Nintendo and Gaming’s Insane 2020 Lineup!


Hello, everyone and welcome to a brand new decade of Nintendo and next-gen console gaming. 2020 is definitely going to be an incredible year for a gaming industry, and we have just way too many games to go over. What R is for a Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 Xbox series X or the existing console and they’re with me today? I have Joseph Aries. No one else, then. First of all Pro yeah, I’m back, and I am back it’s gon na – be a lot of fun.

Talking about all these, oh it’s just gon na be an insane year for video games. Just so many Game of the Year contenders, it’s gon na be insane. What else is there to say yeah, it’s just like they want to get all the big games. They’Ve been working on for years now before the next gen hits with 8k 30 frames of 4k 6 know god, and luckily, before that we are getting a long list of games.

But before I want to get into those because it looks like the gaming year doesn’t really start until March and before that I think we’re getting a very big Nintendo directs, perhaps the biggest one since the Nintendo switch presentation in January 2017. The sooner the better like I’ll just get me more excited, and the question is if this is gon na, be a mini, direct or a regular direct and, of course, we’re leaving more towards possibility of a regular direct, especially since last year, they’ve. They kind of messed up the scheduling of what weeks and I think this year is going to be much more centralized. I think NCL wants to keep everything within the Nintendo directs and I think the January direct, which I think we’re gon na catch yeah. It’S going to be very important for one single reason and that is called next-gen yeah.

They know that III will be dominated by PlayStation 5 and Xbox serious X or Xbox, whatever they want to call the other line of yeah products. But I have a feeling that if Nintendo wants to bring big reviews this year, I think this Nintendo Direct is the place to do with Prime trilogy HD come on Nintendo like it’s it’s about freakin time honestly, and especially if metroid prime 4 is gon na, be Coming out either next year or the year after that, I think 2020. Is that perfect time to come out with it? So people can catch up on these three games, because the big one being three games like that’s like they’re, not long games per se?

But you know people have live say they always jump back for between games. Given that time let-let-let the prime trilogy come out this year come on. I have a feeling that retro, when they took over the project last year from whichever studio, was working on Metroid Prime for me before needed kind of a fresh up when it comes to the first-person adventure genre, and I think remaking, Metro or at least remastering Metroid. Prime trilogy in HD for a Nintendo switch is the perfect project working alongside Metroid Prime, for I have a feeling that if this is indeed I wouldn’t say, philosophy, but at least strategy that retro studios is taking when they have a lot of new staff.

A lot of new people that the old guys, you know Michael Calvo to Nava and someone needs to get into the groove. I think this is just a perfect move. People get into the into the franchise properly and at the same time, they get to see how excellent the franchise is, because we need to remember it’s been over 10 years since Metroid Prime trilogy came out on the Nintendo Wii. So I have a feeling – and I am getting more and more confidence that we could see this actually being revealed even in this first Nintendo Direct of of this year, and we are already getting teasers in many ways on Twitter.

We got whole new updates to Animal Crossing new horizons, which will also go into when we go into the games, but surprisingly also the splatoon team and they hit, and it looks like they might actually hunting a new game. And I wouldn’t be surprised actually that we’re getting a splatoon free, because we got splatoon in 2015 spittoon 2 in 2017. It would make sense to us between 3 in 2090 – very true, even a 20/20. Oh, I mean sorry well well. At that point, it would make sense if it’s every two years but yeah give him a little extra time as well.

Since the tune too, is such a big success, they could afford to wait longer to release splatoon three and you had the expansion yeah. Exactly I’m not gon na be disappointed if we don’t see it in 2020, but you know it could it could happen honestly, I’m not against it. I have a feeling we’re getting it, especially now that I realized that it will be three years since splatoon.

So we came out so I actually think we’re gon na get splatoon fully and thus maybe not get Mario Cart until I don’t know next year. Maybe an e3 reveal that that would actually work to have no idea. Great EP reveal yes much like they did back in 2013. Another year when we had a next-gen system coming Nintendo decided to repeal Mario coach. It’S it actually kind of makes sense in this regard.

Another big question is what the Zelda is going to make a return of the e3 a 2019, and I have a feeling that it very much depends on when the game is scheduled. Yeah, I’m absurdly confident like it’s coming out within either this year or early next year, and I’m putting more money on a win on a holiday release this year, cuz like if we do the math correctly and take into account they’re reusing assets from breath of the Wild, how could they not like they and they started?

