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What’S going on, everyone Austin John plays here and today we’re gon na be taking a look at analyzing. The brand new pokemon sword and shield trailer for the expansion pass come on take well, I’m still sick by the way, but we’ve got analyze the trailer. I don’t think anyone could have predicted we’re getting paid dlc for pokemon instead of a second game, which also raises the question of what’s gon na happen come the end of the year.

I don’t know also that we’re getting a mystery dungeon remake. So it comes at the same time as Animal Crossing, so Nintendo’s fighting, Pokemon, that’s cool. First of all, pokemon sword has its own expansion pass and pokemon shield has its own expansion pass, each expansion passes $ 30 and is gon na cover all the DLC for that game. Think of it, like the fighter, passing for Super Smash Brothers and you’re gon na get all the updates going forward in all the new content. If you own sword and shield that’s gon na cost, you $ 60 for both, but if you only own one, it’s only gon na be $ 30. They then go on to talk about how.

Previously there were a second iteration or a perfect iteration of a game or a remix version, whatever you want to call it, and instead of doing that, going forward for this game, they’re gon na be doing paid DLC, which makes sense. The only weird part is. It was nice to start off with a fresh adventure with like the remix version like ultrasound and ultra moon, but now you’re gon na be able to use your current save data going into the new game. So what you’re, just gon na start with level 100 Pokemon? There’S probably gon na be like Internet made challenges of hey.

It start with a level 5 starter again and one of the first shots here we see in the bottom right ASAP dose. That’S inspired some yellow trainer on a wing of Moltres over here over here. We’Re led to see the psychic rival from Pokemon shield and then right in the center of the frame. We have a very large tree, and we can also see Articuno over here and next frame is a whole bunch of artwork that we’re actually going to see a much more detail later on.

We can see images, Reggie, Steele, Reggie ice and down here a brand new Reggie that is yet to be revealed. We then get to see a talonflame designed on a computer as well as a brand new design of a Rotom bike. Talonflame is not in the gallery. Dex and it’s not one of the 35 supported Pokemon, so it’s interesting to see it’s showing up right here. The expansion past part one takes place in a different area and the expansion past part 2 takes place in a different area as well.

Right now we are seeing artwork from part one, the aisle of armor once the camera zooms out. We can actually see the psychic rival right here. We can see images of what I believe is the poison rival, the old champion, a close-in of GMAX Rilla booms face a zoom out of G max and tell Ian and then over. On the right hand, side we can see glory and slowpoke and artwork of G mags, Blastoise and G max venusaur, which we’ll see in more detail shortly. First right here we are led to see galore Ian’s slowpoke. We do not know it’s typing it, although we see what’s either a fire or poison type move later on, so I’m not really too sure what it is.

We’Re also shown that it evolved into question mark. Well, it’s actually cut off here and then later on, you’ll see it’s scrubbed out of frame, but we find out later that it can evolve into glorion Slowbro with an item from the first part of the dlc and it evolves into glorion slow king with an item From the second part of the dlc, we see a whole bunch of different styles of artwork for clothing, for both the male and female trainers: new hairstyles, new hair colors, a lot of new haircuts, the champions hat under brims, new rode on bike, colors and designs, and Then we’re seeing Volcarona on a laptop Volcarona is not in the gallery and pokedex, and it’s not one of the supported Pokemon.

However, this leads us to believe that it’s going to be available as part of the expansion pass as well as Kingdra, who has a lot of artifacts on him, DVD, like in rock their original artwork, just taped to a notebook yeah that wasn’t made specifically for this Direct presentation and then we’re seeing artwork of I can’t a magazine asur, who it’s pedal, has completely overgrown its entire body and its leaves are now pushed down like a bowl cut, that’s nice, and then we see Giganta max Blastoise, who its shell has become absolutely enormous.

Armored and has many many many cannons coming out of it. It’S now turned into an entire fortress and then we’re seeing the galore Ian’s starters and then we’re going to be seeing their Giganta max forms. Rilla boom grows much much larger vines out of its body, and it’s wood drum becomes an entire drum set to which its leaf forms actually play. The different drums, the cymbals, the toms and everything sinteres, grows giant long ears and then is standing on top of a giant pyro ball and in Tallinn I think that’s its tail. Its tail is now SuperDuper long and has water shooting up it, and oh, I get it. He is on top of a building and he’s a sniper that makes sense because that’s that’s his whole gimmick and then only for a split. Second, we see a very, very important thing.

