MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio CPU Benchmarks – Ryzen 7 3800XT vs Core i9 10900K


Okay so do you need a 10900K to run a RTX 3080? We’re going to find out in today’s experiment! All right! Today’s experiment is kindly sponsored by MSI international we have team blue as well as team red. So in team blue we have a 10900K, with the MSI MEG Z490 Ace, team red we have a 3800XT with a B550 Gaming Carbon Wi-Fi. We will be running some gaming benchmarks using Nvidia driver’s 456.36 pitting the RTX 3080 versus a Galax 2080 Ti as seen in our previous video, the review for the RTX 3080. We have also included the rest of the PC parts, if you’re interested, you can check out the lists. And so right now i’m going to bring Gordon in, he’s going to explain to you why he decided to use these two sets for the experiment as well as show you all of the gaming benchmarks. So Gordon, you may take over! Okay right thanks Mel.

So you may be wondering. Why has MSI thrown this particular combination of parts and other things to us for testing? So the reason is this: It’s mainly to do with their pricing as well as their positioning. On this corner down here, the i9 plus the Z490 Ace, this represents what happens when you walk into a shop and you tell them I want the very best Intel desktop CPU and I want one of MSI’s best Z490 motherboards. You get the i9 10900K and you get the MSI MEG Z490 Ace right over here. The thing is that the amount that you pay for this combo is about SGD 1400. Or in a US money that is almost about 1k USD. This on the other corner here, represents a typical mid-high tier rig. We have the Ryzen 7 3800XT right over here which uh while it is a pretty fast CPU with 8 cores 16 threads, pretty decent clock speeds that kind of thing, it is still pales in comparisons to its high end Ryzen 9 siblings like the 3900XT or the 3950X.

The motherboard here, the MSI B550 Gaming Carbon Wi-Fi, represents a mid-ranged Ryzen motherboard. I mean sure it’s uh, the B550 gaming carbon wi-fi here is quite feature-packed as you’ve seen in our previous video; But of course if you were to compare it to something in the X570 MSI range, such as theX570 Unify, or the x570 Ace, this one stands lower in the pecking order. But this combination here in Singapore, costs you just SGD 900 or in US money, that is USD 650. So given all that together, the difference between these two works out to about SGD 500 or in US money, we are looking at about USD 350 or 360. So the question and the point that we are trying to answer, under what circumstances should I pay the extra money for this or should I just save that US 350 and go with this? Let’s get right into the benchmarks and let’s find out! okay right.

The first two titles that we are going into will be two very successful uh massive multiplayer online titles: one being CS GO, the other one being rainbow six siege. Now there’s a very good reason as you can see here why Intel often uses CS GO in their marketing material. Because you can clearly see here that at all three resolutions especially at 1080p, the 10900k holds a sizeable advantage over the 3800XT.

However, it is also important to note here that at this point the FPS is so high in the region of like 500 to 600 that in normal gameplay you’re not gonna notice much of the difference. Uh rainbow six siege also exhibits a similar behavior with sizable gaps at all three resolutions between the two CPUs. One thing to know for rainbow 6 siege however is that at 4K, the gap becomes much smaller. Meaning that at 4k the GPU becomes much more of a bottleneck in rainbow six siege.

Next we come to two modern Ubisoft titles: One being AC Odyssey and the other one being Tom Clancy’s Division 2. Now in stark contrast to the earlier two results, you will notice down here that between the two CPUs at any given GPU at any given resolution, there is either only a slight advantage that the Intel has over the AMD CPU or there is no advantage at all. Which kind of shows to you that both of these games the GPU is and will be the main limiting factor in determining the overall performance.

Finally we come to shadow of the tomb raider. Now the way this game behaves is quite different from the earlier two examples, in that at 1080p, the Intel CPU has quite an advantage over the Ryzen 7 3800XT, uh with both GPU itself although the gap for the 2080 Ti with both CPUs is smaller than that of the RTX 3080. Next we come to 1440p. Now 1440p, there is no difference for the 2080 Ti, but there is still a gap when you test using the the newer RTX 3080. Finally we come to 4K and this is where it is clearly the GPU that is the limiting factor here because with both CPUs, they both churn exactly the same scores with exactly the same GPUs. All right we have done all the gaming benchmarks, so right now let’s go on to the point of the story! Gordon so what do you think after seeing all these benchmarks? Right if you were to ask me what will be my conclusion after thoroughly testing these two fellows with both the RTX 3080 as well as the previous gen RTX 2080 Ti, uh what i have to say is this: which of these you should go for it will very much depend on your scenario, what are you using it for, what’s your budget level, those kind of things.

Coming to the example of budget, let’s say you’ve got a pretty large budget: SGD 4k – 5k maybe even more. You’ve got the very best in casings, power supply, RAM, the works. If you just want to round it off, and go for the best gaming config ever, just go for this: the i9 plus the Z490 Ace. The other scenario where this is a more compelling option even though your budget may be more limited, is you’re an e-sports gamer, 1080p, very high refresh rate monitor like let’s say like 240Hz or some of those new uh 360hz monitors that are coming up. If you are in that category and you play a lot of e-sports title that regularly can pump out this high level of uh frames per second, for assurance and peace of mind, you go for the Intel plus Z490. Yeah. Because in your scenario, that $500 is well worth it. However, the number of people that actually pair the 3080 with a 1080p high refresh rate monitor are somewhat in the minority based on my own experience with my customers.

The majority of my customers who buy something in this range are most likely pairing it with a 1440p normal aspect ratio monitor or they’re going for one of those fancy new Ultra-wides in which case, the advantage that this guy holds over this, becomes not so clear cut. Because the numbers at those resolutions is not so big and also if at that range, your budget is limited by a hard fixed number, like let’s say you’ve only got SGD 3000, or USD 2.2 – 2.3k? This is a fixed number you cannot go over it.

So going with this fella over here, that saving of SGD500 can mean the difference between let’s say getting an RTX 3070 or having a bit more dough to pawning out for the RTX 3080. Or if your budget already allows for RTX 3080, at least now you got a little bit more extra cash to go for, hey go all the way, RTX 3090! Yeah so it’s sort of like balancing the part. You give up a bit on the CPU and motherboard to splash out on the GPU itself. Or maybe improve some other part of your rig itself. Maybe you could buy like a nicer case, better fan, uh higher spec RAM, that kind of thing. So yeah that’s the conclusion that I have as to which of these two you should go for. So we hope this video has been very helpful to you, wherever you should go for this, or you should go for this. All right so yeah, as Gordon mentioned the main point is that if you have the wallet, go for this if your budget is more conservative.

go for this. Yes this video has been very extensive, a lot of bench-marking, so thank you. A lot of numbers yeah. We spent a lot of time doing this so make sure if you like this video, give us a thumbs up And uh yeah if you’re not caught the review of the RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio, make sure to do so in our previous video. It’s been doing very well, thank you very much. Yeah. This thing is going to say goodbye soon But uh hopefully we’re going to have more 3080 and 3090 content coming up. Yup! Okay! So from Gordon and I, goodbye!.

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