Hello folks today is friday september 3rd 2021. As usual. It’S me jake baldino here to talk about all the video game news that has been going on this week and there’s quite a bit. I can’t believe it’s september already that’s crazy, uh! First, we got some pretty surprise out of nowhere games, we’d like to highlight uh one has been on a radar for a minute uh one.

We just really noticed uh. The first is project magnum check this out. This crazy looking game is running an unreal engine 5. We’Ve gotten this trailer recently. Apparently, this is going to eventually be out for pc and consoles and essentially it’s a third person rpg with shooter elements in like a new sci-fi world and while it’s hard to get a grasp of the rpg elements here, uh the action and the visuals we see Here are pretty freaking insane every time we get.

One of these, though i’m very skeptical, i’m like is this just like a concept thing: that’s never gon na come to fruition, or is this something we’re actually going to see hell? I remember seeing things from unreal engine 3 and the early days of unreal engine 4 that were just these amazing projects that were revealed that were really just kind of experiments. That being said, this one as much as pro project magnum is still a working title. This very much looks more like an actual game that we’ll eventually see the other one that’s worth talking about. That has been known for a moment, but it just got a new trailer and most people haven’t really been talking about it.

It’S vigilance. 2099.

This is straight up at first glance. You might look at this and go oh. This is like a competitor to cyberpunk and it’s third person and first person action and it seems pretty cool right.

I mean it’s very very early. Clearly, it’s rough, it’s being developed by a small team and avoidance studios, i believe, is how you say it and they’ve gone on record, saying that they’re inspired by obviously cyberpunk type things very much blade runner and also prey too. The original prey, too, that we never got, which i still think was like the sickest thing ever and i really wish that release. I’Ve talked about that so many times on this channel, but i’m very curious. I want to keep my eyes on this because it looks promising again it’s early super rough, but it’s gorgeous.

There’S flying cars, there’s seemingly pretty cool combat, or at least it can eventually become cool, combat. I’M just really curious to see where this one goes. But let me know what you guys think are you over the cyberpunk thing i mean the cyberpunk. Vibe has been a thing before the game, so uh you know just let me know what you’re feeling on these two games. We figured we’d put them on your radar.

Next up, kitties mark your calendars, i’m sorry for calling you kitties you’re, all probably grown adults, but mark your calendars for september 9th, because we’re getting the next big playstation event. This is not necessarily just a typical playstation update video that we’ve seen this one is specifically called a playstations showcase and uh. I’M not getting my hopes up too much, but there’s been some rumblings about this and from sony’s wording themselves. It sounds like we might get a couple of interesting, big announcements uh. They said, and i quote in their blog post, you’ve been awfully patient and we thank you for that and now we’re looking forward to showing you what we’ve been working on.

They’Ve also noted that playstation’s next gen vr isn’t going to show up, but there’s going to be plenty of great ps5 games from developers. Large and small people from video games chronicle have suggested that there might be a couple of nice surprises and reveals here again after the last year or so, and the slow trickle of news and development and stuff like that. I’M not getting my hopes up too much. I think a lot of us do that a lot, but i don’t know maybe we’ll get a glimpse of god of war. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of the things that i’ve heard rumblings about that i’m not actually gon na say because they could be total bs.

It’S not super long. It’S gon na be about 40 minutes long, so remember, september, 9th and of course, next friday show we’ll keep you guys updated on it. Also it is worth pointing out uh. We did talk about sony, it’s worth pointing out something going on with horizon forbidden west. It technically won’t have like an upgrade path from ps4 to ps5, like there’s no cross gen upgrade uh using the verges words you’re going to have to buy more expensive versions of the game that offer digital copies for both ps4 and ps5.

So there’s really no way to get a ps4 to ps5 cross gen upgrade you’re. Just gon na have to buy the playstation 4 version and then, if you get a playstation 5, you have to buy the playstation 5 version. So if you buy the 80 digital deluxe edition or the big expensive collector’s editions, then you get a ps4 and ps5 version of the game. But it’s messy and it’s confusing and it’s weird – and it’s also a little bit of a shift from what sony has done in the past with stuff like miles morales. These growing pains are going to be happening for a little bit.

A lot of people are still playing on playstation 4

A lot of people can’t get their hands on playstation 5., but stuff like this just makes it kind of murky and not really very consumer friendly uh. To quote friend of the show kevin kenson buying video games shouldn’t have to be a puzzle, and you guys know. I’M not like a ranty, angry gamer or anything like that, but i agree with that and there’s no real console war bias or anything like that. I just think that things on everywhere should be more consumer friendly, especially as those damn video game prices.

