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*NEW* Fortnite Update! | 11.40 News, New Material, LIGHT Turned On!


Hey, what’s up guys cam from Russia here welcome back everybody to the fort night, video make sure to touch that like button right now. For me, I got no no way to convince you to do it, but just I’ve been posting a little bit less frequently because of obviously the the epic team has been out of office for the last two weeks, and so yeah I’ve been posted less well.

I need this video to bang help me open help me. I know thanks for the support, though, in all seriousness and stick around for the entire video. We do have some good news today and it’s coming to the end of that less frequent upload time. Right I mean this Monday is when they’re back believes 6th of January they’re back in the office and we’re gon na be talking about all the update stuff and what we know so far and then and then there’s been some new news over the past few days. I think you’ll find interesting so there it is, and thanks to everyone by the way for using code to camp in Russia. I see you even when I’m not posting videos for a few days, there’s still a hundred a couple hundred.

You guys typing it in every day, and it really does mean a lot bad. I mean that you don’t forget about me. So thank you. Ok, first amount of teams participating in winter Royale, PC and yeah. It goes with EU 135 thousand and the rest of the world combined is a hundred and twenty thousand. So the reason I bring this up Winter Royale was a while ago, but it’s a topic of discussion with all competitions in fortnight is the prize, pools and balancing the prize pools fairly. I guess is the idea, but, as you can see you I we don’t have the exact but II used prize pool was not this much bigger than na Easter’s prize pool, for example, like the ratio, 135,000 players to 52,000 and any east. That ratio did does not even closely reflect the ratio of prize money awarded to EU na East and so on, EU actually gets a lot lower prize pool compared to the amount of teams playing in the EU tournament than every other region.

So what do you think of this? I should add one other point, though winter royale was not region-locked and EU. Basically everybody every weed region played EU because it was the time that worked best and, of course, because of the biggest prize pool. So an argument there is that 135,000 number isn’t completely accurate. There are some some some stuff revealed about fortnight revenue and I think it’s pretty important to talk about basically fortnight and 2019 suffered a 25 percent drop in revenue from 2018. However, the final take was still ridiculously high, with a revenue figure of 1.8 billion in 2018 fortnight before, and I made 2.4 billion and despite the drop, the game remains the top grossing video game on the market.

Currently, so that that’s cool right, I mean obviously we know fortnight has has died down a bit. Not died died down a bit, but I mean the the peak that it was. That was the insane right, so it dying down was very expected, but on top of this, according to super data, free to play games like fortnight make up 80 percent of the digital games market and for now is the highest grossing title with its monstrous.

Yet more stable revenue figure. The success is the result of consistent content updates and monetization through battle path subscriptions, as well as crossover promotions with pop culture. Blockbusters like Marvel stranger things in Star Wars and then the final thing here that I thought you would find interesting. I did the same report states that, while fortnight does not have as many players as a title like League of Legends fortnight, players are twice as likely to spend money on in-game content than the latter and yeah. That’S basically the the big point.

There is us fortnight players we like to spend money apparently right – and this is a huge thing I actually did a project. My last project in university was about mobile, our Nintendo specifically, but the mobile gaming market, verse others and, what’s so important mobile gaming. There’S these free-to-play games, but it’s how well can the mobile developer retain the user and then how much are those users spending on average, so the amount of downloads a game gets per download? How much does does that player spend and that’s what separates the?

I guess. The successful games in terms of revenue from the from the not so successful so there it is little update, aware fortnight’s at terms of revenue. This was found also today and it’s on reddit and it’s wreckit-ralph times fortnight. So you guys remember, there was a wreck-it-ralph fortnight. Collaboration when that new movie came out right, but it was really just a trailer. I forget it would even played right. It was. It was so minuscule. I forget what actually happened, but it’s something to do with risky reels and then on the the screen.

There was something that was playing right. There was nothing we could buy, no LTM as well. Apparently there was a scrap del TM. As you can see here, there is a little bit found. There was a couple couple textures, possibly some skins we could have got. I haven’t actually watched wreck-it Ralph, so I don’t know the I’m assuming one guy’s named Ralph and then the rest.

I don’t actually know where the lady there I don’t know, but and then an LT M was supposed to come out as well. So I have no idea why they scrapped it, but this kind of makes a lot more sense as to why that collaboration was so underwhelming compared to all the other ones. We’Ve had, it seems like they had a plan and then something whatever that something is didn’t. Go as planned and they had to scrap some stuff. Let me know what you think about that, and the last thing we’ll talk about here before moving on to to update stuff the the next couple weeks, because I think they’re extremely important to the game is the light on the mountain return.

So it’s a tough photo to see when you look out from across the ocean from the map we’re currently on, and you could see the same like stuff in the distance. The same mountains in the distance in Chapter 1 randomly in chapter 1. This light turned on right. This light turned on so far away and now it’s turned on once again: no idea what it means. I thought I would let you know but yeah take your guesses down below and yeah keep in mind. It has been lit before and then it’s been turned off for a couple seasons now at least ok, let’s talk about the next week or two here, and the next update specifically so first a reminder: hype X, tweet is, as of now the light sabers are scheduled To be removed from default modes on January 7th, I think this is important to note.

