Hey guys HTV here and welcome back to a brand new video, very exciting video, because a Pokemon direct has just been announced today for the night of January, which is in two days. So on Thursday we are getting a brand new, Pokemon direct. Of course, I will stream it and everything like that, but I’ll get over onto that later on the video. But if you’re excited for this new information, please do drop a like down below leave a comment.

What do you guys think we’re gon na see in this direct and, of course, subscribe if you’re brand new? We do daily Pokemon content on this channel and, of course, keep you up to date with all latest things Pokemon, but all of out of the way. Let’S get into the video, and I really hope that you enjoy so start things off Pokemon direct, just being announced today about an hour and a half ago. Super super each side.

It says pokemon direct the the night of the first really not is really annoying when the day sliders cuz the super difficult to read for me, because obviously they live the way around where I’m from via says the 9th of January 2020. 6:30 a.m.

Pt 9:30 a.m. et tune in on the 9th of the first half 6:00 in the morning for roughly 20 minutes of new Pokemon information in a live streamed, Pokemon Direct presentation so again I’ll be streaming this I mean that I’ll probably go live like an hour before, As we always used to do with the whole bingo card and everything, but yes, a Pokemon direct, is on its way on the night of on the night of June, which I say is a is a Friday Thursday.

This Thursday is in a couple days, don’t have to wait that long for this Pokemon direct sorry, what could this Pokemon direct have? Well, there’s a number of different things. First, off no, it’s not going to be. I mean it could be, but I highly highly highly doubt they are going to be announcing a new game, like I don’t know, sunshield, 2 or diamond and pearl remakes, or anything like that.

Everything is gon na be like that, because sunshield has just come out a couple months ago. I feel like the new game is mostly gon na get announced in like March April May time. I think right now. It’S just gon na be sword and shield for a little bit, but that being said is a 20-minute Pokemon direct, so that is the longest director we’ve ever had and I’ll go over that in in a minute but um yeah. Sorry, what could this direct have? So, like I say, I don’t think is going to be a new game like 99 % so and it’s not gon na, be like a reveal of a brand new game.

Again it could be. Who knows? This is a long time. What I think is more likely going to be is one of three things or all three things because, like I say, 20 minutes a long time, so first off pokemon home, I think Pokemon home is finally going to be given a release date. It might even be one of those things where it’s like you’re gon na be able to do Pokemon home after this director mine.

One of those things be a Pokemon home, I think definitely, 110 percent is getting announced because they have said that Pokemon home is getting announced early 2020 and guess what we’re in early 2020, so a Pokemon home 110 % has to be announced tomorrow. There’S just like no other way it has to be announced. Next, I think Pokemon sleep will be announced, which was something that I think it was shown when Pokemon home was shown as well, and I don’t really know what Pokemon sleepers to be various kinda, just like sleeping and your level before somewhere, I don’t know, I think It has something to do with Pokemon go maybe and then lastly, it could be a new, mythical Pokemon or a new event, or something like that for Pokemon sword and Pokemon children.

What I mean by that is like the new mythical everyone likes house ever aura was announced. In March, a doe was announced by that it could be like a brand new, mythical Pokemon announced and how to get it or whatever, or it could just be like some. Like a schedule of like some raids or something that’s gon na be happening with Pokemon home.

Obviously, a lot of people think they’re gon na be kind of bringing it with like an explosion of different things like personally, I think the 35 coded Pokemon that are inside shield are not available, yet some of those will be released with Pokemon home. I feel like, like obviously the squirtle Bulbasaur line, the gen 7 stars they’re, all coded into Pokemon sort of shield they’re just not available to get as of now, but I feel like they’re gon na. Do some new Giganta max raise maybe Giganta max meanness or dragons max Blastoise? It makes sense because we have Giganta max Charizard, so it would make sense to release those.

But I feel like Pokemon home is gon na get released with some sort of event in Pokemon sword and shield to help kind of I don’t know, make people download Pokemon home. Now I don’t believe the Pokemon home is going to be going to be free. I hope it is at the same time Pokemon bank, I think, was about $ 5 for a year, but on the other side of the scale we do now have to buy online, which is 20 dollars a year. So maybe they’ll just give us Pokemon home for free, like okay, they’re already paying $ 20 for a year I like online, so it was just giving Pokemon home.

So hopefully they do something like that. My Pokemon home is 110 % being not announced but kind of, like, I guess, 110 % on the night, like everything about it, the release day, what you’re gon na be like just more information about the app basically cuz it’s about time. We got it like. We need it basically because a lot of Pokemon in other games that we don’t know we do want to put in Pokemon so unsure, but anyway, 20 minutes. It is the longest I reckon we’ve ever had.

I will link Joe’s tweet in the description down below, but here we have, he says Pokemon direct length so January, the 8th 2013. It was 11 minutes and 12 seconds September 4. 2013 was 19 minutes and 25 seconds February. The 26th 2016 was 6 minutes 30 June. The sick 2017 was 8 minutes, been tagged, 10 seconds February. The 27th 2019, which I do believe was a soreness shield.