They officially started development on this game December 2017. I just think it’s. I just think it’s incredibly likely, if not it’s going to be announced for a holiday this year and then delayed to spring, because you know Zelda games and Nintendo a possible Nintendo switch Pro like okay, we got, we got the Nintendo switch in March 2017. We got Nintendo switch light in August 2019, almost with Link’s Awakening and then brough.

The wild came obviously got the Nintendo switch. Okay switch pro coming with oil. I wouldn’t be surprised – and I think, unless it’s go coming in spring 2020 21, then I think that we will see brought the oil in that’s right because they need to start building up the hype. It’S not enough to just come to e3 with it, especially when the other systems. Well, there are brand new systems on display this this year. I think it’s either gon na be this January. Direct, that’s being rumored or they’ll have another direct before e3, like a night as long as it’s before e3.

You know exactly the reason why we’re talking about the direct at all is mostly because Game Stop has been filing 12 sdk games that they usually lists right before Nintendo 2 practices, so it might be happening. It might already have happen by the time you watch this video, who knows anyway, it’s time to move into a territory where we will actually have games, because I highly doubt that from the Nintendo search presentation, we’ll get any game before Final Fantasy 7 remake on March 3Rd, okay, it’s not a Nintendo switch game, but it is a Playstation, probably a Playstation, 4.

What a PlayStation 4 is actually biggest exclusives. They have a very big year, in fact yeah. Even before they’re you launch their next-gen system. Oh yeah, it’s gon na be massive massive, so Final, Fantasy, 7 remake it’s going to sell nuts. No dr

Bob, yes, it’s gon na sell all the nuts like peanuts, walnuts, cashews, but no really, it’s gon na be a massive hit because people have been wanting this munich for a very long time. Mia since March is such a packed month. I might have to just hold off on it for a while, especially since I’m not the biggest final fantasy fan, but but I know like this is just gon na – be an insane hit, and is it it’s only covering a certain area of the game right? It’S not the full game.

Is it? I think it’s just the first portion of Midgar until they get to the proper over walls, but they are finding it greatly with much more common area with new areas with new battles and battles that are much more intuitive, like it’s no longer turn-based. It actually feels like an action jaribg and yeah. I first people were skeptical, but after trying it out at e3 – and this is another reason why I think we’re getting that demo very. Very soon, it’s already been leaked. It’S probably out there you’re – probably playing it by now anyway, so I have a feeling that that demo is going to be a destroyer of genius, since they only need to launch it for one system that being PlayStation 4 yeah.

Just imagine this, since this is also a template, since a timed exclusive for PlayStation like this is probably gon na get PS. 5 x-series X, PC ports, man, that’s gon na look even better yeah and it makes sense because the next episodes will definitely be coming to the next gen systems that being playstation 5 and Xbox 0, section Xbox, whatever yeah, but Microsoft actually does have some exclusives this Year before before, even Xbox series X finishes off Xbox one once and for all, and that is Ori and the will of the wisps. It is about time, cuz man.

This game has been a delay after delay after delay. The last delay was just a month, not even a month like like three weeks delay, so that’s just like man, but they put it in the middle of March day, but either way. This is gon na be really great. It has it’s great that it’s launching also on game pass like every other xbox exclusive, because game pass is allegedly great service. I mean the first game at least was beautiful. It played extremely well – and it looks like this – is just taking everything from the last game and just amping it up by 10 and man.

They actually the first game actually came out five years ago, didn’t even t-bill that long ago, it’s still the same generation. That’S probably why yeah it’s exactly that, so I’m excited for it, I’ll love it when it when it comes out for sure yeah get ready for a lot of sequels in and remakes. Also in this list, like no 2, is coming on March 13. I don’t have much to say about that, but the next game – animal crossing new horizons – well not to say about that Joe boy and yeah. They just came out with new footage, not really footage, but like a commercial box, art confirms they just like, like they took the Japanese commercial and like localized it for English.

So we know, like the English box, are it’s gon na look like that to Isabelle’s confirmed so yay, I’m very excite just like how could you, how could you not put bring Isabelle back man like seriously and it’s it’s honestly one of those games as big animal Crossing fan, I am I’m not like dying for information on it. It’S just one of those games where, when it comes out, I know I’m gon na love it, and I know I’m gon na play it and I’m just gon na sing so many hours into it.