This is an image from the first part of the DLC, and we can clearly see that the camera is completely controllable in the same style as the wild area. We see a beach, we see a different part of a beach that has dens that are shooting out into the distance. We see a building in the background they go on later. To talk about that, the entire area you are going to be able to control the camera, we’re then treated to an almost identical trailer that confused a lot of people who are watching it live, but the trailer is slightly altered. Now this area is going to be showing off part of the second part of the DLC.

We see artwork of the inside of an old, run-down church and, for some reason, we’re seeing this item being circled, we’re traded to whoever that guy is super snowy outfits for the trainers. Regi ice shone in front of this large cold. Looking ruins will go through ins and then in the top right. We see artwork of what has the Reggie dots on it and it looks super cold and it looks bundled up like this.

A sandy ruin very similar to the icy ruin and we have regirock right here and we see Reggie Steele in another ruin and then we are also seeing a cube like box in the top corner, no info on what that is yet and then we’re treated to This ruin that has two different colors going down the middle, which is really confusing when comparing the dots one right here is actually very similar to regigigas. This regigigas has three dots down, and then it has four dots in a diamond pattern.

This one has one dot down three dots in the diamond pattern and then one dot on this side and one we could presume on the other side. So I’m led to believe that this has something to do. This shrine has something to do with the combination of the three Reggie’s that we just saw, but not regigigas or possibly galore, II and regigigas, and here we go possibly galore and regigigas. We can see that this pattern of dots represents the left of the two that we just saw on that ruin.

Now what this is. I have no idea, it does not represent a giant earth or metal based Titan. It could be something completely different going on altogether and then we’re seeing this, which now we see, is the dots on the right side. Okay and this one looks a little bit more like an actual earth-based Titan, but it what are these this, like? Oh, it’s a charged our skull or something. Oh. If you were to take a giant charged art skull and give it some more crazy stuff on it and then split it open.

That’S that design, which in a way kind of reminds me of the tapu’s a little bit huh. That’S neat we’re seeing another image of glory and slowpoke and then a crossed out image of what we could presume would be galore Ian and what’s it zoomed out, we see a little bit more of it and it almost looks like cloister went onto its head, but Again, it’s literally crossed out. We see more trainer customization options based on the second part of the DLC, just like the first part of the DLC, where we saw a fletchling on a computer, we’re led to some more here.

We see aurorus on a computer screen, knitter Ino feel alright, that’s feel and Garchomp. Then we’re led to this. We see images of the three legendary birds and altered forms of all three of them. This one, we’re led to believe is Glorian Moltres, delorean, Articuno and gallery’ and Zapdos. The Moltres looks just absolutely vicious. This could be a gallery inversion or this could be a gigantic Mac’s version. We’Re then shown similar concepts for — gel Orion or Giganta Maxx Articuno, I’m leaning more toward these Argyll Arion forms just because we don’t see the overabundance of purple around this one, and then we Siegel Orion Zapdos, which actually looks a lot like a roadrunner and it Just looks yeah if you took Zapdos and made it into the roadrunner.

Mimi then retreated to the final splash screen in the isle of armour and the third trailer which a lot of people thought. This was recycled content as well after they then chose to recycle over a minute of footage. We then see all of the galore Ian canto birds around this very large tree, followed immediately by gameplay of the trainer at a train station and then, more importantly, the trainer approaching this large ruin that has these two new Reggie symbols on it.

We see approaching the large snowy church and then nothing else and then we’re just treated to the crown Tundra. The only thing on here that I’m not recognizing from any of the footage before is this logo right here, which kind of looks like I don’t know a brontosaurus and we’re shown a side-by-side of part 1 and part 2 of the DLC. We’Re then treated to some really special footage of the brand new legendary Pokemon chillin out in the middle of the desert by himself.

The legendary Pokemon starts off as a little boy and then the little boy evolves into the sword, inspired version or the shield inspired version. The sword inspired version and the shield inspired version have their own different forms of the same Pokemon with different typing’s. However, it is still the same one Pokemon and then we’re treated to this thing. That is another brand new legendary Pokemon with triforces on it. Those are try forces that could not be more of a Triforce if they tried why this baby elk has triforces, I’m not too sure part one of the expansion past the Isle of armors could be for June 2020 and part to the crown.

Tundra is gon na be for fall 2020. Keep in mind that fall goes literally a week before Christmas. It is possible that the Pokemon company is not planning to release a new game for this holiday season. Instead, it’s just going to be part to the crown Tundra. It seems weird, but they could do that there. They can go on to explain again that Pokemon sword has its own expansion pass and Pokemon shield has its own expansion pass. If you play both copies on one switch, you do need to buy the expansion pass for sword and they expansion pass for shield.

