NEON SLIDE *ONLY* For Our LOOT in Fortnite


Two teams, one giant deathrun race and then at the end we get another combo for the fight hate for guys and as always, dudes. Listen. The first time that I ever uploaded a fortnight death run race was almost a year ago and in a year that video only has 99 thousand likes come on. We get ninety nine thousand likes in a day and a half please hit the like button. Hope you enjoy the video, hey, Biffle, grab a chair, mitchell’s and Nico. It’S bunny vs. Seco, our Biffle, your team, your player for rules are, you cannot leave the next section without your teammate, everybody, everybody.

Whenever it falls next go in hurry up. You got the one you got it go. You two got away for each other. I mean you die Biffle, you’re. Okay, we got an impulse in pull you on the crates. The necks gon na catch us dude. Are we playing for the New York Mets? What a joke Biffle people do this yeah do this for the whole team for the infant’s for the infant children, yeah okay, hold forward hold forward hold forward, go ah dudes, quick interruption! Listen for you!

Veterans of my youtube channel! You guys! Remember: 99 yeah! You guys! Remember my intro song get it guys. We haven’t been uploading on this channel a lot lately and we’re at one point: zero: 1 million subscribers. We might dip below a million soon sell out dudes. I need your help. We have started uploading again on this channel. Don’T let us go below 1 million subscribers go down into the description check out this channel dude.

Do me a favor go subscribe. Woof you dudes! Now back to the video team gets gold. You other BOTS, get blue. Well, you need to do this. No, we cannot do Naruto run, we got ta beat this, I’m trying. Oh did you get it come on trying my sharp on the stairs. If you think biffle’s a bot calm, a shuffle bot in the comments. Ok, then keep it boy, good job. You go first to you first time right here, ready I’m watching do this first time. You guys get to call me afoot in the comments. Alright I’ll go first I’ll, go Freddy! There! You go for watch, go ahead!

You got this else. Oh it’s! Okay! You got a jump on the little ramp to get your full thump whum. You got ta get the fluff up new rule new rule first place. If me and Biffle win cuz, we will guys robots, we have to choose. One of us gets purple. One of us gets the losers, get booze and green. What did you beat it? I did. I did I’m walking it up on. You did not. How do you beat that last jump to get on the platform? How did you do that? All the little slippy, the little dude our thing, yeah, the Throwdown dude I just I just went from the ink from an angled forward. Oh okay, okay, I got a Crouch crouch. You know, Johnny, no you’re gon na want to take that off. You go go! Look at me cheating him, I’m cheating him good, look I’ll, show you you ready there, you go there, you go there, you go, you just keep jumping all right, so we got a cannon and a new believe this Biffle they’re catching up ahead.

Chanko think I know the right behind us, though, if you don’t make this right now, I will literally cut you. Oh yes, Mike I’m a great driver, oh great, for now a Mustang stay on or theory or anything in parts I park here. Okay, I think I’ll jump in the jump on it easy grapple. No, did you not make it Biffle? This is why you don’t have many friends in this life. I am looking at you in shame. We got a grandpa ready, okay, free got it. I got it nailed it easy and first try. Oh boy, let’s go look at those buns back there, you’re gon na get it come on.

We are owning right now. Okay, you gon na watch you I don’t want you here! Watch daddy, do it you all right? Good job, I can’t look at you dude, you just don’t want made me die to death. Well, I’m sorry Biffle booted their score, they’re catching up, dude they’re there they are doing the opposite of mouse turds. I need them to be mouths words. Okay, forward, hold forward. Jumping where hold forward Jojo first – maybe I don’t know – I don’t know if that was the big. Oh just kidding, they’re catching up. Okay, let’s go hang out.