One was 7 minutes and a second long and then the latest one that we had was June the 5th last year, 2019, 16 minutes 42, so says this direct is going to be the longest ever pokemon direct that this is going to be interesting, so yeah, even Though I think most of like this direct is going to be Pokemon, home, Pokemon sleep and maybe some sword and shield stuff, it might even throw in like a new mobile game or something like that. I definitely could see that happening.

20 minutes is a long time and we got a lot of stuff line in all of these directs before, like 7 minutes, like that shirt, a lot about soreness, you know I only tastes like a few seconds to announce something and then like a bear gameplay, but I died, I would love them to announce a new game, so it make Pokemon even more high right now, but again like so and shoot has just come out, so I just can’t see them release it like announcing down and programming so sword, shield, 2 or new. Let’S go game like that. I think, if they’re gon na release it might announce a new game, it’s gon na be like a new mobile game like maybe like a new mystery dungeon game from robot or something that would be like super super cool.

I’D love to see that be a azzam now plunge attempts and can be poke. My home and Pokemon sleep but, like I said well, that’s gon na go over the the basic light information of stuff, because therapy does have all the times are in sanh, which is gon na. Be super super useful again. I will put this in the description down below but says: hey pokemon direct is to be aired on January, the 9th at 1430 UTC 9:30 est 6:30 PST 2330 jst, the direct wool house 20 minutes of Pokemon content a present. We don’t know what it will contain, but will provide more details and it comes so.

I think I think my time is off to. I think I think that’s when it’s getting an out. I don’t know it says here anyway, it says: live in 46 hours, so yeah half to one the 9th of January – for me so again I’ll be going live about half one ready for that live stream, but yeah I mean those live streams Roy’s to perform, because I was just super excited and would you like a little bingo card too trying to like guess everything, there’s gon na be a now see if we get bingo, obviously, but that is the announcement.

So this is Pokemon home Pokemon home is the new storage solution introduced in 2020 and intended to pave the way forward with Pokemon connectivity for future games in releasing on Nintendo switch, iOS and Android devices? So don’t know how it’s gon na connect Pokemon bank, so slates not get released on 3ds, which obviously kind of makes sense. But I just don’t a half at one like Bank is gon na connect. Maybe it’s just gon na be like alright final swing. I guess and says:

Pokemon home is a cloud-based system that allows players to connect with all Pokemon games is included in 10 or 3des games through Pokemon bank Pokemon go Pokemon, let’s go peach one. Let’S go Eevee and Pokemon sword and shield allowing a four players to store all of their Pokemon in one place. Although the utility connects with all games and the connections with Pokemon bank Pokemon go and Pokemon, let’s go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee are only one way. Once you put a pokemon from these games into Pokemon home, you won’t be able to get any. You won’t be able to put any into those games from home pokemon sword shield, however, can both deposit and withdraw Pokemon from Pokemon home.

So basically, what that means is, if you pop out one from bank or Pokemon, go or let’s move between any Pokemon home, you cannot get them back into those games. They are forever going to be in Pokemon, home or any future titles, whereas with sword and shield, you can put a Pokemon into Pokemon home, but then you can also take one out and put it into Pokemon so insured. That’S basically just what it’s saying that the utility also has the capability of allowing for trades with friends and buzzers around the world directly through the Pokemon home app either locally or online, which is really cool like they didn’t say.

It’S just gon na be like some stories thing like Pokemon, bang, there’s gon na be like a bunch of features and program home, which is very interesting and now we’re just gon na. Take a quick look at Pokemon sleep again anomaly potential. This is, but I feel like it will get announced tomorrow. Pokemon sleep is a unique title for mobile devices. Pokemon sleep aims to turn sleep into entertainment by having the players, sleep, duration and wake up time affect the gameplay.

Further details are unknown. The game does, however, connect with a new device. The Pokemon go plus the device is similar to the Pokemon go Plus. Oh, this is Pokemon globe, plus plus similar to the Pokemon go plus, and then it works been exactly the same as a Pokemon go plus in Pokemon go. But when tied to pokemon sleep, it will be able to detect the player’s sleep patterns and use them for the game. So basically, if you’re a good sleeper, you gon na smash it, but that is pretty much everything for today’s video again.

If you’re excited for this direct drop a like down below I just, I want to know what you guys. Think, though, what do you think we are getting tomorrow? I’M 110 % just put it in Pokemon Pokemon, sleep, they’re, the main ones, but don’t think there’s gon na be twenty minutes on just those things I feel like. We might get like an extra mythical Pokemon or maybe like a new mobile game or something else announced, but whether that’s gon na be a new switch tile or not.

Who knows, but that is gon na, be everything thank you. So much for watching, like say, drop a comment subscribers your brand new ring that notification bell and is gon na, be everything from me, though I shall see you all on the stream soon until then, there guys [, Music, ]

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