Just keep going up now, switching gears to the xbox side. Xbox is going to have a big official event at tokyo. Game show, which is pretty cool uh late september to the very beginning of october, is when tgs goes down and september 30th xbox is hosting a kind of showcase event. They said, and i quote – jump in and join xbox as we bring our gaming ecosystem to the world. We have some exclusive news and content to share and tgs 2021 is our stage.

Are we gon na get new xbox stuff, maybe probably not too much? But i am as someone who’s like unveried about this stuff, very curious to see how they’re going to present once again to japanese audiences, because uh xbox has been really gunning hard to gain more ground in japan as previous generations. It hasn’t taken on as much head of xbox phil spencer uh publicly and even when i’ve asked him. Some questions seems pretty committed to the japanese market and that kind of started with like relationships with some of the japanese developers. But i’m just curious to see how far this is going to go hey next up.

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Comgameranks and thanks to reikon for sponsoring our videos anyway, inside baseball stuff over let’s talk about blood and guts and space uh dead space got a kind of reveal event this week, a brief live stream, and i’m really curious to hear what you guys think of this. So it sounds like the developer’s intention here at motive and stuff was to be transparent about the development. Now we got an event and it wasn’t this big blowout crazy event. It was very small.

Had two developers had some streamers asking them some questions and very very early, looks at like prototype pre-production versions of the game. Now for the public and especially big, you know youtube or twitch live stream events. We don’t usually see stuff like this, but we got to see a very, very rough working game version of the game. Uh with isaac working down a hallway. You can see that the graphics are definitely upgraded and it makes a hell of a difference when you, you show them side by side.

Here, it’s it’s pretty significant he’s a little beefier, his suit’s, more detailed. Obviously the atmospheric effects and the lighting are insane the biggest thing, the thing for me that was most exciting in this news. I was just talking about how they’re updating the game here and there uh they announced that they’re bringing back isaac clark’s voice actor, which is significant because, as you probably may remember, in the original dead space isaac didn’t really talk and, like the whole mute protagonist thing Is fine but when stuff is happening at you and the character doesn’t say anything, it ended up being a little awkward so now they’re bringing in the dead space voice actor from two and three to kind of make it all cohesive and they actually also outlined very Specific rules that the team is going on in writing rules and how he’s not gon na say a lot. It’S not really gon na change the game, but in situations where he should be saying something or he should be reacting to something, then that’s what they’re gon na do. It sounds like they’re handling it smartly, i’m very curious to see where this is gon na go.

I still very much am like: i think the original dead space holds up fine, but i wan na hear from you guys, specifically, are you into these types of events, these events that show things really really early on? Are you someone who likes? Are you interested in the development of the games and the minutia step by step, or do you not want to have this slow build of hype and just kind of wait to see a trailer and then a game comes out in a couple months and that’s it? I’M really curious because it’s an interesting approach, so let us know also in terms of reveal events. We also got our look at marvel midnight suns.

This is the firaxis developed, marvel game. Of course, the creators behind xcom – and it is very much as has been leaked and revealed and xcom style – i was going to say, x-men game. I wish uh avengers marvel game. While it does take some inspirations from specific comics. It definitely seems like it’s doing a little bit of its own thing.

Uh, you do create your own character, which is pretty cool, and then you hang out with a bunch of marvel heroes and go out on these missions and fight battles and it’s very story based which is interesting but combat wise. It’S a card based system and i don’t know how to feel about that. The way they detail it and the way they do it seems like it’s. It’S smart and it’s not like super in your face card systems, but for this type of thing i was really hoping it would play more like a traditional xcom, but on the flip side, like i do just like this type of stuff, i, like these types of Games and if they’re doing some story stuff and if we have ghost rider and blade and wolverine and captain america, like i just as someone who likes to see all the characters come together like they don’t anymore, this could be nice and i could be willing to Put up with some card [ __ ]! That’S just me, though, opinion time over uh.

All this stuff is linked in the description down below, of course, uh, including all this stuff i’m gon na, highlight. The first is a trailer for uh ghost of tsushima legends new rivals mode, so the multiplayer mode they drop. That’S pretty good is going to continue uh. This is like a new competitive mode where you’re not necessarily fighting each other, but you are competing against each other and you can screw each other over and the trailer kind of details how it all goes also for housekeeping’s sake, uh, linking a trailer to the medium Which is now on playstation 5. As of today, it was an xbox pc exclusive thing.

