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*NEW* Fortnite Rainbow Dropper! (Impossible)


All righty boomer, we are back with another wage match ready to lose your V bucks boy, oh brother. I am so ready to get paid back yeah. Oh that’s the thing as well for the lost finger. We did as a wager match. Boomer actually won, but he didn’t realize you want sorry. That was your fault. Probably you didn’t count it right or something you hate to see it, but you like to see it so yeah the way this is gon na work. I think we’ve already gone over it, but essentially there’s ten levels, total this dropper map and you get a point for getting to the bottom.

First, you ready for this all right, I’m just trying to think so. You ready to start. You ready start time starting now. You can scoop it out a little bit, but I’m just going straight for it. I’M a pro at this. I want that point. Okay. Well, that’s not happening. The problem is, though, there’s gon na be a lot of resets. That’S fine! That’S just the the way dropper works. I could have had that this is the first one actually looks pretty easy. I’Ve actually never done a dropper like this. I’M a little nervous see. I got like kind of cheats on you. I kind of halsted you a little bit cuz like obviously I did like the Minecraft dropper back in the day I sucked yeah. You got experience, okay, okay. What am I doing wrong here?

They’Re all the same, I think they’re all the same right, yeah yeah. It looks the same to me: I’ve um, I’ve only made it to the second part. So like do you rum? Oh all, right. No, I’ve got this down. No, no! No! No! Your V bucks are gone well, we’re in for a long video, oh yeah. We are yeah, we sure are. Oh, no. No! I missed the bounce patty you kidding me. Oh my god wait. How did you make it through? I don’t know, I don’t know how I made it through by omega 3 and that’s all I know you have to like cut that corner so tight, and then you just I don’t know how it works. I think you move faster through the air sideways. I think so you’ve probably come to notice that there’s a lot of editing required in these videos. Why did you slap me pickaxe you, mad bro. I mean you’re right dude, it’s all about cutting that corner as just sharp. You know. What’S so terrifying?

Oh my god. You know it’s terrifying, one, dubs dubs dubs are terrifying and that’s right above you. Oh you love Dulce. Oh that’s! Gon na be a point number one for Lachlan. Oh there’s a coin there, but I don’t want a coin. Now I’ll get the coin catch the ball. Boomer, oh all, right round number two: oh, this one’s got cars and stuff. All right! You ready! First luck! I’Ll do magic! I get it first guy you be so mad! Oh that’s kind of easy! That’S kind of easy, rumor! That’S kind of really easy! That last one was actually hard, this one’s easy as you’re done for your toast, I’m looking for your easy route. What’S going on here today, what’s going on here, nothing but okay, no, no! No! The crates are actually kind of hard.

The crates are actually kind of hard and then oh, that’s the way. That’S the way. Chief. You have to go through the middle, I’m pretty sure you might be able to cheese it, but you got to go through the middle you’re. Go through that green crate. You know what I’m talking about yeah yeah yeah, see. Oh, I got caught on the second half of it all three more you better see you pick up your game or buck is coming my way here we go. Oh that’s gon na be two nil. No, it’s just the series where I take your V bugs dude. I don’t like it. Are you not having fun I’m having so much fun right now, if you ever feel like you, don’t really want to try this dropper Matt dude dropper, the dropper map looked colorful.

All right, it looked, fun, don’t fall for it don’t fall for all the fun colors and stuff cuz. It’S a lie. Oh did you catch the ball there boomer, so you actually long throw the ball. No. I could do up and throw him that ball for lost. Two minutes: don’t you even try all right? Well, no dreams got ta, come back in a big way, honestly where’s the map with all the rainbows. That’S what I want to know. Oh, I think we might be on it and we are oh, oh hell, yeah dude! This was sore, hey where’s, that account this one looks hard. This one doesn’t even look fake ha. This one looks real hard. Oh this one’s easy as hell. I think I’ll get it next year, I’m not even kidding. This is easy yeah. I I feel like this is robbery there.

Oh he’s found it. How easy is that? How easy is it I I haven’t decided? Oh, it’s so easy boomer. It’S so easy is the easiest one. Yet, by far by far the easiest, one yeah and you’re about to be three-nil soon, all you get you less dangerous to. Let me go, I might just finish it. I might just finish it boomer. I hit a cloud catch. The ball, boomer, hey guy, all right. There we go catch, the ball, we’re never gon na get out. I’M standing right in front of you, you’re gon na need to adapt boomer if you want to walk away without paying b-but. What is she saying, number four and saying that it looks incredibly difficult at the bottom? Oh, this looks hot all right. You know what always go straight to the middle yikes, this one’s a hard one, this one’s super hard.

So I’m just saying I used to do Minecraft couple with a bunch of ping and I never used to have problems but doan that ping. He knows there, it is. Finally, the boom boy has point number one: are you kidding me, you actually did it get out of my face. Oh he’s actually come in yeah. Why do that? I needed that bad. You needed that really bad. How do you do? Okay? How do you do this map? Oh actually, I think I got it. Oh there’s a little part parkour course down alrighty there we go yeah that one wasn’t too hot at all. Don’T don’t don’t don’t underplay it too much yeah all right number. Five! Three one Brimmer needs to come. Oh this one’s actually kind of cute. I like this little snowman, alright boomers, not messed around, show them straight into it. I can’t seek. Is my big paddle? Oh my gosh. I made it all the way down, but I didn’t hit the pad.

