Progression and Itemization in New World | Amazon’s MMO (pre-release coverage E06)


The inquiry concluded that duping the community with a fake trailer and insinuating that the US is a third world country in mid collapse resulted in considerable backlash. The advised course of action is penance. You are absolutely right, we should apologize. But we won?t. Next up: Player Progression and Itemization in the upcoming MMO New World. Leveling, Weapon Mastery, Armor Classes, Crafting and more. Stay tuned. Finally we have an interesting topic in front of us, so, let?s just jump into it. First things first, let?s talk Player Progression. Characters in New World progress across three main categories – Core Attributes, Weapon Mastery and Trade Skills. You can level up as many Weapons and Trade Skills as you like, but you are limited in how many points you can assign to each of your core attributes.


Core Attributes, in their essence, govern how powerful you are in comparison to others. At level one, your character has five points across all five Attributes and you cannot drop below this five point minimum. Each time you level up, you gain one attribute point to assign to whichever attribute you chose. Attributes are soft-capped at 60, but can be pushed beyond that limit with gear and items for diminishing returns. New World is a classless MMO. What it means is that you do not pick a starting class that defines your playstyle. Instead, your playstyle defines your class. Using weapons in combat grants weapon mastery for that particular weapon when you defeat enemies. Each weapon has two skill trees and each skill tree has a selection of active and passive abilities that you can unlock for that weapon.


Every time you gain a mastery level in a particular weapon, you can spend a point to unlock one of these abilities and bonuses. It is not, however, possible to unlock all of the abilities and bonuses across the two mastery trees for a given weapon. So you have to choose wisely on where to spend your mastery points. As always, more information on Weapon Mastery coming in the near future so stay tuned for that. Trade skills are a variety of non-combat skills that you can master. Four gathering skills, five refining skills and seven crafting skills. Gathering skills allow you to, well, gather things in the wilds of Aeternum. Wood, ore, stone, animal skins, fibers, fruits and vegetables. Leveling up your gathering skills allows you to gather better quality resources and at higher levels even unlocks the ability to detect valuable resources from afar.


Refining skills allow you to, again quite obviously, refine raw resources into something more suitable for crafting. Ore into ingots, wood into planks, prescription medication into meth, and so on. Leveling up refining skills allows you to be more resource efficient. Saving precious time and preserving your resources. Crafting skills allow you to craft items from refined materials. Weaponsmiths craft melee weapons, Armorers craft armors. Engineers craft ranged weapons and ammo. You get the idea. You can expect a full video on crafting in the upcoming weeks. Any MMO player will tell you that a good game needs only one thing. Not a good combat system. Not an interesting art direction. Not even fun things to do. It?s all about how much shiny shit you can carry on your character and in your bag.


Ha, ha, haaa. That?s the joke done, let?s talk about itemization. Let?s start with consumables. Food and drink items play an important role. Providing you with slow health regeneration over an extended period of time, they allow you to tackle the dangers of Aeternum. To make the most out of your food items, it is advised to wait until you are in a safe place to eat. And while raw foods can be used to recover health, it is best to eat cooked meals prepared at your camp or at a Kitchen in a settlement.


Potions and tinctures are vials of drinkable substances offering specific bonuses on top of food and drink. Potions grant their effects over a few minutes, while tinctures have an instantaneous effect. Potions would then be employed, for example, to enhance your defence against a particular damage type. While tinctures are instant recovery items – recovering health or mana, or stopping bleeding and poison. Weapon coatings are further optimization items. When applied to your weapons, a coating grants bonus damage to a family of enemies. For example a Corrupted Coating means more damage to the Corrupted, while Beast Coating means more damage to the beasts and animals of Aeternum. To tackle the threats of the island, you will need weapons and armor to defend yourself. You can acquire them by crafting or finding them. You can discern an item?s power by a few things. The first characteristic is the gear score. The higher the gear score, the more powerful a piece of equipment is. Then you have perks. An item can drop or be crafted with up to three perks and the same item can function differently depending on said perks.


In general, items with higher gear score have a higher probability to have more perks than items with a lower gear score. The more perks an item has, the rarer it is. No perks means a common item. One perk means an uncommon item. An item with two perks is classified as rare and an item with three perks is of the epic rarity. Another feature to discern an item?s power is the gem slot. Items have a chance to have an empty gem slot in them. This slot can then be filled with a gemstone from a skilled Jewelcrafter to further enhance the item. You?ll be carrying a lot of stuff around and the weight of your equipment slows you down, and in turn dictates how fast you move and how often you can evade attacks.


It is armor that dictates how fast and nimble you are in the end. Three types of armor – light, medium and heavy – carry with them three weight classes. Wearing all light armor makes you fast and able to dodge often, leading to an overall focus on evasion over taking hits on the chin. Medium armor is squarely in the middle. And heavy armor puts you in the ?I just sit here and take hits all day? category. It is a good idea to make sure you understand how gear and items work before venturing into the wilds of the mysterious island of Aeternum.


After all, tinkering with your build is fun. Getting your face caved in by enemies is not. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. If you liked the video drop a like and subscribe to my channel. If you already are, there?s more New World content on the way, so hit that bell button to get notified when it?s out. As for right now, that?s it from me for today. You guys have a good one..

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