We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to play town. Oh, I missed that feed into that hole before you know 360 into the circle. You’Re a bot. Okay, I’m 36. Are you ready, they’re right behind us? Okay, switch. This one says: swish videos got it crannies, wait. Why did mine just blow up our chance cheater? Why did mine pull up? I don’t know, but we’re gon na bring it on wait. I move to wait. Okay, we go. Oh, a pause made up. Yeah go ahead. I hit my head again I’ll, keep it a little it! No, but Nellie! Oh, wait: did you say cheese, cheese, curds nail it alright easy. That was easy boys! Oh, that was simple, dimple dude, hey!

You have go into it. Would you guys buy my tickets affairs? No, but do you want to make a trade? I wouldn’t trade. What are you how you doing I miss middle? I’M sorry, I just watched you die yeah, but Russia did you run that Europe? I waited for you on the ice one for like a year and ahead of that hit that take this load. Take this little bit. Take it slow, I don’t! Oh did you, I’m gon na see her in my coach, I’m gon na coach you how to do this? Okay, all right, laying on that one hit that one huh laying on that one. Okay, get up here!

Okay, when I land on this one wait on the one you’re on with it can’t land on mine, I’m makin, okay, okay, this is what you got ta. Do you got ta jump in forward? I don’t like timing things. I know that was easy. If you don’t make it this turn, but I’m literally gon na uninstall your face, oh okay, where did you get them? Oh no. I failed before okay, so you got ta, hit the bounce pad and then and then slide got a slide for loop got ta come on, go left, go left, go left, okay, let’s go left left, let em go right and go in the center three. Second: okay. Biffle, oh, we got ta, go jump, Oh jumpin, something! Oh I messed up already. Okay, I was so close.

What’S happening, okay, Biffle on that last jump, don’t immediately jump again, don’t sit on that first little Dorito! Looking thing: okay! No! Yes, though, I sit here and then I think you can make that jump, I can see them they’re catching up. I’M coming trust me. I don’t know what to tell you wait she’s only on 18 Niko, you have to wait for sigils because he didn’t get impulse. Nades broken: is my institution, hey wave, eager fest fix your map. F fix it. Dad racing me, go we’re racing Niko come on bet, they’ll, bring it Niko, bring it Biffle.

You need to make that right now, dude, I’m kind of aborted you need to make this. I got this: you got this ready. 3. 2. 1 go! Oh my gosh! I’M so done with this. Oh gosh, all right! So we get legendary purple. You bas, get blue and green, enjoy that nerds all right I’ll take legendary. Since I actually won right. You know that was way too so I’ll get legendary. How about this strategy right? Let’S each get a flint knock, okay, what a green one yeah green foot knock and then, of course, we’ll go ahead and grab ourselves. Some shock! Wait, oh yeah grab ourselves a long-range shotgun. The combat shotgun would knock him in the face as we’re falling and then as we’re falling away from them.

We’Ll shoot him with the combat shotgun. Oh that’s so broken! I see that’s what I’m rockin. We have two items slots left for another combo. What do we want to do? Let’S think about it? Proximity grenade launchers, cuz, they’re, broken you just want to spam. Proximity grenade launchers. Absolutely! Yes, I’m adding that to my chest. Right gotcha! I got an idea. I love your ideas. What is go ahead and add that go ahead and add that what am I another? Nothing you’ll see when we start hi boys, y’all, ready, yeah first thing that kills its Bundy vs Chico in three boys. If you think bunny can win hit that like button, you won, don’t even know what you think dude. I don’t even think when I talk hey. I need your help.

Oh yeah dude, what’s up you’re on your own Nico, they don’t know what you are you’re. Fine! Oh, oh, my gosh, that was nasty dark again whoa. Where is he going you’re like? Would I do this to you? Oh yeah, yeah, good job yeah before hey, I don’t know about this strategy. I don’t know about this strategy so where I will get you in bed, Oh JEP come and Tiffany launcher dude give a rocket somewhere, don’t worry about it. Who’S got a gun, oh wow, hi girl.

He thinks he does. Oh, no, not anymore, he doesn’t anymore. Does they hold that for me? Oh I’m lightning like crazy, green weapons, Nico, hey thanks again for hanging out watching this video and once again before you go hit the subscribe button for daily videos.

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