Every single day – and you know I’m also gon na – be jumping back and forth between that and doom eternal, which oh boy, that’s another topic, but yeah any other thoughts on animal crossing Conrad. I know you kind of want to avoid it because you know it’s addicting. Animal crossing is dangerous for youtubers, especially if you don’t only cover animal crossing, obviously yeah. But I have a feeling that this animal crossing is very different because they are taking a little bit of a Minecraft approach where you’re crafting building things from the ground up and pretty much trying to make the most out of this time share offer from exactly. It’S.

Probably going to be the most diverse and, at the same time, most unique animal crossing experienced at this point, and I feel like it is in many ways to step up when animal crossing makes it return back to home console and they are making that big turn That Fire Emblem did with free houses, lost you mm-hmm, absolutely yeah. I’M really excited for this yeah, we’ll talk much more about animal crossing new horizons and upcoming videos leading to the launch of the game on March 20th, but another game coming out March 28th.

That is doing maternal and it’s it’s another game where we can say about time, yeah seriously, man it crushed my soul when they delayed this game a month before it was supposed to come out. That’S not how you delay games, guys, oh my god, but but yeah. It’S doom eternal is going to bring back the good. I think it will bring the good graces back into Bethesda. You know because it didn’t develop the game, but their track record with publishing. Eamon has now been the best these past few years, but I have full faith in its software, especially after this delay that they’re going to make this game kick so much ass and I’m also gon na be playing this game first cuz, I’m thinking like you know, Like midnight launch, no, not even midnight launched, I live in California, so that’s a 9 p.m.

Launch the day before and then I’ll just jump into Animal Crossing the next day, because I’ve been waiting for this game for quite a while. The first do at the first do, but you know do for do plays at scene. Whatever you want to call. It was such a fresh and invigorating take on the doomed franchise that it’s been needing for a long time and eternal is just gon na amp everything up by twenty by six hundred and sixty six percent, because you know Hal and it’s a shame that we have Yeah grappling hooks fan, you just add grappling hooks to every sequel. If metroid prime doesn’t have board, it’s, never grappling hook well the grapple beam, but you know it’s just man, oh man, and it sucks it’s not coming out day and date.

The swiss version is not coming out day and date with it. So that’s a bummer, but obviously they wouldn’t launch him the same day. That’S animal crossing horizons yeah. They can’t do that. That’S just that’s a crime against humanity like they have to pick a month. That is not not going to have a first party game and i feel like it’s the right move where we’re getting to 64 instead and it kind of works in this extent, because everyone knows that animal crossing new horizons is a game that dedicated players will play For years, pretty much to the end of the life cycle of of the switch when we get to the next system in 2024, some some tire for into the horizon.

Oh, I see what you did there exactly and we’re still at March, it’s it’s quite remarkable persona. Fibril is finally coming out to to the west, since it was launched in late fall in Japan, and what else is there to say? This is a major expansion to persona 5. If you haven’t played the game already, it’s probably the way to go. Yeah I mean I I I have the game sitting in my ps4 library, who is really cheap and iced and played it yet so yeah. This is also an exclusive for PlayStation 4, but, as we know, PlayStation 4’s life cycle is ending and effortless loves money. We have Joker in smash and yeah. At some point, I feel that personified is going to hit the Nintendo switch as well yeah for sure I think so. We’Re still not done with much it’s quite remarkable, because this may not be a PlayStation 4 Xbox.

One Xbox series X, PlayStation, 5 or even regular, PC game, because this is a VR game. You need a VR headset to play it and it’s the mighty return of half-life a game. We thought that was never ever going to return and it’s like you think. Oh, this is gon na, be a VR game, damn it valve, how dare you and then we all watch the trailer and thought I need to pick up the VR headset, because this looks great, my goodness, like they’re, really pushing the VR genre forward with this game. It seems like first of all most we are no release date, yet it’s just March, and sometimes sometimes during that month. I have no idea when to fit it because look at this list, but still this game is probably going. People are already talking about the super.

Mario 64 moment for VR when it comes to half-life Alex yeah, it does look like it’s it and you don’t even need to play it standing up guys. You can sit down with that. You still need the controllers, of course, but if you buy a VR headset, you already have those controllers, so it looks very, very good and also means I need to catch up on half-life because I still haven’t beaten first game Bob is not able to run counter Free, but you know who is able to counter free that is Resident, Evil, okay, so we’re getting as a Resident, Evil free remake on April 3rd. How fittings exactly yeah not much further! I guess it was because Final Fantasy.

