OTTO helps spend 60 MILLION LOOT! Primal Warden FIRST SKIN of 2020 (Clash of Clans)



Welcome back to the channel everyone judo sloth here and in today’s clash of clans video we’re spending a ton of loot from the December season challenge. We are unlocking the sixth builder in that of Autobot from the builder base and we are going to be checking out. The brand-new grand warden skin the primal warden welcome to 2020. By the way guys, I wish you all of the very best for the new year. I am going to sit down and record a video talking about my goals here with YouTube and content creation in general. For 2020, but let me know if you have any New Year’s resolutions down in the comment section: let’s dive straight into this, we have 30 million gold pretty much and 13 million elixir. Now, we’ve timed this quite nicely, because we have three builders available and check it out guys we have Autobots ready to unlock. We can upgrade the hood to level 5, I’m going to very quickly take a screenshot of that. I do tend to share a lot of my screenshots over on Instagram, so if you’re not following me be sure to follow me, instagram /, don’t sloth.


That is where you will find me. Let’S go ahead and upgrade that wow. That was quick, no confirmation and message. I’M taking a ton of screenshots guys, but this is the most mammoth task within clash of clans. I honestly think that this is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done within the game. It’S taken the longest trows, not necessarily the hardest, but I think it is the thing which is grinding the game the most and if you have Autobot be sure to let me know now, I want to send that thing across unplaced buildings. There we go. Let’S pop this, let’s just pop it in the middle of my base. Now how do we get him across? How do we get him across travel hi there we go easy, easy guys. I knew kind of how to do it. I just forgot anyways. We have Autobot. Now you should leave a like to. Let me know if you have Autobot, so we have four builders and by the way, if you are going to be purchasing the new Pass or any of the packs, I don’t think I’m going to buy any of these packs. The hero, mixer is probably the best one for us, but I just don’t think I need it. The 7 x value one, although it’s 7 x value the hero portions, they only last an hour and then they’re gone. I would rather purchase something that actually progresses me within the game, but if you are going to be making any purchases purchasing the gold pass be sure to go into your settings more settings and right at the bottom.


The content creator booster code for me is judo. It really does help me out here on the channel, and I really do appreciate it guys, so we do need to purchase the gold pass which I’ll be doing in a second boots. Let me know in the comments was this something which was in the game before I’m not too sure I’ve never noticed it, but within the preview of whatever hero had the skin or is getting the skin, there is now this kind of grayed out area. You can click it to go to the season pass. I’M pretty sure that was there. When you come right to the bottom, I’m not sure we were ever able to preview the skins were we I’ve, never noticed it. It should have been there. I mean, if you’re thinking about purchasing this, then really the preview makes sense right. But I like it because it’s kind of like the dragon’s skull, where is it? We had one the other day, look right behind our fortune trees.


So I like it because it’s that, but it’s not my favorite skin before we spend all of this gold guys, let’s go and purchase that gold pass. Let’S make sure that we get this purchased and we get the new heroes skin, because I just can’t pass them up. Even if I didn’t get any of the other stuff, I need the hero skins every month. Let’S go ahead and purchase this thing. We’Ve got the gold pass. I just need to purchase it on my other accounts. Now it’s so good value. Now let me know if you prefer the skin being right at the end or if you like it at the start, like it was last month, I’ve got to be honest with you I I know there will be a mixture of opinions on this right like people That can’t get to the end of it and would prefer to just get the skin. I like that, it’s a of a challenge in order to get to the end of it, and I understand why it’s there. You have to grind out to get the skin, but then, when you get to the end and you get the skin, you ultimately get all of the other rewards. So you will probably feel, like you, have had a much better reward than if you just unlock the skin and then left the rest of it. You probably feel, like you got more for your money, so many of you pointed out a couple of days ago when I went to use my book of building onto the expose and I just upgraded. I accidentally finished off the Town Hall upgrading, so we got it to level four. I think that has to be my highest priority, get my townhall 13 Giga infernal to level five.


