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NEW SEASON 4 MAP LOCATIONS & REVENANTS ABILITIES! Full ‘Assimilation’ Gameplay Trailer! Apex Legends


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back as you can see, we’ve got the brand new apex legend season, 4 gameplay trailer, we’re gon na do a full reaction breakdown of all the goodies we can find within this trailer, because is the gameplay trailer we’re gon na see A lot so other than that, like comment, subscribe hit that notification bell and let’s get straight on with this from the core systems to the Outlands Hammond robotics has been at the forefront of progress revolutionising and innovating.

The future and robotics is committed to leading the Outlands into the future through extraordinary breakthrough solutions in colonial manufacturing, transportation, security and now introducing our advanced development in energy production and distribution. The Hammond robotics planet harvester, that’s huge here at Hammond robotics. The people of the Outlands are our number one priority, I’m the only one that have that amount of friends in one locations we are here for you, you know dispatch needs a game-changer. First revenue play this new maxim another day, another Road that rose again. We just and ladies, are the little devil horns that look like a whole new done with that skin on he considered all these teammates into shadows. They could all climb [ Music ], surprise. What was that?

That’S the new sniper [ Music ] we’ve broken buildings. Oh close, I think [ Music ], oh okay, okay, it’s just so much to go fruits. Now, I’m going to play it in not 0.25 speed, basically do a furrow breakdown. We’Ve got a proper HD quality version of this trailer as well. So, let’s get into it. So right here we’re seeing the before and after type scenario overlook. Looking absolutely fine. We move over to skyhook, also fine, but then we go to capital city and we start seeing these not flashbacks but like glitches between before and after so right now, as you can see, we’re in capital city got that building on left, that building on the right. But then boom look at that the entire place it looks like a Fisher has opened up because of whatever Hammond robotics have sent down. There looks like this just lit the entire Fisher area, with a ton of supply bins.

The broken buildings are going to be an entire new environment to play in and muck around trick. Opponents with you can see the buildings that capital city have been knocked over and then also one little thing. If you look above the buildings, you can see, there’s a jump Tower there at the moment at that section of the map in well-judged season. Free that jump Tower is not there, but then, as the flashback goes forward, so back to season 3, you can see the one at the back of the map that is in season free. You can see it on the right there much much further back so they’ve. Even gotten rid of that ore and moved it further forward or just added another one further forward, but we’ve got a jump Tower on Capitol City now here this I love this up at the top there.

It looks like this Fisher just goes all the way up through the map, I’m curious to see how far it’s gone, because you can see that the train tracks going across you can see broken buildings. You can see a bridge at the far back. It’S just an entire new playground. Yeah. We could have a lot of fun glammed that the inside of the buildings looking out completely broken. As you can see here, it looks like we have an armory location, so this is one of two things: they’re, even making a brand new loop system or it could possibly just be a general upgraded type of loot area, an armory. If we’ll get those set weapons there, every time we don’t know if we’re gon na have to figure it out now we’re getting a look at this giant space, drill machine that they’ve sent down to the ground and essentially, though, it’s a futuristic giant drill. That’S come down to suck-up welds edge like resources right here. You can see it just bringing up the magma, sending it straight up into the sky to wherever it’s going, assuming some Hammond robotics facility, where they’re using its resources. But this this is huge. Just look at it: it’s the tallest thing on the map huge.

Are we gon na be able to go up there? I doubt it well, tensors, mostly no grapple zones anyway. Alright, so Watson, little devil, horns and the eye patch. That’S cool Korsak! It’S a nice design. It stands out, but it’s a fairly tame. Now this is a really nice one. Like a robotic cyborg version of race. That’S gon na trip a ton of people out on the door they’re gon na be what does this mean? Is Rafe secretly a cyborg crypto. He always gets these like cool blue, looking skins and nice, so we’ve got this Hammond robotics bit here. Yeah, look at this! It’S flicking back and forth between like the good and the bad, but now we get the very first revenant gameplay. Look this right here. It looks like one of his finishes snapping the head, twisting it that’s most likely gon na be one of its finishes here. He comes in skydiving, look, there’s my buoy and look at this.