Some Pokemon and characters appear differently between the versions which they’ll go on to explain later, that your rival in sword is a poison type user and your rival and shield is a psychic-type user. We’Re then treated something really important. We see that amore and Masuda are the producer and the director of pokemon sword and shield right. We now get to see that thani is the director of the sword and shield expansion pass. That leads us to believe that thani is taking over this. In the same way that the b-team always does the second version of the game like they did omega ruby, alpha, sapphire, ultrasone old trim, moon thani is now doing expansion pass, which leads Masuda and amore to work on 2021 project or 2020.

We don’t know that one program makes confirmed part 1, the Isle of armor part to the crown Tundra. The Isle of armor consists of a very large wild area, controlling style area and part of that is going to be this dojo, where you could get some pretty cool, dojo outfits. Apparently, we now have a new sensei. His name is mustard. It was also Leon’s mentor. If your playing Pokemon sword, your rival, is gon na, be Clara who’s, a poison type user and if you’re playing with Pokemon shield, your rival is Avery. This clown of a psychic-type user you’re, not gon na compete to bead. That’S for sure. We then get more information on the legendary Pokemon of this game or sorry of this expansion pass. Its name is cub foo and it is adorable peer, mentor mustard is going to be gifting you this Pokemon.

Once you complete your trading cup, foo is able to evolve. Possibly with an item or maybe, though, just coated in that, once you’re done with your training its able to evolve, who Shifu has two different forms for Pokemon sword? It is a fighting and dark type and it looks very physically offensive for Pokemon shield. It is a fighting and water type and it looks to be I’m gon na guess, especially offensive or Shifu also has a gigantic ax form. Here we have some images of RG Fu’s, fighting, dark type, Giganta mechs form energy of who’s, fighting water type, Giganta mechs form. You know what I don’t think.

They’Ve actually said that it’s exclusive to the version of the game, so it might not be the color schemes totally lead us to believe that it is the colors the covers are shield. Magenta and sword is blue, though I might have that reverse do you might have the dark one being shield and the water one being sword there? It might not be that you might be able to choose. We have no idea yet we’re then treated to some more information and details as far as the Giganta max forms of the gallery’ and starters, it goes on to say that your special partner Pokemon will be able to Giganta max now, that’s a little unclear as of Right now, we’re told that of a Pokemon doesn’t have the Giganta max trait.

It can’t get the Giganta max trait, however, with the dlc that might change for your partner, Pokemon or it might be any of the starter. Pokemon might be able to get that trait. We’Re not really too sure yet we’re also getting some more tutor moves, which is nice because we definitely have enough TMS and TRS we’re getting a procore — nz that can be made into pokeballs. So it’s possible that in the isle of armor, there’s going to be a perk horn trees, not just berry trees that drop APRA corns that you can make into pokeballs.

Maybe Curt will return that be nice and an experience charm to earn more experience points for your team, because the experience candy isn’t enough. We also get a whole bunch of new fashions, including right here. We can definitely see some more recognizable, looks that’s for sure, new designs and styles for the Rotom bike, which is good because the current option to just change, color isn’t enough. No information on Venus or or Blastoise is Giganta mechs forms.

However, they’re definitely shown off right here. The whole theme of Isle of armor is growth, and the whole theme of the second part of the DLC is going to be exploration, which leads me to believe that part one is smaller and more story base driven and part. Two is going to be larger and have more of a expansive wild area sort of feel. We’Re told that in the crown Tundra there are small towns and communities. We’Re told that a certain person is going to make you the head of their exploration team because you, as an 11 year old child, seem totally qualified for that.

But in this shot we can clearly see Articuno in the background over here looks to be the silhouette of Moltres and was Aptos nowhere to be seen. They say that you’re going to be able to explore inside of Pokemon dens, not just go into a den for a battle inside of dens is actually an area that you can walk around and explore, which is interesting. The crown Tundra introduces us to calorie X the Triforce elk totally what I’m calling it Triforce elk. It is a psychic and grass type we’re also teased as far as a new form of co-op play. It says that you and friends can go into the dens which are underground and explore.

So this sounds like they might be, taking the idea of a raid to a new level that you would be entering the den with up to three friends, your that in this single instance of a den where you would go in, maybe there would be wild Pokemon In there or challenges that you have to do or you could participate in, you know one on one, two on two three on three or four on four battles and then at the very end of the den is going to be a Pokemon that you’re going to Be competing against in a max rate battle, it’s possible that these very special dens may lead us to the new, legendary Pokemon and or returning legendary Pokemon.

