PS5 UPDATE is SUS. ACTIVISION CANCELS, Modern Warfare Battle Royale Warzone Leaks & Release Date


You know what have you start: mom fans welcome back, and today we got a lot of really good news. Regarding the ps5. Yesterday we heard that its manufacturing cost is gon na be 450 dollars, but today we’re hearing that Sony is cutting cost and they are cutting features out of it. I know I just said good news, but this doesn’t sound like a good news, so we have an update to the story. I will be talking about it and we have new reports coming in. We also have Activision in the news they are refusing.

They are refusing. Oh yes – and I will be talking about that – we got new leaks regarding monomorphic battle. Royale the release date is looking pretty promising and this new league that just dropped it actually. Given me a lot of hope, so I am pretty positive about it. Gon na be talking about all of that, we got a ton of news to go over and I just want to get right into it as long as I do Call of Duty and all the gaming news. If I stud muffin, like you, isn’t too bad, then subscribe, and recently your support has been absolutely crazy eyes. I appreciate each and every single one of you if you dig the video smash the like button, but first of all, this is something that we heard yesterday view heard the fact that PlayStation 5 manufacturing cost is around 450 dollars. Now, I’m pretty sure a lot of you have already heard the story, so not really gon na take a lot of time here, because we actually have an update to the situation, and you know what 450 dollars sounds very plausible. It sounds pretty nice as well, because, if that’s really gon na be how much it cost to make the PS 5, then that tells me that the price of this thing is gon na be almost 500 dollars.

But that’s kind of like what we heard from the leaks. But Sony is planning dog, they’re thinking big, on urologists working under then they got psychologists working under them and they are telling them very well wait for Michael’s up to reveal the price and that’s where I gets us, because obviously Microsoft is gon na be at e3. They already confirm that they’re gon na be at e3 they’re gon na have a reveal there and obviously, if you put two and two together, you get a three, not a four right, so it makes sense that they’re gon na be revealing the Xbox prize at e3. But what if they are also playing catch with PS, 5 and Sony? What if they do, are reveal at e3 and they still don’t reveal the price I mean that’s gon na be the biggest meme on 20/20 yeah. You got ta be real, so that’s where we kind of add. We know the man during costs, but we do not know the official price. Maybe they’re gon na make it 450 dollars, like point-blank and they’re, not gon na take any profit, maybe they’re gon na make it like 469.

You know for $ 70 they’re gon na take $ 20 profit, because this is what this article says for comparison. The position for retailed for 399 US dollars and was estimated by IHS market to cost 381 US dollars to manufacture, so they only took about $ 18. They weren’t like really taking profits on the console sales and looking at now I mean PlayStation 4 sold over 100 million units, so they made paper, but normally in business they like to double the marg and sometimes even triple the margins to make extra moolah. You know they want to see Benji’s come in like a tsunami and like that, but they didn’t because Sony was playing chess. They were, actually, you know competing with Microsoft, where Xbox one had a Kinect and it costed more than ps4, and you know what normal and casual gamers were like hey. I mean ps4 cost a little bit less and just because of the price, the sales exploded and, of course, Sony had a lot more to give. They had exclusive titles and whatnot.

So this time, I’m pretty certain that they’re really not gon na try to make money on the console sales yeah. They can. If, let’s say Xbox Microsoft comes out tomorrow and they’re like well yeah every console costs $ 500, then they are also gon na make it. So it’s either $ 500 or a little bit less. Maybe they’re gon na go with four hundred and seventy dollars, because the real way they’re gon na make money is by actually selling the PlayStation memberships right. That’S out, they’re gon na make money now think about it. For a second, they took only eighteen dollars in terms of profit on PlayStation for it, but they sold about 100 million units even more than that and hundred million people.

Let’S say: hypothetically 80 million people bought depletion, memberships and Xbox sold about forty to fifty million units. They did way less in revenue right, so just think about that, and also this is a new report that is coming out, and I just want to put it on your screen. New PS, 5 feature reportedly canceled due to supply issues and that’s where Corona actually gets in the news, because, according to a new report, more specifically, it’s being reported that Sony was pretty. We planning on including a new mirrorless camera with the PS 5. But this had to be cancelled to a shortage of deer and supply. Now, of course, this isn’t like a disaster.

