Nvidia 30 series news update + Complete Detail Review Gaming cards.


1 Today I am talking about Nvidia’s best graphics card, Just like GEFORCE 256 GEFORCE GTX, 690 GEFORCE GTX, 980 GEFORCE GTX, 1080 GEFORCE RTX 2080. Now Nvidia release RTX RTX 30 series Friends come to talk about RTX 3090. This is best for developers. This graphics card provides us with 24GB of ram DDr6, Yes, friend, 24GB RAM Best for developers, And this card is the worlds first 8k GPU. This card converts low-quality images to 8K Nvidia launches a full range of mechanical applications.

This app supports artificial intelligence. This app is very helpful for voice synchronization in animation. This application supports particles in visual effects. It’S time to talk about RTX 3070. The card is faster than RTX 2080 Ti. This card provides us with 8GB RAM. Ddr6 Now lets talk about RTX 3080. This graphics card provides dual performance: RTX 2080 Ti The card provides 10GB DDr6. Now friends can talk about supporting the game. Friends first game is Fortnite is friends FORTNITE. The second game is “ Cyberpunk 2077”. Now talking about the third game. This is the “ Call of Duty” Black Ops, Cold War Friend. Let me tell you: Nvidia, invited 4 streamers to Nvidia headquarters for review on August 20. 2020. Let’S check out the comments and reactions there. Please leave a comment and tell me about the video. This is an informative video. We will bring more news updates about games and game technology.

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