Now it’s on playstation, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out and you’re interested in that type of horror, there you go also for a second, you guys know. I talk about splinter cell all the time i wanted to highlight this game called spectre: uh shout out to ign and ryan mccaffery credit where credit’s due uh. They highlighted and blew this game out and it’s nice to see it getting some mainstream attention. This is essentially a game very much inspired by the classic splinter cell multiplayer mode, spies versus mercs uh. The way this very small two-man team uh and with some contractors and stuff uh the way they’re looking at it, is if ubisoft isn’t gon na, make it they’re going to and so far it seems pretty promising early.

But this interview is really good and worth checking out also in case you missed it because it is worth highlighting uh, the new uh, essentially law or really regulation passed in china that limits gaming for teenagers and miners. Now, in a way, if you follow this stuff, it doesn’t come as a surprise. There have been some restrictions and some tightening in the past, but now they’re going pretty hardcore with it in an attempt, i guess to stop gaming addiction. So now miners are forbidden to play online video games more than three hours a week, while kids are restricted from online gaming completely from monday to thursday and can really only play on the weekends. So if you’re under 18 you’re only going to be able to play video games from 8 to 9 p.

, on fridays and saturdays and sundays and holidays, it’s all over the place. It’S a mess, but the way it’s going to work is that the gaming companies themselves are going to have to restrict access to the games like people are gon na have to. Obviously they log into online games their age and stuff is tracked. So that’s how it’s gon na work and obviously that’s heavy-handed and not good and like our heart, goes out for gamers out there that sucks uh there’s a lot of nuance to it and some interesting stuff. If you wan na read into it i’ll link it in the description below just how it affects the gaming ecosystem as a whole, the fact that china, china’s gaming audience there are more gamers in china than i believe, the us, the uk, germany, france, japan, combined really Yeah, it’s insane isn’t that crazy wow!

So that’s huge and of course, a lot of this comes from people getting hooked on free-to-play mobile games, which i think honestly is a beast that china actually kind of created themselves uh with the regulation and stuff that they have been trickling in for the past few Years so it’s a bummer and if you like the numbers game and you like the deep details of gaming and gaming news and stuff in the industry yeah, i don’t know, i don’t know what to say. Also, let’s wrap up with two things: to look forward to uh. The first is september 17th. Uh, that’s going to be a new thq nordic event, celebrating technically it’s 10th anniversary, which is pretty crazy and they’re. Talking about a bunch of reveals, there’s gon na be a live stream event and uh we’re expecting a bunch of stuff.

This is, of course, the people behind uh, most recently darksiders to destroy all humans, remakes stuff, like that so fingers crossed, we see something cool. Are they gon na finally announce that time splitters? You know they gobble that up and they’re making something maybe we’ll have to wait longer. I don’t know, but hopefully we see something cool also dc fandom is going down and something i’m very much looking forward to last year. Surprised me, it was really cool, and this year it’s going down again and there are game reveals and, of course, we’re going to get looks at uh, gotham knights and suicide squad kills.

The justice league that rocksteady joint, so that’s pretty sweet, expect that on the 16th uh they’ve already been teasing a little bit and you know we get the little court to bowels image very excited to see that but uh, let’s see what they got man, but that Was a lot of the stuff we found interesting in gaming this week, and hopefully you did too. I want to hear from you guys in the comments, though, what you’re thinking about everything going on uh the china thing. What also dead space, like i said, are you into those types of slow trickle, transparent, updates, community-based updates, like smaller games, usually do or not, also those two new games we showed off like that have been trickling out the past couple of months. What do you think? Are they just pretty little showcases that are going to amount to anything or do you think they’re going to be cool games?

Let’S talk about what playstation’s doing what you expect from their event next week, their showcase event, uh xbox anything hit us up, we’ll be down in the comments as much as possible, but, like i always say, things get a little crazy. So if you want to yell at me directly, twitter, instagram and also jakebaldido, if you had a good time with us, though all you got ta do is click the like button that really helps us, i’m here every friday giving you guys the news i’m working On a bunch of before you buy videos, so keep your eyes peeled for the next two weeks, a lot of games, but thank you guys for being here. I’M jake, baldino pizza’s on me. You

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