Then they go on to talk about a whole bunch of returning Pokemon legendary Pokemon that you’re gon na be able to encounter in these den explorations, which, just like we saw with ultrasonic jamun, had a chance for you to use the ultra wormholes to do all the Legendary Pokemon and Omega Ruby alpha sapphire, while flying around you had a chance to encounter a whole bunch of legendary Pokemon as well. We can see ho-oh lugia the roaming trio. We can see the weather trio where you see the lake Guardians the time and space boys where you see the weather cloud, boys, restroom and Zekrom. Are they time and space?

I don’t know. I skipped fourth and fifth gen, the sixth gen legendaries, the tapu’s, the seventh gen legendaries legends return. What’S weird, though, is that some of these pokemon are currently coded in the game like so Gallio luna la the kiram trio are already coded in the game, so i don’t i I’m just confused. It says that brand new legendary Pokemon are waiting to be found while showing the reggie’s and the Kanto birds, it doesn’t specifically say new forms or new glorion forms of these Pokemon. It also does not talk about if you do have the online service. If you can do the coop, you would believe that, if you did, you would be able to go in there with NPCs, and hopefully they don’t have a soul Rock who uses cosmic power they’ll.

Also add in 100 plus new ways to customize your look with clothing items and hairstyles with the two parts of the DLC. I love that you can make yourself look like Marnie and the Chairman and you’re retreated to the I wear from lissandra from Pokemon X & Y and hang on. I had to look this up. Gets this from Team Plasma again didn’t play fourth or fifth gen. I probably should – and it also looks like you’re finally gon na – be able to get the sponsorships on your outfit, which I’ve been hoping. That was that things since the game first started. I love how the Game Freak logos on there as well being able to do challenges and get all these sponsorships on your outfit.

Definitely want that as an option. It also sounds like once you’re done with the main story you’re going into the post game, which is these areas, and then there’s gon na be a post post, post story or post post post thing to do which says a new battle challenge. This could be like a new battle tree battle, tower battle, frontier sort of thing, and then they use some very interesting language right here that I’m just gon na play this back in real time.

Does that mean that they’re planning more DLC expansions? Oh now we see the same area code that has the glory and slowpokes everywhere. Both part, one of the DLC and part two of the DLC. The separate islands are continuous Maps so think of how in breadth of the wild, you would just go from the main area into a building. It sounds like that’s what they’re doing with this? Not that the while there is its own, separate, segregated area and then you would enter a town or route. That’S you know a fixed map right outside of the dojo. You have max raid ins now we’re getting to the semantics of things: they’re, adding 200 plus Pokemon from the Pokemon past games into this. So we have what 340 ish old Pokemon that’s gon na be brought up to 540 of the previous 800. Still, not all the Pokemon, but a large number of them have been brought over to this game brought over to the to the expansion passes.

Further makes me believe that there’s gon na be a part three and a part four and the part three and part four. Might just have might just have the rest of them now without the expansion pass. If you do not buy this $ 30 DLC, you are going to get a free update to pokemon, sword and shield that is going to allow you to trade. With the expansion past people and be able to bring those Pokemon in there also talking about Pokemon home, so without the expansion pass with Pokemon home, you will be able to transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon, go, let’s go and bank into sword and shield and have all Of those Pokemon currently the 340 and then after those updates rollouts the 640, the 540 returning Pokemon.

This is the graphic explaining the thing that I just said: Pokemon home comes out next month, more details on Pokemon home. Coming soon, it sounds like the max raid dens are going to be changing, expect a wild area update from Austin John plays later today or tomorrow. Whatever that official information is released. Also later today, there’s going to be a software update that has a cutscene in the wedge her station, where you’re gon na meet the rival of the DLC, and they are going to gift you a goal: Orion slowpoke we’re then given information, how gallery’ and slowpoke evolves.

You cannot evolve it at this point in time. You do need the item from the DLC today you’re going to be able to pre-purchase the expansion, which means as soon as it’s released, you can absolutely just download it. The weird part is is that the shroom was cut off, which leads me to believe that they’re going to be updating the pause screen. That has the option for you to download the expansion pass.

That’S most likely going to be in today’s update. That gives you the glory and slowpoke great again, it’s $ 30. You could pre purchase it today. This video is long enough as it is it’s over by

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