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Hey everyone!

The final chapter of the crazy 2020 adventure begins shortly! The Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs are live starting today Thursday, Sept. 3. Before the teams begin their final push to the Grand Finals, we wanted to share an update filled with all the info you?ll need to enjoy the 2020 postseason. Don?t forget, you can earn League Tokens all postseason long ? we have recently been able to update the rules to include fans from many more countries too!

Overwatch League Playoffs Round 1 | Available on YouTube | Sept. 3?6 Schedule

Find all the stream links, dates, and broadcast details in your local time on our official schedule. Subscribe to the Overwatch League channel and click the bell icon to get a notification when the broadcast goes live. If you?re having trouble getting notifications, check out the user guide.

Postseason Format Overview:

  • The OWL 2020 postseason will start with regional playoff tournaments, with all 20 teams qualifying. Two teams will advance from each region to create the final four teams for Grand Finals. Check the brackets tab on our Playoffs schedule page for details on each tier of the postseason.

  • All matches will be first-to-three map wins, except for the Grand Finals, which will be first-to-four map wins.

  • Higher seeds in each region will enjoy byes and their choice of opponent for the first few rounds of the bracket.

  • For each match, the team with the higher seed will be designated as the home team.

Patch/Version: The entire 2020 postseason will be played on Patch (Patch Notes)

Postseason Hero Pool: There is no Hero Pool in effect for the Overwatch League Playoffs.

Postseason Map Pool:

  • Control: Ilios, Oasis, Busan, Nepal, Lijiang Tower

  • Assault: Hanamura, Volskaya Industries, Temple of Anubis

  • Escort: Havana, Dorado, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

  • Hybrid: Hollywood, Numbani, King?s Row

Additional Map Rules:

  • First map of each series will be chosen by the higher seed (the home team).

  • The loser of the previous map will select the next map based on the next game mode.

  • The winner of the previous map will select to attack or defend first, if applicable.

  • In the event of a draw, the loser of the map prior will select the next map and the winner of the map prior will select to attack or defend first, if applicable.

Postseason Game Mode Order:

  • First-to-three: control, hybrid, assault, escort, control (until a winner is declared).

  • First-to-four: control, hybrid, assault, escort, control, hybrid, escort, control (until a winner is declared).

Thank You! On a more personal note, thank you all for your continued support this season. On behalf of all of us at the league, your support has meant the world to everyone working to put on a great show for our fans through the ongoing global pandemic. We hope you enjoy the playoffs!



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