So that’s the first thing I’m going to spend 18 million gold on Wow. It just sunk the gold straight away now. I also think that another thing which is quite high on my priority list is the siege barracks. This is the brand new siege machine because I’m constantly getting them off my clan mates and I feel like I’m not being a team player by not having this to return to them. So I am going to spend a lot of the elixir to get that upgraded. Unfortunately, we don’t have a book of building otherwise two weeks, I probably would have used the book on that, but never mind now that we have six builders. It is very helpful by the way we’re going to do a couple of attacks to finish off the video. As well, the first one is going to be the best townhall 13 strategy. I honestly feel this needs nerfed. I know there’s a lot of difference of opinions. I know we need to wait of the basis to catch up and I fully understand that. But when you’re watching the high level print players, the pro players, they are using that disproportionately to everything else and that’s why it needs an earth in my opinion, but I do appreciate we need to wait things out. However, I’m also going to be attacking with the hog riders and the miners that beautiful hybrid army, which I love yesterday we attacked in war with them two attacks and we got a six pack three stars. I will be sure to link you across to that afterwards. So guys we have two other builders. What are we going to use these on? Let’S see what the suggestion is, the grand warden. Now, that is something which I really do want to upgrade.


We do have a book of heroes as well. We have rune of elixir and a rune of gold which we can use, but my grand warden is only twelve million. How much is a wall in order to upward, because if I were to see we wouldn’t get it, we wouldn’t get it guys. If I, if I could manage it properly, saw that when I used the rune, I would get plenty of it back. Wait a second here, let’s go into the research now I I really want to upgrade the wall breakers, because I used them quite a lot. In my lalo style attacks and I’m just gon na, do it guys I feel like having that lab, not having anything in the background working doesn’t make sense. So let’s go ahead and put with that seeking air mine. Well, I don’t want to upgrade that, but I’ve got plenty of dark elixir look and it is mentioning that my king is available to upgrade. So I kind of feel like that is something I should be doing as well, because then I can earn dark elixir in the background when I’m farming, I can also rack it up into the season bank. If you weren’t aware, even if you are farming and getting the dark elixir, if you are not actually getting it into your storage, it doesn’t call to the season bank as well. Let me know if you knew that, because they changed that after the season challenges came out, I think the barbarian King is a good upgrade, but we are going to have to use the Book of Heroes main reason I just never like to be without my heroes.


In war attacks, I know it just gets him to level 66, but it means we can get some more dark elixir. We’Ve got two other upgrades which we can do guys thanks to that sixth builder, when we get all six of them going and might even do we do we have a we don’t. I was gon na use a hero portion. It’S the best thing in the game. Build a portion, betting, my words mixed up, guys: 11 million. We can’t actually upgrade anything right now. Is there anything which is twelve million to upgrade? That would be pretty close. There’S not many. There is not many guys, so we might have to just sit it out here, because I really don’t want to use the runes or anything yet because they won’t get us good enough value. How long is this seeking air mine seven days? I’D rather get a defense than a seeking air mine. I’D really, rather just wait. Them wait with them and do them last. So that’s probably going to be it with the spending. I think, because I don’t want to waste my golden elixir. However, later on today, as I’ve been farming, I probably will be able to get I’ll be able to get a Tesla.


Upgraded will be my next thing and then also once I get five million in order to upgrade of wall, which is only two and a half more million elixir. I will upgrade that use the rune in order to get my ground water and upgraded. If we have, I think we have a book of everything. No, we don’t so I’m probably not going to do that guys, but anyway, let’s get out there and let’s do some attacks to finish off this episode and I’m not going to gem, I’m not going to gem right the way to the primal skin, because it’s three Thousand gems, which is $ 24, and that’s quite a lot guys just to get the skin early. I don’t feel like. I want to gem it. I’Ve done it in the past, but I don’t feel like I want to gem it. Maybe if it was a super cool skin, I do think it’s good, but it’s not my favorite. Let me know what you think down in the comments, but that is your new skin for January 2020. Let’S do a Yeti attack followed by the hogs and the miners. Now the clouds have still still been a little bit of an issue. So let’s come back once we have a base ready to attack. Okay, so Mike has single target infernos but, more importantly, he has over 800,000 loot in terms of gold and elixir. We just spent almost 30 million of each. I know we still have the gold port. Let’S see where we’re going to attack from this is got a shot at the bottom, so I kind of wanted to stay out of the way of that. Let’S just go from. I don’t know, I don’t know this side here guys this side here, we’ve got to start somewhere because you can easily time fail when you’re doing a grand war and walk. So it’s kind of make this up as we go along.


