Patch 3.64 Brings Fixes in Clutch! No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update, Settlement Bugs | Patch Notes News


A huge amount more fixes are here for the no man’s sky frontiers update as expedition 3 kicks off a number of widespread and sometimes game. Halting issues have been addressed. So, let’s go straight to the notes, fixed, an issue that could cause settlement npcs to become stuck and stop navigating fixed, an issue that caused players to spawn outside the space anomaly. When joining a friend who was already inside the anomaly, fixture crash caused by memory trample added a galaxy map marker to the player’s settlement, fixed an issue that could cause all settlements to be incorrectly labeled as belonging to another player, this is widespread and fairly demotivating. A save i have that didn’t have a settlement yet was dealing with this and there’s just nothing.

You can do completely blocked from the progress, so i’m glad they were quick to fix it as i’ve seen it mentioned a lot in the comments fixed, an issue that caused settlement charts to be used up when they failed to find a settlement seems like a follow-up To a previous that was supposed to have done the same, among other things, fixed an issue that could cause settlement, building, timers and states to repeat endlessly. This was supposedly happening due to extremely minor differences in the time being held on your machine. The anti-cheap measures that prevent you from pushing time forward to progress quickly were just a little oversensitive fixed, an issue that prevented settlements from being added to the teleporter destinations list when starting a settlement in a different galaxy fixed. A number of visual polish issues with settlement walls fixed an issue that allowed players to delete the freighter room they were standing inside. However, bad feelings prevents you from deleting the room with the build camera in, as that is super useful for getting outside of the freighter.

Graphics for certain glitch building techniques, as well as just planning the layout. However good you can’t accidentally kill your perma save fix the crash related to building spawning introduced. A number of physics optimizations fixed an issue that caused missing geometry on the underside of some landing pads fixed, an issue that could prevent legacy sage from loading correctly fixed, an issue that could cause stutter animations around the space anomaly in the ship salvage station fixed an Issue that caused inconsistent window placement on new timber walls window pieces. I wasn’t aware of this, but as a lover of building an nms, i’m super glad about it. Misaligned parts make me tick fixed a number of snapping issues with generators, batteries, solar panels and planters fixed, an issue that causes sunlight direction to be incorrect, while in space fix the number of collision issues in settlement decoration added the report base option to the quick menu.

So the bases can be reported without finding any parts fix the crash related to the quick menu fixed, an issue that caused settlement construction times to be overly long and cost to be repeated for landing, pads and towers. I can confirm, after checking in the update files, that landing pads and towers will now take 1 hour instead of 4 hours per step. They will also now cost 120 grammatic metal. Then five metal casing twice and then three aronium. I can’t tell yet whether it takes four steps or it randomizes, two or three out of the four possible, but way quicker and cheaper, now fixed an issue that caused some small settlement buildings to have an additional construction, save that did nothing fixed, an issue that caused Settlement debt payoff rates to be calculated incorrectly: oh yes, when it saves 28 hours to pay off your debt of five shillings.

It was indeed a buggy bug fixed an issue that caused the build menu grid, hints to still be active when loading a different, save fixed. An issue that could cause pilots to fail to navigate around their ship after landing on a planet fixed. A crash related to the by beat ui fixed. A threading crash fixed an issue that caused the oxygen harvester to appear in the wrong group in the build menu fixed, an issue that prevented the wooden material from appearing in the bass. Part recolor ui fixed an issue that could cause the base building menu to be overly jittery, at least an issue that caused the base building menu to be too close to the part being placed fixed, an issue that prevented ladders and other technology items from snapping correctly.

In cuboid rooms, still a surprising amount of snapping issues with other parts fix. The crash related to npc navigation fix the crash caused by reloading the game with quick menu open fixed in issues that caused incorrect audio to play when selecting an option in a settlement decision. Fixture crash related to base generation fixed a number of issues with localized text, fixed an issue that could cause players to occasionally spawn below the ground, fixed, an issue that caused players to take damage when being recovered to the terrain after spawning below the ground. This has killed my survival safe before, as previously when you fall through the train. You’Ll fall for a while before it actually catapults you back up to the surface.

Unfortunately, when it does that you hit the ground as if you just fell from the height you’d fallen a very terrible way to lose a permanent, but i am very glad they fixed it. Fixed a number of physics-related crashes fixed an issue that could cause settlement buildings to spawn within the terrain and become blocked. Note. This fix may slightly move some existing settlement buildings. That’S an important extra there.

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