Initially, and now they are not saying that, so I really have no idea and we’re also gon na have the heroin system in this mode, where, once you are down you’re gon na be sent into another dimension and that another dimension is gon na be goo. Like that’s, where you’re gon na be able to 1v1, and if you win, you’re gon na be sent back to Planet Earth aka the battle, royale mode and you’re gon na be able to play again but you’re. Only gon na be given one shot. Only one chance and if you lose and that’s where I’m gon na assume – because we know that we’re gon na be able to spectate and bad plunder on other people who are gon na, be fighting inside the Gulag. You know the one we want so you’re gon na be able to bet – and that’s like wager match – is kind of thing from black ops, 1, so you’re gon na be able to spectate.

Other people bet your plunder and if the guy you bet it your plunder on wins, while you will get extra moolah and you can axe, absolutely use the prize for you and hopefully you can buy microtransactions, but that would be really good because in-game gambling I mean The game is gon na, be free, so I’m excited for it, but if it’s like really Grisha sand, first, like really out there well we’re gon na, hear horror stories and people will complain so we’re gon na have a lot of videos on it. So definitely turn notifications on, but at this very point in time I am really excited for it, because if they nailed this one down, it’s really gon na be amazing right. We’Re also gon na have last end in this one, and a lot of people are saying: you’re gon na be able to use your secondary weapon, and that sounds like a horror story like, for example, you go down because normally in a battle royal game, when you Go down you do not have secondary right. That’S why, like nobody tried to finish someone when they are on the ground, they wait. They scout the area if they find someone else their team in their part, they want to take them down before they take the person who’s just walking around or you know crawling, but I’m not sure like if they’re gon na have the secondary or not. It says. Last time so maybe they’re gon na have it, but I really doubt that one.

Let me know what your son muffin mind says in the comments below we’re. Also gon na have friendly fire punished limit and that’s attitude, and that sounds like a disaster cuz. Knowing my friends, oh and knowing me like, you cannot trust me, I’m probably gon na take my homies down and it gives you two options or to the limit is two basically, so you can actually take your homies down two times before. I think it won’t kick. You out of the game, so you got the limit. I think they’re gon na have like a realism version of the battle realm, where friendly fire will be enabled, but in the normal one it’s probably not gon na be enabled. So that’s like what I think and we’re also gon na have different points of interest and in that one we got bang fire station gas station. The G story – I really cannot say this word pharmacy and the popo station and each one of them is gon na play a different role, that’s kind of like what I’m getting from this, what it is not confirmed. So don’t let your dogs out, but the bank that is already confirmed, that you’re gon na be able to take your plunder there and that’s where you’re gon na meet all the activation employees.

Once you actually go to the bank, the alarm will go off telling other people that hey look activation. Employees in the lounge’s get money fire station, I’m assuming that’s where we’re gon na have armor, maybe tack masks, but we also have the gas station. That’S where maybe you’re gon na be able to refill, maybe you’re gon na be able to get the gas masks. We also have the G store. That’S where you’re gon na be able to get all the big cheese and all that good pharmacies. So maybe that’s where you’re gon na be able to find a lot of 300 health packs, maybe 150 whole packs. You you get the ID the popo station, I’m assuming that’s where you’re gon na be able to find like west’s and all the armor in terms of the zones we got airfield born yard, gam, downtown, ghoul egg. I will just say Hoss, I don’t know said the whole word, because we’re on YouTube, layover, lumber, overgrown port, query, storage, town, Supercenter, train yard and TV station and in terms of fortnight I was talking about it earlier, because, according to experts, I mean I’m Naaman on Porn iPlayer, according to experts fortnight is gon na, have a new season, and that’s due for the 20th and knowing Activision I I mean, knowing literally any like that’s like marketing 101, and we know that it’s gon na be free-to-play, so they’re, absolutely gon na compete with Them all – and they want this out, so they can make extra money extra cash on the side. It’S basically called you t-mobile at this point, but for console and I’m pumped for it, but I really think that it’s gon na be coming out after fortnight.

The new fortnight season and I’ve been seeing this go around. It’S not confirmed, but I’ve seen other people say that it’s gon na be coming out on the 21st, because, if they’re seeing 2102 in the game, take that as a rumor for now, because I know that there has been some in-game teasers that have been saying that February 15 February 15, so I have no idea in terms of the release date. Let me know what you think check out our video on the screen like and subscribe and, as always, don’t turn your nose. Keep your dogs in don’t drink G fuel, drink water. You already know and I’ll see you in the next one young out,