I already mentioned it, but January 7th is Tuesday, that’s the the basically the first day after they’re back in office and to me this says this is going to be the update day Tuesday, and I even think about this, but we’re closed right. I it’s. It’S crept up on us for sure. I guess the holiday makes things go fast, but January 7th 11.4. It hasn’t been announced, but that’s I I think that’s what it’s gon na be at eleven point. Four should be the biggest update we’ve had, or at least in line with the Christmas update, which was obviously insanely massive, with the amount of content that was packed in there. So 11.4 should be coming Tuesday on the seventh.

As of now as that lines up with the the light sabers and the Star Wars, collab being completely finished high X, then tweeted – and I wanted to use this to go into what what we want to talk about. If the next two updates are not good. My level of interest in fortnight will go down by 90 % now I know everyone says this, or everyone has different opinions. So why use hype x but hype x is a pretty prominent figure, especially a fortnight news leaking community.

So I I respect his opinion. I’Ll start, this off by saying fortnight has obviously been doing a lot of content update, especially with Winter Fest right. That was a lot of new content. Skins rewards free stuff, fun things to play with, and we got ta praise that so first good job bright fortnight you’re doing a good job, but I think what we’re net now that we’re kind of past Christmas – that’s all happened. We’Ve got another month until the new season comes out for, and I needs to start refocusing on gameplay types of updates or more surprising new content, rather than just they still got to keep doing the new skins. I mean that’s what makes them there. 1.8 billion in revenue, keep giving us new skins. The free stuff keeps people coming back, but we need more games.

Man, we need floors lava, we need new mechanics and I came up with a couple a couple good concepts here. These concepts weren’t just the biggest though I scrolled for about an hour hour and a half today, to find some good ones that are actually mechanic, mechanics behind them or something that’s completely different, like zoom Wars, when it first dropped right, just a bunch of fun things That keep people addicted to the game and keep people coming back for a fresh experience, so the first one worlds collide, LTM and basically just like any other BR match, except the only weapons and items available are items from special events.

These include lightsabers the the Batman stuff, the all the different stuff, from the Marvel or from the Avengers crossover, and then there’s also a very rare chance that you can get the Infinity Gauntlet right so boom just a great idea right there. He goes into a bit more detail. Link it down below that’s one. I think LTM Zanu fun LTM would be huge in floors. Lava was a good one zone. Wars are those are my two examples. Another one, some type of new mechanic with building with editing a new material would be so fun right thing. I know I’m saying like hard things to come up with, but just I mean you got to be creative to survive.

You got to adapt, and I know epic knows that, but here’s another one upside-down pyramid edit, would all they work when all four squares are selected in a pyramid edit and would only place if there’s a roof to place underneath so again, this we’ve never had a Change like this, where you can edit a bill differently than we could before, thus adding some, I mean think of how many think of how many things someone would come up with with this new type edit and different strategies you could use with it it we. I can’t even we don’t even know I mean usually it’s the pros that are figuring out those things, but another good, creative concept, and this one actually had some subtraction today, there’s so many concepts on reddit cuz.

There’S just there’s been no news right. So ever no one has anything to talk about, so everyone’s just been spewing concepts those. So there are some really good ones because of that much like the polar peak back fling and the polar legends pack. These are just small wearable nods to fan favorite Pio eyes, and you can see what he means there and again. This is a good idea. Someone said down below. We need this instead of the same skateboard every event right. The same free skateboard rewards, although that is cool, and I think they need to keep doing that stuff.

The stuff that they’ve we’ve already gotten used to in order to keep people happy and addicted and also attract new people. You need to be a bit more creative with the type of new content that they’re releasing. So I don’t know I end it off with this, because I know today’s video is a bit, but I’m craving to Postman I’m craving to post on YouTube and see. I wanted to do get you guys all the news but kind of take a different spin than everyone else, who’s just saying more content, more content, it needs to be more content, but it means needs to be more creative content, and let me know your opinion on All this here by the way is where fortnight is at on Google Trends, just if you hadn’t looked at it in a while the big.

This is over the last 12 months, the big peak. There is, of course, the black hole event in fortnight. It dropped down, but it dropped down higher than it was before the event, and you can see it’s gained some traction with Winterfest dropping down, but it’s still at a fairly it’s higher than it was before. The black hole event happened, and this is in terms of search traffic. Oh yes, sir yeah search volume on YouTube or on the web. My point is four nights in a good spot.

They’Re, stable they’ve got a dedicated player base, including myself, and I’m sure many of you watching but keep us after man, and that means some more hard work, keep coming with the free stuff. The new skins, but give us more and and they’ll be rewarded for it. As they’ve done in the past right, I’m not I’m not coming up with some new, exciting breakthrough here. I think it’s kind of common sense, but I just wanted to have a little bit of a discussion today today in today’s video.

So thanks for watching everybody, I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and, I hope, you’ve been enjoying fortnight. I will be back on the grind basically now right, we’re so close to the the team coming back in, and I really hope they have such a good stuff planned for us. Thanks for watching subscribe. If you’re new around here cooled, the camp and rusher take care. Talk soon, goodbye

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