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NEW ARCEUS & GIRATINA FORMS?! Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remakes Rumor For Pokemon 2020!


Hey guys HDTV here and welcome back to a brand new video going over the potential diamond and pearl remakes coming out this year is 20/20 now new pokemon game, hopefully coming out this year, no soda shields just come out, but you know we’re always looking into the Future as well anyway, this is a pretty cool room and this did pop up today. Of course, it is just a rumor, though, take with a grain of salt, neither if it’s true or false as always, but if you are excited for the video, please do consider hitting that like button down below, leave a comment as well.

Would you like to see the diamond and pearl remakes come out this year? Would you like to see some different Pokemon game entirely and, of course subscribe if you’re brand new, we do daily Pokemon content and they see it shadows completely free as well. Why not? It’S as free as the air breather would not lie to you with all of that. The way, though, let’s get into the video, and I really hope that you enjoy so start things up like I say this was posted well. This was supposed to it yesterday, not today today I think so. Yeah Thursday’s no salesperson today is hi there new year same routine. It’S titled see no remakes again in brackets, it says hi there new year same routine. It’S not your usual Italian localization dude, because basically, every single rumor that’s been popping up, left right and centers.

Basically the person behind it saying yeah. I worked on the localization for the game. I know all about it. So that’s what everyone’s been basically saying, but rumors are flying out like thick and thin right I mean I, the game like sword and shield have just come out and then these down and pull remakes sorority like flying off the shelf with these rumors and stuff. So it’s a it’s interesting but yeah. This person says but he’s not your usual Italian localization dude and I’m here to drop some infos on the diamond and pearl remakes.

Of course, they haven’t been confirmed at all down and pour a mix in the slightest completely could be completely a different game that comes out this year. It’S just everyone’s kind of expecting to follow the pattern and diamond and pearl rates to come out this year, but anyway, there’s both basically saying these got some information about diamond pearl earrings. For starters, though, I’ve seen a lot of BS about sword and shield too. It will never happen while sword and shield project had to beat while the sword and shield project had to be rushed Game.

Freak has no plans to revise anything about gala and even by a profit standpoint. They think it would be a very bad move. Moving on to the actual info now strap the bat I don’t know. I don’t believe that, because I’m pretty sure this sword ensure were like the best seven switch games of all time. So far, so don’t think prophets like are gon na. Be that bad? If, if they’ve outsold like BRAF the wild, and then smashing me like that, so I don’t think that is really like a legit point and so on shield to, I think, are definitely gon na happen, whether they happen this year or next year in the future.

I feel like sword and shield definitely just opened up sword and shield. To I mean I’ve already spoke about this a few times, but, like say cop is gon na be the next professor. You know hop is obviously a tree and that’s what professors are named after. We have Marnie who’s gon na, be the new dark type Gimli. You know we have beed who’s gon na, be the new theory type gym leader. Don’T know what Leon’s gon na be doing. Cuz he’s no longer the champion.

Elena’S, probably gon na be the new evil person, because she kind of went crazy. The under sword and shield there’s a lot of like things that lead on to a sword or shield to so to completely say like it will never happen. I don’t believe that for a second I think so and she’ll do will happen, and so that’s why this is already off to a bad start with our rumors, but anyway, this is now going on to the diamond pearl remakes. Apparently so, as many have guessed, cineforms are going to be a thing. There is a standard Game. Freak will use in every game from gen 7 onwards.

Most of them are obviously Gen 1, so like that regional forms are an interesting one, because some people, like them some people, don’t I’m okay with regional forms as long as it doesn’t take any time away from designing new Pokemon like glaring forms ever cool. You know like Ponyta was really cool clearing, for I mean stunfest. Don’T know why that got one, but you know like like it allows older poke once you get evolutions as well, just like far-fetched on evolution to surface none of us would ever thought that would be a thing but yeah it did. It got an evolution, especially with Gen 4. It’S very much like the evolution gen as well.

A lot of all Pokemon did get evolutions like Weaver was a thing we got Magnezone, we got Mac, boertie elective eye and a lot of all Pokemon did get evolutions in the gen 4 remakes. So I in the Gen 4 game, so I feel like more evolutions. Could be a thing like? Maybe Dunsparce would get an evolution or something and regional forms definitely helped that I don’t know how they did incorporate into the game, because obviously, forms of Pokemon were only a thing from gen 7 onwards.

So I don’t know how they would incorporate that into remakes of generation 4. Well, because those games weren’t even out but, like I say, we’ll – have to wait and see. But they clearly are making forms big thing. But we’ll have to see if, if downpour makes our a thing and if they do will they get new forms and then he says most of them are obviously Gen one again, I apparently this says that the game has no platinum improvements.

Much like auras had no emerald stuff except the regional product, pokedex will be expanded. Yeah or I didn’t really have anything about em rude apart from maybe the Delattre episode like well, that was kind of like a mini emerald thing thrown in there at the end, which is really cool. I really didn’t like the post game before Pokemon Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire, so hence battle tower.

Only much like so and assured one. It will be useful for competitive aspects, which is fine. We do like the battle tower does help it helps you get like all the be competitive, ions and stuff, and – and I hope they don’t take a step back in competitive, like Solar shield, took a huge leap for for competitively made. It really easy to get like high IV Pokemon, with the egg moves and and Eevee train, and everything like that. It was, and then there’s like exploits in the game is all the living know about.