Yes, it’s too much! It’S coming out March! 3Rd and but the thing with Resident, Evil 3 remake it’s great because it wasn’t able to like came out last year, and so why not keep capitalizing on it with a remake of three and who knows maybe residue before remake, although that game is not necessarily as Essential for a remake as these s 2 & 3 were because you know 2 & 3 were fixed camera angle. Tank control, games and 4 is already a third-person shooter, but you know we can dream and Capcom likes money as they’ve proven, because their track record lately has been especially solid. So we’ll see how three remake turns out.

It’S it’s gon na be fine. I know it but enough of remakes enough of the are enough of small games it’s time for brand new IPs. I know I think cyberpunk 2077 is the probably the biggest new IP launch, since I might even say as far as halo. Maybe do you think so? Man, it could be because you know CD, Projekt RED, getting a lot of good faith with The Witcher series, as Poland has every right to be proud of that studio. Like seriously like you look at these top 10 games of the decade lists and The Witcher is like new to Witcher. 3 is number one on most of them and for a very good reason. So the fact that cyberpunk 2077 is gon na kick off this decade.

Strong and even like conclude the this generation of consoles as well, it’s just it’s just I. You can’t not have faith in this game honestly. In many ways this is the first next-gen title even before next-gen comes true. Very true, I’m surprised man. Could you imagine what this game is gon na run like on a standard Xbox one? I can’t picture it, and there has been small hints of controversy. First, was that it’s the first-person game and then it was that they might have some sort of microtransactions with expansion. Pauses and you’ll see, but this is a CD Projekt RED.

They are they’re going to deliver more than you expect for 40 $ 60, and the expansions are probably going to be remarkable. We’Re getting online play for the first time in such an ambitious CD, Projekt RED game, and if there’s one thing you can trust. Sealy pride is big when it comes to narrative when it comes to excellent and varied gameplay world building, I’m pretty sure that cyberpunk 2077. It’S very likely to end up as Game of the Year if birth to aisle 2 comes out, and it really ups brought the wild one greatly, then maybe it will be those two competing, but if cyberpunk time 77 launches in 2020 amber earth world tunes 121, I Have a feeling that this is probably going to be the game of the year man I even think like.

If Zelda were to come out the same year, a cyberpunk. I still think the cyberpunk is taking it just cuz, prata, CD, Projekt RED, so brick, talented dude, but from probably the most ambitious game out there. Yes, it’s something: that’s it’s, probably even more ambitious, more vicious yeah minecraft dungeons – and this is, if I’m not wrong. This is the first new game release from minecraft since the original minecraft, because everything else has been Adams rights. I think so and yeah it’s it’s. You know new same IP, but like I mean you do count minecraft story mode, but that’s a telltale games that doesn’t count.

So so it’s it’s a new game from ou yang and I’m guessing, and you know if it looks like Diablo with minecraft. So there you go, that’s the compressive and the April is going to show if the game lives up to expectations or not, because the strength of minecraft is obviously in in creating building whatever you want. Do whatever you want, and this game is seems to be more streamlined? Yes, very much very much so way. Lest you know, walking around and killing pigs and enter vans and stuff and collecting diamonds and going out of killing creepers and so on.

Okay, we’re still not done with April, though we have trials of mana, which is coming out for pretty much every platform. I think at this point I think so yeah remind me again with trials of mayonnaise. Is it? Is it like an official sequel? Is it a remaster? I don’t, I don’t know anything about the monastry school. It came out exclusively in Japan many years ago. This is the remaster and it’s the photos getting out in the West very nice. So we western manna fans we get what we deserve. You know what would you know what has a lot of excuses?

This yeah that’s places God so many yeah after having no exclusives in 2019, except like days gone. You know, death stranding. I forgot about that, but yeah this year they have Final Fantasy 7 remake. They have persona 5 Ryo but, most importantly, they have the Last of Us /. Yes, I love how they announced for this game and delayed it. Two weeks later to me, which is fine by me because I need I need a break after all, the wallets all my wallets are gon na be destroyed by March and April, but I’m excited for last most part. I was in the first last game.

