PATCH 1.3.0 RELEASES WITH HUGE BOOST! | Marvel’s Avengers Latest Patch Fixes Bugs & Changes Weeklies


Marvel?s Avengers Patch 1.3.0 is upon us guys and it will bring some changes as in a lot, but more important a lot of bug fixes that we all have been patiently waiting for. Along with all these, there is also a big change in the schedule of the weekly challenge and a small bonus you may want to take advantage of, the moment you finish watching this video.

So, welcome back guys, Vlad here and in this video, we will briefly talk about the upcoming Marvel?s Avengers 1.3.0 Patch. I will keep this as short as possible since I do not want to waste your time. So, let?s start with the most important question you guys asked me a couple of times now. When is Marvel?s Avengers Patch 1.3.0 going to be released? Although I was expecting it yesterday, it seems that it will most likely be released tomorrow. Or Thursday but this is only an assumption based on an official Reddit post coming from a Crystal Dynamics representative. You can see this announcement right now and if you read it closely you can see that the weekly challenges reset times are about to change. What this announcement means is that when Patch 1.3.0 releases, weekly challenges will start resetting globally every Thursday at 10 AM.

This announcement kinda gives away the release date of the next Patch, don?t you think? Now, what we need to understand from this post is that the weekly challenges you have right now will refresh when the next patch releases which as you can see is going to happen this week. This means that this week we can get more challenge card points, and that you should focus on getting those weekly challenges done before the release of the patch.

In addition, as you can see, Crystal Dynamics will also grant us a small bonus of 22 challenge card points for each hero, so make sure you login before the patch releases. You don?t have to complete the weekly challenges to claim this small bonus, but you may want to start the game. Additionally, as you can see, you?ll get 22 points for each hero, which is a nice amount that will save you a lot of time. So mathematically speaking if you complete your weekly challenges for one hero before the patch releases, you?ll get 22 points, then when the patch releases, you?ll get 22 as a bonus, and if you complete the two weekly challenges that will refresh along with the patch, you?ll get another 22 points, for a total of 66. Really cool right? So as of right now, your priority should be getting those weekly challenges, and keep in mind what I have told you in one of my previous videos. Don?t go crazy with the credits and always have at least 1000 in your inventory otherwise, next month, when Hawkeye releases, you?ll have to buy them with real money in order to get his challenge card.

Good then, so moving to the next piece of info. What should you expect from Patch 1.3.0? A lot of bug fixes. The more they are the better, but as of right now the patch notes are somehow unknown and the only thing, we know is that the patch notes have at least 7 pages. Yes, it?s a lot and hopefully, these will fix the issues with missing credits, loot, and everything we guys have discusses since the game?s launch. One thing to note here is to not expect this patch to fix everything because it?s quite impossible, and you should also expect new bugs. That?s how things go with these patches and we have a long road ahead of us. Now, before we wrap this one up, another question you guys asked me is that if this patch will introduce new content, such as mega hives, a new social area and everything developers have announced to be released a couple of weeks after the release. Long answer short, is no. I don?t think it will. The point of a patch is to fix things, and developers clearly stated that this is a patch.

I might be wrong, obviously but a lot of YouTubers claim that developers stated that the next content will be available two weeks after the game?s release, when in fact they said a couple of weeks. This can mean two weeks, but it can also mean 3 or 4, so don?t put your hopes too high on getting access to new content starting this week. And that?s it. As I said your priority right now is to get the most out of the changes that are about to happen and focus on weekly challenges so you can fully unlock your heroes? challenge cards which we all know that come with a lot of goodies including outfits, modules, polychoron, and obviously credits you will need in the future.

So stay safe guys, have fun, and don?t forget to subscribe for more Marvel?s Avengers news, tips, tricks, and guides..

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