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Hey guys HDvee here and welcome to a brand new video. Today we have some more pokemon legends, arches gameplay clips to go over they’ve posted a new page to the japanese website, showcasing the different ways on catching pokemon in the upcoming game. You can obviously sneak up and then catch the pokemon or you can battle it and then catch it. They’Ve also uploaded some gameplay clips to kind of show off the different methods we have pokemon evolution’s first episode dropping today and as well as that yesterday pokemon announced a new collaboration with oreos. It’S 2021 anything can happen, apparently either way if you’re excited for today’s video.

As always, make sure to drop a like down below, let’s join in 500 likes, it really helps out leave a comment with your thoughts on anything we cover in today’s video subscribe for daily pokemon content ring the notification bell with all of that out of the way. Let’S get into the video and i really hope that you enjoy so starting things off. This is the page on the japanese pokemon legends arceus website. So, as you can see, it starts off saying, find pokemon. This is translated from japanese by the way.

So if the sentences don’t make sense in some spaces, it’s because of the translation and then, as you can see, it goes over the different methods. So here we obviously have aim and throw the ball and then let’s weaken and battle, and then, if you click it, it kind of shows you all about that method and then some new gameplay clips to support as well. So we’re going to be breaking this down today, it says, find pokemon. Pokemon live as they are in various places, such as grasslands, forests and water run around the wilderness and find it uh find the pokemon you want to catch, and then it goes on to say the key to capturing pokemon is to identify its characteristics. So we all know this uh, some pokemon are very timid.

They fly away just like starly does in one of these gameplay clips, whereas some pokemon, like shinx, will battle you and try and kill you really so yeah kind of different ends of the spectrum. Anyway, it goes on to say: wild pokemon behave differently depending on the species. The key to successful capture is to devise a catching method according to the characteristics of the pokemon. Now, of course, there are different methods to utilize in order to catch different pokemon. You can sneak in grass, so obviously they don’t see you and if there’s nothing around to hide behind like rocks or grass, you can also craft smoke bombs or smoke balls, and then that also creates like a shroud of smoke, that you can hide in and then Catch the pokemon, so yeah there’s very different ways to um catch all these different pokemon.

Also, i want to know what this little symbol is down here like this is obviously like your items and stuff. This is kind of your sketch pad. I think this might be your storage, i’m not really too sure a lot of people are kind of raising their eyebrows at this kind of image. So yeah i’m not really sure what that is, but i think it might be some sort of storage system anyway. So we have aim and throw the ball or let’s weaken in battle.

So let’s click on aim and throw the ball um. So this is where you obviously can just run up to the pokemon, and then you actually have to aim it, and then you throw it um. So it says here: wild pokemon throw and catch monster balls they don’t. That was just translated badly when you find the pokemon, you want to catch first approach, it shorten the distance and hold the pokeball, then aim at the pokemon and throw the ball without missing a chance. If the pokemon that entered the ball does not pop out again, the capture is successful.

Pokemon the runaway quickly become less noticeable when approaching by hiding in the grass or in the shade of rocks so yeah. You obviously have to approach the pokemon or you can hide in grass and stuff and then aim and catch. I wonder what happens if you miss, especially you have to aim in this kind of method. If you, if you miss, then does the pokemon just flee, or do they just take no notice of it uh? So we’ve already seen this gameplay clip here, so this is one i showed um a while back.

Also, when i went over the whole shiny hunting method as well like if shinies are in this game – and you do see a shiny starly and it just runs away like that, it’s gon na leave you kind of broken-hearted uh. This is a new gameplay clip on the right, though it actually shows what happens when you successfully catch a pokemon and how it kind of returns to you um. So, as you can see, she’s kind of aiming the pokeball, she catches the starly, the other one. In the back, don’t care at all that his brother’s just been captured, and then it only rolls once fireworks pop out and then a kind of a blue line, kind of comes back into you and then that’s how you um kind of get it. I’M i’m not really sure how i feel about that.

I would rather, you have to run up and pick up the pokeball like we’re in ancient sino times and they’ve somehow developed a pokeball being able to get sucked into you or something like that, but yeah. As you can see, this is a new gameplay clip and again it just shows what happens when you do catch a pokemon. Of course, there’s no uh three shakes in this game and that’s probably because you’re going to be catching a lot of the same pokemon again. We’Ve seen the different like research, tasks and stuff. You have to do so.

Many different things, um and so yeah you’re gon na have to catch and defeat a lot of the same pokemon in order to get a full kind of entry for that set pokemon. So yeah, that’s the uh, obviously the approach method and then next up we have let’s weaken in battle, so this is uh. The protagonist battling a shinx and i think both of these are new gameplay clips. I’M not too sure, though, but anyway it says. Battles are an important way to catch pokemon by reducing the physical strength of pokemon in battle.

It becomes easier to catch. In particular, aggressive pokemon are dangerous because they aggressively attack when they notice the main character. So it is good to fight and catch them. So uh here it says pokemon that aggressively attack from the other side should be weakened in battle before being caught. So what that means, i think, is that some pokemon you just won’t be able to catch that like are aggressive to you like shinx.