Where are we going to come in from, I think, probably starting down here, although the hog riders would take a bit of a battering from the scattershot, I think if we distract the scattershot first with the Yeti moving through, we should then be pretty good, just letting This ground water and create a funnel here, do I send another balloon in just to protect the healers, because you do want to protect those healers. Let’S now go with the jump spell probably here and warden is gon na take down the Royal champion gon na be fine. Here then, let’s go with the Yeti to help that ground water and I do not want to have to use that ability nearly did with the King Queen. We can use the baby dragon on that side. Now we can use the earthquakes into the center here. Let’S use a rage spell rond warden has that ability. Scattershot is tanking for my troops coming through here, Yeti coming through the middle. Let’S use that ground warden’s ability who the scatter shot is still on the Pekka, which is not ideal and the Yeti might not take down the townhall quick enough here from the Giga bomb. I don’t think they did out come the hog riders. We can use that heal. Luckily, the scatter shot is still tanking.


The pecker, let’s use the Royal champion over. To that left hand, side Musa balloon to help over there as well. Hopefully, the Yeti get the single down here to baiting, using the Queen’s ability to help, because the Yeti are going down. Quick we’ve got hog riders moving around the base. Let’S use that royal champion to help out over there in terms of that ability. Let’S try and clean up a little bit around the bottom of the base, hog riders doing well, but they’re going down quick, but this is normally what you see as long as you can protect the healers through. You then have the Yeti moving towards the back end. We still got that Queens ability, royal tramping coming through as well, and it looks like we’re going to get this one done. Can the royal champion get across and protect this wizard or it just did not. That would have obviously been helpful just to have that extra wizard in terms of cleanup, but not to worry. We’Ve still got enough. We can pop that Queens ability the Pekka managed to survive. Is that the one that was down there from the siege barracks? I don’t think so because his health is running low, but we do get a lot of loot. We move forward in terms of trying to spend all sixty million in this episode and let’s see what we’ve got. I did have a quick farm in between guys because I found a dead base, so I managed to get a little bit of loot in between and let’s go ahead and see what we have in terms of spending a little bit more. Let’S come back after the hog riders and the miners, okay guys, I have spent forever trying to find a base. I guess everyone just loves farming. On New Year’s Day, it’s not ideal that we have three single target and furnace, but I’ve just noticed.


Actually, this is a townhall 12, so we should still be good, let’s Queen charged from the opposite side here, and I do think that the wall wrecker is maybe the best option due to the fact that we have to get through a number of walls – and I Didn’T take a jump spell anything like that. I can’t actually remember what I have in my war record. I think it is hog riders, hog riders. It is so I would like to get one more layer or would I no? I wouldn’t I wouldn’t like to get another layer. I do. I want to use a heal spell here. I think I’m going to guys just to allow the hog riders this little bit further and make sure that we create a bit of a better funnel for the Queen to come down over away from the single target. Infernos, that’s my idea. Let’S rage the Queen now to keep her alive through that enemy Queen and let’s use the King down to this side to create pathing for my hog riders and miners to come straight through, and I think guys. Why don’t we do that now to ensure a let’s use that Kings ability to ensure that my queen doesn’t move herself over to that area guys? So I will use one heal spell around about here: there’s a bit of a gap and also there’s a wizard tower. They as they move down Queens ability will be used.


Now, let’s I didn’t mean to use the grand wardens ability. What was I doing there guys? What was I doing so hog riders that are in the center will struggle. We’Ve got enough miners in there they’re all to get the Town Hall Town Eagle, arts are we coming through and remember the miners Duke under the Giga bombers? Well, which is the beautiful thing about this strategy? Let’S use another heal spell they the royal champion pinging through a lot of stuff. We still got the Pekka here to tank, followed by the baby dragon balloon. Should we use this final heal spell, I guess guys it is absolutely wrecked. Now remember that was a townhall 12. Obviously I do feel like I attacked the base the correct way, but the whole idea between this strategy is using the Queen charged on one area setting the funnel on the other. However, you can do that and then pressing the Hogs and miners through the center.


We did attack a town hall 13 in the video which I’m about to link to you two. How would you stop missed out on a ton of golden elixir as well, because I hadn’t collected all of that, or at least the gold we missed out on now for the end of the episode, then, let’s spend the rest of this loot. Export 16 million got to be if we go ahead and upgrade that guys, we’ve got zero gold. This is the perfect opportunity to use a rune of gold, which means we can then upgrade the next export, which means we have spent a turn in this episode. To kick off 2020, if you are still here guys, let me know down in the comments. I always love that, but if you want to see more hog riders and miners combined against townhall 13, you can check out my video yesterday. I’Ve linked it here, but we will catch you again here tomorrow until then take care guys,

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