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Pokémon GO Gets New AR Mapping Feature! (+ What It Could Mean…)


Hey everyone chris here with a quick news update on pokemon, go as niantic have announced a brand new, augmented reality feature coming to the game. With this new feature, certain pokestops will now provide an ar mapping task when you spin them and to complete the task you open the ar scanning screen, which is really just the camera of your phone, but then you scan the pokestop doing. This will give you special rewards, such as rare candies, and it will also count as your daily field research tasks.

Now. This announcement has led to some more speculation about what exactly this means behind the scenes, as it’s possible. That niantic is actually using this as a way to see if pokestops are still there in real life or if they need to be changed or moved like think about it. This way in real life, if a statue or water fountain has been moved or changed, niantic will have to update that in the in-game map. After all, you’re, essentially using the camera of your phone to film the pokestop, giving them the perfect chance to see if the pokestop is still actually there in real life. So people are theorizing that this is supposed to look like a cool new thing, but really it actually has larger implications.

We don’t want to speculate like crazy, but that certainly leads to some interesting discussions. But regardless hey we’re getting a new update for pokemon go it’s this cool new ar feature. It doesn’t seem to be too terribly extensive, but if you’re playing pokemon go then this will be a fun new feature to have so that pretty much wraps up this quick news update. So let us know what you guys think about this down below. Are you guys excited for this update and do you think the theories could be true? Let us know and be sure to subscribe to game, explain for more on pokemon and other things: gaming. 2.

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