I was in the camp of you know. This is yeah. This is lightweight kind of overrated like it’s. It’S not the second coming of Christ, calm down people, but everything I’ve seen the last most part, great continuation of the story, and it’s like yeah. I could have been fine if it ended the way it did. The last was part 1, but it also opened up so many opportunities for a sequel like it’s funny. The last was part 1 closed out the ps3 generation. Now the last was part.

2 is closing out the ps4 generation and, as a result, it looks it’s gon na probably be the best looking game on the ps4, especially if you’re playing on the ps4 Pro yeah, no shit August elite of PlayStation game developers know all of that whole expect this Game to also be up there competing with the likes of cyberpunk 2077 and prefer the Royal if it comes out in 2020, like all the games were mentioned so far, are, in my opinion, well count excluding, maybe one or two candidates for a game of the year. Like absolutely Final, Fantasy, 7 remake oriented well of the wisps doom, eternal cyberpunk 2077 – maybe even animal crossing new horizons, but that was just the first half off of it and it feels like that. That’S more games and big games and we got throughout the entirety of 2019 yeah really 2019 was kind of like a year.

Honestly, there’s still many more games like we have no more heroes. Free coming out at new hangar switch bravely default to me. We have little nightmares to Psychonauts to Lego, Star Wars, the Skywalker saga; ah yeah yeah, Marvel’s, Avengers, Ghost of Tsushima another PlayStation 4 exclusive Microsoft, Flight Simulator, the disc game. We should love Microsoft, Flight Simulator because that’s probably the most graphically ambitious video game ever made totally and it’s flight simulator. It’S man come on Microsoft. Flight Simulator is legitimately really good exactly it’s. It used to be what like, they used this game to train pilots.

So, at least they used that in in the post yeah. That is just how great this game is, and the reason why we’re not getting that game as often as we used to is because they are just trying to make a real worlds simulate to hurt. This point, then, we also have another very much anticipated sequel Super Meat Boy forever. It was supposed to first be an expansion, and then they turn out to be sequel, just like well to volleyball and sequel. There we go so it will be interesting to see when it comes out. It might be, maybe even in the first half of the year yeah I actually could see some of these.

I come out before the first off, though I don’t think it’s dying. Light 2 is going to be a month among DOS, probably not now and man, time light to it kind of like it kind of went dark a little bit like it got delayed. It was supposed to come out last year and they just said: hey we’re gon na push this game back, and there was a bunch of other Ubisoft games that got delayed. So many they’ve got to lay to unspecified times like gods and monsters was supposed to come out next month and they delayed that and what else watchdogs 3 or watchdogs Legion was supposed to be.

It was supposed to be March as well. I might even come out in 2020 – oh yeah. Well, I would rather they do that and release a crap game, because they’ll so that these kind of games are just games. I’D like I can totally wait for and be fine there’s games where when they get too late, like I’m just like oh, why did you do that, but not in these games – and I think that brings us pretty much over to the next generation and pretty much

What much of the next decade is going to be about, namely PlayStation 5 and next experts, including series X, yeah, that’s man. I really want to know what they’re doing with this Xbox stuff. We know. Playstation 5 is just gon na be PlayStation 5, and you know Sony has already talked about like talked about it in some detail about it, using solid state drives, it’s using, it’s got it. The controller is gon na be a little different, but you know still based on the DualShock 4 design, which is you know my opinion. The perfect design, just please fix that battery life, for the love of God and and people have been debating.

Also, if it’s gon na be as powerful as the Xbox or that as powerful, and you know that doesn’t really matter as long as the games you make are good yeah. Another thing people tend to forget is that Xbox is going to have a series of Xbox and the X is going to be the top model, so you’re also going to see different price points on those systems. Playstation 5 is probably going to be one and that’s why I could actually believe the rumors so far about $ 4.99.

It’S it’s pricier than the PlayStation 4 was but then again look at the specs that they have in this. The loading times are incredibly improved. The resolutions 4k 60 frames per second is a given in both of these systems. 8K 30 frames is going to happen, and that is just mind-boggling and I feel like this console generation is more in tune with the times compared to what the PlayStation, 4 and Xbox one were, because they were 1080 1080 P systems in 2013. There wasn’t even that impressive back then, and it quickly turned out that the pcs were already at 4k by 2014.