It makes it even easier and stuff so yeah competitive was like took a huge step forward in Pokemon Sun shield, so I do hope they keep those kind of things in the game you hold bottle caps and your whole mints in everything like that. Just to be able to make it a little bit easier to make your Pokemon look more competitive. So if you hatch, like a shiny or something that’s that that isn’t that competitive, it’s nice to know that you’ve always got the action for the option to fall back on to maintenance in Pokemon. And it says after the main, storyline you’ll look all up and expanded.

Pokedex with 600 600 creatures, 430 of which are the ones you can already catch, transferring gala well, obviously for sinner remakes, every single gen, 4 pokemon would be in the games. I don’t think there’s that many Gen 4 Pokemon in sword and shield off the top of my head but yeah. Obviously if it was Gen 4, it makes every single sinner program would be in there. So a big portion of that pokedex, the extra 170. You know the 600 take 430. The extra 170 would be mostly Sinnoh Pokemon, because all of them would have to be in the game, but I’m okay, with the Pokedex getting bigger every single game that comes out like it was obviously 400 in this game so 4. In to move up to 600, you know have some extra 200. I mean I’m alright with that.

I don’t think the Pokedex will ever be fully in a Pokemon game again but, like I said, we got Pokemon home and stuff to put them all in, but yeah. If it’s game it’s getting like 200 bigger every single year, then I’m a sign me up. I’M alright! With that. You know. 600 is about pokedex, especially to get like the Shia shaman to clean stuff. I died it’s gon na take a while unless it’s just like a normal regional pokedex, and then you have all the Pokemon it as well, but, like I say it says, an expanded pokedex. So that’s probably like the national dex. Then it says, dialga and Palkia are going to be actual prime moves, the adamant, orb and lustrous, or are going to work like the red and blue orbs. Again, that’s just something: that’s very self-explanatory.

You know getting V the Kyogre and Groudon primal forms in Pokemon, Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire was a way to step those up, so that will most likely happen with Dialga and tau Kia in down and pearl remakes. It will be a way to make those legendary Pokemon feel brand new, just like they did with primal diet with primal, Groudon and primal Kyogre. Of course, they’re gon na be super broken. I think Dialga is gon na be ridiculously broken, because it’s already a really good Pokemon, especially with that dragon steel typing, so getting a primal form, making it even stronger yeah it’s gon na, be it’s gon na, be something where the Giratina gets a new form, whether It gets a new mega evolution or something because I feel like mega evolutions will be back in Pokemon down with Tori makes.

I feel like it’s just the mechanic that a lot of people do like, especially a lot more than lazy, muse and stuff. So I feel like mega evolution is something they can always fall back on, especially with remakes as well. But then it goes on to say, aside from unlocking the smaller island in the postgame, there will be a bonus episode, much like the Delta one, where Team Galactic leftovers are going to summon Giratina. You are told the legend of Arceus and go to catch it in order to take Giratina and catch it, and they both have a new form. Our key is getting a new form, I think is definitely something needed. You know it’s supposed to be the god Pokemon.

I supposed to be that strongest, Pokemon ever and stuff, so it will need to get a new form in the diamond formation. I think it will as well Giratina, like I say again, new mega evolution or something and then like I said I think, they’ll take the same steps that they did with or as were you know, diagram PAOK. You will get primal forms and then Giratina and maybe get like an Omega revolution or a new form and then maybe something about our kiss as well.

I feel like those things need to happen, though, but, like I say, if down and pull remakes are on their way that we probably won’t be getting any announcement until like March April May times, actually when they do it, but yeah, they probably won’t be that many New Pokemon in roommate’s, so that’s why they do. They do have like mega evolutions to fall back on a stuff to make a lot of new things in the game. Then it says Dynomax is not going away. The tail of the Giants rip on the place since gen4 games are now linked to Eternity and giant pokemon, so yeah, I think data maxing is going away. I think it’s just something legitimately just for soreness shield. I don’t think they will carry that over into the Dynamo remakes.

Maybe they will do sort of shield this year and then next year marks, because I think that Nepal came out in 2004. So I think next year will mark 15 years since Dan and poll came out which is kind of a nice little. I don’t know a nice little time frame to then make the remakes, but it’s been the longest time now, since a remake. I do believe so. It’S been more like I don’t know when auras came out like what 2015 2014 some like that and obviously 2020 now so five or six years ago, since the last remaking, I think that’s been the longest time since a remake so yeah whether a remake will come Out this year, so in short, it won’t be a let’s go game.

They’Ve already come and said that they don’t have any plans for a let’s load. Let’S go game in the in the future, so we’ll have to see what happens there, but yeah. I feel like down a parameter next, we’ll see that that is gon na, be everything for this video. I hope you guys did enjoy it. If you did, please do consider hitting that like button down below, remember to drop a comment.

What do you guys think about this rumor? Of course it is just a rumor tinder date with Curtis, so as always, but yeah I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. That’S everything from either thank you for watching, like subscribe or good stuff and until next time, peace, [, Music, ]

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