So right now, you’re gon na see there’s two predator lines: series free, but then the one over here right at the back that series four, that’s the top 500 in the entire ladder. This is a difference between season 3 and season 4 credit trails. Essentially, it looks like a freaking comet. Look at it. It’S like a giant flame ball. I’M still just amazed at that giant, Hammond robotics machine as revin and sky diving in here we get clear, look at the builds up at the top, so we know there are actually buildings around this new like drill site. Revenant comes sliding in. Do you wan na know what I love right? You can tell when they’ve practiced these scenes over and over again, because look right here. This is a cool little secret. As he comes in you can see on the floor. There there’s free sets of free bullet marks where basically they’ve practiced this shot three times previously to get the Shocker’fuck and as he slides in, to get shot by a triple take boom. You see right here, he gets shot with the triple. Take.

You see on the floor there’s more than one set of bullet shots, so you know they’ve tried this seen quite a few times. I think that’s just a cool little thing to note is new battle bass. Let’S have a look at this right. So, first of all, we’ve got the reef perfect soldier skin, and then you can see the hemlock and it looks so cool like all flamey and fiery. That might be the level 100 for the battle paths, just look at it, and then we got lifeline coming in with the health drain, rare legendary skin we could see in the background. Ok, we’ve got free banners in the background. We could see Rafe Watsons and one of Revenue’s, so we’ve got a new revenant banner right there and then here is the Watsons game. Cyberpunk, a legendary skin. Of course. Look at her legs. Look on legs. They’Ve turned everyone into silly crumb. It’S not saving comes it’s sealing crumbs.

What is going on, we’ve got a we’ve got another revenant banner in the background over there as well. We spot loads of things, and then please tell me guys. I think it’s this a new hour 99 skin. I’M not sure it’s at a 301, no CR 99, it’s the eye 99, with an attachment on the front, but yeah it looks like a new skin. We’Ve got also got a little Loch Ness. King charm, there pathfinders new schemes getting rekt. Oh look at that sky. That just looks amazing, the new legend okay, so now we get a proper look at revenue. Okay, this looks like possibly his ultimate you summoning in something that okay. So this is what turns all of his teammates, including himself into a shadow, and you see octane gets shot here and he just instantly disappears.

But then it looks like his soul gets pulled backwards to the item. That was a lot of stuff going on there. So it looks like his soul gets dragged back to the the thing that revenant spawned in the ground that little like stone figure. So I’m assuming when you get killed, you instantly get spawned back at that point and you can run back to help your mates B. Obviously, you’re not a shadow anymore and then right here we’ve got revenant, throwing a shadow ability in so is this his tactical? Oh, what did that do? What did that? Do? We’Ve got revenant just climbing up the wall can, if that’s part of his shadow ability or not I’ll, wait to see if we can see another legend, climbing a wall bear at the moment, we’re going to assume the Clone Wars is revenants passive, oh okay. So it looks like it makes them all go into like slow motion it like stuns them.

This is the first time we’ve seen like an actual stun item. That’S instant, like so Ricans take a little while here we’ve got revenant of revenant finisher. You do it! Okay, so yeah that’s what we saw in the trailer that just looks so much more high-class, though this looks like a mirage Iron Man. Skin, look at that the gold, the red it looks very similar to revenant, but obviously with mirages style. It looks like Iron Man, welds edge has been ravaged. Oh damn, okay, look at this, so the entire section east south east of epicenter. You can see they’ve completely changed it new buildings. So what we’re seeing here is two teammates run off. Their friend gives absolutely annihilated, but then they jumped in the fissure in the lava and they both instantly get boosted back out. Does that mean the fissure isn’t a deaf pit? It is actually like it has somewhat hot steam or something that just instantly blows. You back up out of its you. It isn’t actually a deaf pit, that’s pretty good! That would be pretty cool now! Oh, this is the new sniper.

There’S Sentinel! Oh look at that angle. Boom down and out switched over then here we get a clearer view of the actual Iron Man. Skid gibraltars new, like white and hang on. Wait is that new, or is that one that might have been in the item shop? Let me know, I’m pretty sure, that’s new, though I don’t remember seeing it that color contrast, oh and look at that skin, that’s the one we saw right at the end. Who is that is that revenant there must be a revenant skin, I’m assuming that is like a legendary revenant skin that looks absolutely nasty to him. What an absolutely amazing trailer there’s so much to go over to that! You can speculate about if you’ve got any theories. If I missed anything, be sure to, let me know in the comments, you did a brilliant job. My last video and thank you so much for all the support with the FaceCam stuff is a very new area for me and you guys have been absolutely amazing. So other than that, like comment, subscribe hit that notification bell and I’ll catch y’all later peace,

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