Okay, I can go so then you got a cup back guy, the metal. Oh work. Should I go back to everywhere? Is it gon na work? Is it gon na work? Is it not gon na work? I would never that’s why Hold’em win? No, you know I just found it yeah. I just found it. I just got it sis, you better jump in straight away. You better drop it straight away. Oh no see that’s where the ping gets me like what huh like you’re hit like seven different ice icebergs there. I think I have actually found the way now got it no way. No to point. I was actually coming back there. I was actually coming back. Oh there we go yeah wow, that’s a tight tight little turn there. You know what I’m actually kind of glad that you’ve come back here cuz.

It was getting kind of boring. Oh thank you, but now I’m just gon na close out the dub cuz. I kind of like me, bucks, okay, this one’s another rainbow one and it looks like there’s not a lot of options. So Yolo, okay, that’s actually kind of easy, that’s kind of easy River. It’S got easy, alright jump straight in, oh just missed. I just missed. I just missed it you’re in trouble. There go, I’m not gon na lie hey, so I could have just cheated right there and I could have won, but I’d land on one of the colors. My character was walking, didn’t take the damage, so I I took it. Wow you’re such a gentleman boomer you’ve been finessed. You’Ve been finessed, you’ve been finesse, it’s over it’s over for you, booms, that’s gon na be a 4-2 right there. I I didn’t even hit. I didn’t even hit anything. You need anything just catch the bowler. Oh there. We go. I cheated that time.

No, I hit the barrier and like was able to walk okay, that’s what I’m saying like I could have done that time. But since you ready one, I want to just move it yeah, I’m not touching! You ball away from the right way to go here. All it’s amazing on all X, mazes dude! Is that wait? Maybe it’s because it’s like yeah yeah, that’s just cuz! That’S for coin! We’Re a plane for coins here we’re playing for pride great now, I’m lost in the maze just make sure you jump on the paddle as you’ll die and then that’s not good. All right, four dude game just freezes a few moments later, all right, boomer, you’re, not looking good right now. Are you? What are you for think? Sorry? If I put one more up, you can’t win, we can only tie, but the good news is this. One looks really hot and I’m gon na do it first time yeah I’m going for that one. Oh, that’s! Actually not too bad wait, where’s the hole in the next part.

I don’t know. I was working on that. Oh it’s in the middle where’s, the pad! Oh, that was easy. Wait. Are you kidding me? I don’t even kidding you that was so easy. I wasn’t even remotely close to anything. I don’t believe it boomer has made it you’re not to sweat hard here. Yeah. Thank God! Look at her. This thing you know. There’S Ariel Casso, I’m even gon na give you a head start. What do I put myself in these situations because for the content? Oh wow, it’s pitch, dark, okay, interesting alrighty, I’ll! Let you have the first one in oh, it’s like a space that you’re dead in alright. Let me do this first time for the boys. It doesn’t seem that hard, my character, even bounced up dude wait bounced up a dud yeah.

Okay, like got a normal jump like it didn’t like, send him. He does like normal bounce. Thank God you just be me. You just baby you’re hanging in here boomer you’re hanging in, but not for long. I can’t believe that all right well, it’s goes down. 5-3 boomers back in it. Second loss map number 9. Oh yikes, this looks dirty dude. This one looks dirty. You can’t tell which one is a black hole and which one is just nothing dude. I can’t even make it past yeah this verse, this one’s a yike wow this one’s hard bro I’ve died on the first one. I think four games in right now. Here we go, but no one’s even gotten to the third stage. I think there’s like at least three more after that. Oh my god, oh okay, yeah, it’s gon na be hard. It’S a grind! It’S a grind! It’S just like hole after hole after hole. Just a shame, you know, like all the other ones are really fun and creative, and then you just had to throw this one in Oh bro.

I haven’t. I haven’t seen third row in ages all right, we’re old friends at this point and you may have even met for 300. Fourth row budget seems like cool guy, though oh my as they went past 90 and I go up through, but then I died. 130. I’Ve seen 130, but my computer lagged legit on 130, just like first all right. Here’S what’s gon na happen, beaver my mental brain can’t take this and I think you can either oh don’t even it pushed me. Okay, no, not remember. I think we’ve been on this level for half an hour plus. I think we call it.

I think, here’s what you do come down to the pad we’re gon na take the pad and we’re gon na fly down it. Alright, we’re gon na take the pad right. I’M sorry, we’ve all got on the level for half an hour. It’S not fun, it’s not exciting, it’s just torture. Oh I can’t even cheat more. No, no! I can’t do a primer. I can’t do it. You know what sucks their level 10 will never be seen. Level 10 will never be seen. Lenses like this right, so you go like here and you just go forward backwards. Left left! Oh my god. [ Music, ], [, Music, ], you [, Music, ],

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