So that’s why they needed to come with or to an exome and PlayStation 4 probe yeah. I’Ve heard I have sources actually not going to say who they are but, like they said, like they’ve, been working on like Series X apparently and the amount of power that these consoles have. I don’t think they don’t think like people are estimating them enough, like like back when the ps4 and the Xbox one came out, they were based on old hardware already, like most pcs, like you said, we’re running on better hardware at that point, but these consoles are Running on hardware, that’s not even that is not even on the market yet so that really goes to show how big of a deal these consoles are going to be. Oh, it makes sense because these consoles are going to live for the next section. Six, seven years just look at the PlayStation, 4 and Xbox one by the time, their PlayStation, 5 and Xbox serious car comes out.

Those systems will be seven years old. That tells they need to have hardware. That is two to three years ahead of time. To avoid a situation like the one they ended up with compared to pcs and PlayStation 4 and Xbox, one and in term of I think that the games that they are launching, like God, for Halo, Infinite and he’ll play to this, especially he’ll, play to end the Saga is going to be showcase off. This is not CGI. This is actual in-game footage. This is actually how it will look when you play it outside of cutscenes as well. That is just mind-boggling, yeah, the hell-blood 2 trailer still messes me up just looking at it. Like that’s an engine like, I don’t think the game itself is gon na. Look that as good, maybe is that cuz you know, even though they say an engine, it’s not running gameplay still, but my god, it’s just like here, i every every generation. I keep thinking. Okay, how much better could games really look like really come on and then they always just find a way to say: oh yeah, they’re gon na keep looking better like you’re you’re, always gon na think this is the peak of what you feel is gon na look Like nope at one point, we’ll probably have systems that reach resolutions that are the same as carats of Gold’s yeah, good god.

Okay, I get it. It took me a second, but I got it it doesn’t. I gained near the start of the decade. It’S like the first year of a new decade of gaming and it might be the best gaming year ever, maybe because, let’s look at this, we’re getting some of the most anticipated releases in the previous decade in this year, Final Fantasy 7 remake. We are getting cyberpunk 2077, possibly even brought the wild Shiva. If ever comes out, then we have a bunch of other games that really supports the strengths of this year, like doom eternal, where you have half-life Alex making whole new grounds for VR. We have the likes of The Last of Us part 2.

Our game that won so many Game of the Year awards. Well, the original that is Microsoft, Flight Simulator, we have a whole new general new generation of consoles and this time around, it’s not filled with controversies. To this point many have said: 1998 is a year in gaming that is impossible to support like Ocarina of Time, the original half-life and so on, but I actually think this year is bigger, and that is because we’re getting all these new games, we have the new Ip start upon 2077, we might have a new Zelda game and the form of graph the. While we have a bunch of massive games. We have two new generation consoles that will completely change the scene of gaming as we know it and how we experience games as well half-life Alex that is pretty much redefining. What dr is. I have a feeling that this might be the greatest game you’re in gaming. Ever it might be at or at least the best gaming year yet I would always like to think like and they’ll find ways to get better. That’S you know sometime sometime in the future, but it’s probably going to have to wait until maybe that even the second half of the decade, because we’re not going to get a new generation of consoles that surpass the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X until 2026, 2027 And that is just ridiculous amount of time, yeah ridiculous.

To think about now, like wow at this point is like Oh 2020, we’re in the future, and we have this most incredible gaming you’re ahead of us. But what do you think? Do you think that 2020 is going to be the greatest year in gaming ever and what are you looking forward to the most in this wallet, draining or actually wallet destroying bank account destroying a lineup of game systems, and what else is there to come? There’S just so much more to come at uni free and thank you so much Joey for joining me for for this discussion.

Of course, I better be here. We hope for a Nintendo Direct, that’s probably out by the time you watch it anyway and, of course, also make sure to check out Joey’s channel. First will Pro, where he’s making a bunch of videos on third-party games, that we don’t cover on the commute from so make sure to go and check it out. I think you uploaded recently a new video rights yeah. I uploaded my top ten games of the decade right after I did my top 10 games 2019 and I teased it today as a recording this I’m working on finally working on my video on Metroid Prime and then maybe prime 2 and Prime 3 right after that.

I’M just I’m just feeling the Metroid right now in my veins, so make sure to go and check out his channel and, of course, as always, make sure to LIKE the video subscribe. If you haven’t already to both of our channels and first, a shiny notification bell. If you, if you feel generous and maybe also support on patreon patreon, those chrome slash common realm, and they thanks to all our supporters and also make sure to check out one of these to you all some videos or Joey’s channel, which is also in the end. We’Ll see you in the next buh-bye [ Music, ]

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