Maybe you have to enter a battle to catch them uh, maybe you can catch them from behind or something i don’t know, but it says here that it’s much better if you um get into a battle with the aggressive pokemon, but also the thing to note here Is on this gameplay clip on the right? You don’t have to aim. We have the health bar there on the shins, and then it just has a cutscene that plays where the protagonist throws the pokeball so yeah when you actually get into the battle with the pokemon. As you can see, you don’t have to aim so maybe that’s easier, maybe if you’re terrible at aiming the pokeball, maybe it’s just always better to somehow get into a battle with the pokemon um. But obviously we have the cynical there as well and then on the left.

We have shinx actually attacking the protagonist with um. It might be spark, or something kind of gives me uh, dark souls vibes, though really um with the whole roll out of the way of the attack. I mean the game gave me dark souls vibes anyway, but just kind of seeing it in battle are definitely giving me dark soul, vibes but yeah. I think the clip on the right. I don’t know i feel like it’s.

A new gameplay clip the one on the left, i’m pretty sure is and then obviously this one is here – we’ve already seen this one before but yeah. This might also be one as well, but yeah, just nice to know that uh, if you basically get into a battle with a pokemon, you don’t have to aim the only time you have to aim. The pokeball is when you’re like kind of covered in grass or smoke or whatever and you’re, just catching the pokemon from far away uh, but yeah. That’S the the page, basically that i wanted to go over for today. Next up, we obviously have pokemon evolution’s.

First episode. Dropping today on the 9th of september, if you don’t know what pokemon evolutions is it’s basically a new mini series that they’re creating uh, which basically takes a look at each individual region and they follow like a protagonist in each of those regions uh. So here we have obviously like the blurb and stuff of what it is. It looks really good. I’M really excited for today’s episode to be fair might have already been uploaded by the time.

This goes live um, but either way, i’m probably not gon na. Do. Reviews of the episodes – because i don’t know how, like copyright and stuff works with them um, but either way i’m gon na, be watching them all anyway. I’M really excited for them, but as we can see september, the 9th 2021 is the champion episode featuring the gala region. Um, so yeah that’s happening today.

We don’t have a specific time zone, but again it might be uploaded by the time this video goes live and then we don’t get another episode until the 23rd of september, which is all about alola. And then we have two episodes in october being on the 7th and the 21st. So the 7th is the kalos region and then the 21st is the unova region. We get nothing in november, most likely because of the brilliant diamond shining pearl games dropping. But then we have four episodes in december being the second, the 9th the 16th and the 23rd uh, which is set place, obviously in the sinoho and johto and kanto region.

And then this is kind of like the uh, the poster up here. So you can see kind of what protagonists um appear in what um region and stuff so like. We’Ve got uh leaf, uh with blastoise in kanto zinnia and in hohen, and gets this in unover and so forth, and so what uh so on so yeah! That’S coming out today really excited for that and then finishing things off. As we said, there was a pokemon and oreo collaboration yesterday wasn’t expecting this in the slightest.

This is a really cool trailer, though again, i’m not sure if i can play it because of copyright and stuff um, but it’s uh it it’s it’s such a cool. I don’t know why. Pikachu looks like that. It’S such a cool trailer though it’s basically made out of kind of it’s like pixelated, but it’s supposed to be like made out of oreos, so yeah they’ve done a really really good job of this um. Basically, it’s just a pokemon trainer trying to catch pikachu and then it kind of kind of goes on to all the different oreos that you can get um.

So i think there’s like 15 or 16 to collect or something like that and it’s just a different pokemon. So here we obviously have mew and then we got sableye bulbasaur um. Oh my god. What is that? I can’t even tell what that is off top of my head.

I actually have no idea what that is off top of my head. I can’t really make it out, i’m sure you guys will tell me the comments. We’Ve got la processo, nicole, pikachu uh dratini. Is there uh, i think that’s grooky, and then we have pancham. I think that is charmander squirtle, jigglypuff, snivy, piplup and rowlet.

So obviously we have the um. Well, we have most of the legends archie starters uh. We have one of the similar starters um, so yeah. I thought they would have put all the sino-stars and the legends archie stars in this campaign just simply because they’re the ones coming out in the new games, but maybe it’s got nothing to do with that, but anyway yeah just something that i never thought i’d see. The day um pokemon times oreos collaboration, and then this is obviously the um, the packaging of it so yeah.

I want to get myself some of them anyway. That is going to be everything for today’s video. Let me know what you guys thought about it, which catching mechanic are you probably going to do more? Do you think you’re going to take the sneaky approach and catch them from afar being very stealthily or just gon na run in guns blazing being like? Let me attack that pokemon, just like i always have done and then catch it when it’s weak, i’m probably gon na go with the aggressive approach.

I don’t know. Actually, i kind of like doing stealth stuff well, we’ll have to see – maybe maybe it’s just better to do certain things for certain pokemon either way drop a like if you uh, if you enjoyed, let’s try it 500 likes again leave a comment subscribe if you’re brand New for daily pokemon content ring the notification bell. That’S everything from me have a fantastic rest of your thursday and until next time, peace, [, Music, ]. You

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