I’M not gon na be pouring my water out or anything like that, but when you think about it, D cancel it because there was a shortage of DRM and you know they can’t put extra DRM into the console. But that’s gon na cost extra money and if they do that, while the manufacturing cost will go up and they would have to price this a little bit more and they are just competing with Microsoft, they want to make sure the price is good. Because if it’s not that’s, when people are gon na neglect, the console and they’re gon na go after something else. So that’s kind of like where we add at this point – and I know that there are some jimmies out there – they’re like well for other at 50 dollars that doesn’t sound right. It’S gon na be way cheaper, so cheaper, equal that lets quality, actually, not because here’s the thing if you purchase only one unit off of Alibaba or any Chinese website, China number one.

But if you do that, obviously it’s gon na cost a lot. But when you bulk it and you’re asking for millions and millions of units to be manufactured, the cost will absolutely go down right. So that’s kind of like what’s happening, they’re buying all these components, they’re manufacturing it in China and they are asking for a lot more units compared to any so Flor, Antonio out there right and speaking of China and Corona, I obviously won’t be able to say the Whole word on YouTube, but position 5 production reportedly unaffected by Corona, and that is really a good news, but I mean don’t let your dogs out just yet, because this is what this article says in a new report that seemingly reveals the cost of the PS 5. The aforementioned media outlets notes that the ongoing Corona has had no impact so far on preparations for the PlayStation 5 production.

Of course, this could change if the krona persist or gets worse, but for now it sounds like Sony. Isn’T too worried about the corona impacting its business? I mean, oh, my god. Interestingly, it’s also noted that Sony hasn’t decided how many units it’s going to produce in the first year. The company is apparently expecting a slow adoption which could lead to it producing fewer consoles. I mean if you know that you’re gon na be buying PS v d1. The best thing you can really do here is that as soon as it’s revealed, hopefully that gets revealed soon because by the looks of it, they’re playing chess with Xbox they’re waiting for them to announce that as soon as they review it just go out there.

Man pre-order that mofo put money down ASA because if Corona really gets worse well, we’re not really gon na see a whole lot of production. On the other hand, though, we got activation in the news and we got some sad news, because this report confirms the fact that Call of Duty movie is no longer a priority for Activision, and you know what I got ta pour this down for the boys without Actually pouring it because I don’t have you know I wan na wet my place, I mean water is not wet, but according to the staff man who was said to be the director of the Call of Duty movie Activision no longer sees the movie has a priority For their business, in the current moment, Activision Blizzard announced in November of 2015 and that’s like right after or around the time of black ops, 3 release, which was just a god tier Call of Duty, the microtransactions. But they announced that that they were creating the activision blizzard studios to build and create original films and TV shows around own IP project. Apparently, the writer of this movie was the the joker movie writer, scott silver, a who wrote the script for this movie. I personally have not seen the Joker movie, but you know I’m kind of sad that that’s kind of going on. I mean I wanted to see Captain Price prank modes, all of them on the red carpet.

I wanted to see that all the big screen, but obviously Activision, had to get their schlongs involved and speaking of getting their schlongs involved, I mean, in my opinion this is really a good news, because we’re hearing that YouTube paid Activision, Blizzard close to 160 million dollars For overwatch League and Call of Duty League for three years I mean damn, and this is paper dog and the reason I said this is good. Obviously, in my opinion, is because which is good for streaming, but YouTube is where the sauce is at, though that’s where the real butter is at. That’S where everybody’s at – and this is really a good business move not only that director of 160 million dollars were free, but they are gon na be pulling themselves and they’re gon na be reaching a lot more people on YouTube. And before I get you the model. Morphus battle royale topic: we actually have dota 2 in the news, and what I’m hearing is that dota 2 band over 40,000 players for abusing matchmaking it I just got a clap you’re, not had to do it, but on the flip side we have new information regarding Model morphus battle royal, we have the release date and we also have new clip, which I definitely won’t be able to show.

And I do apologize in advance because if I put this on the video, while Activision will get their schlongs involved and rightfully so, but we got a new clip, somebody was able to glitch their way through. Once again I mean at this very point in time. A lot of people are able to find a way to kind of glitch their way through it. In fact, I was told in the DM hey if you want to get like a game going hit me up, so it’s kind of like getting really out there, but this studmuffin was able to glitch his way through in it and we’re discovering that it’s us beta For battle, royale warzone, there’s a big fat watermark that actually says beta, so that’s actually a good news and also can be interpreted as a bad news. The good news is that hey, it’s gon na come out. It’S gon na be a beta. That means that they’re gon na be frequently updating this thing. You know what I mean, so it’s gon na be a little bit similar to fortnight, I’m a known for an AI player, but I’m all up for them to calling this a beta and then providing regular updates.

I’M all up for that, but the bad news is this: maybe they’re calling this a beta because they know that it’s gon na have a lot of bugs and glitches and they’re trying to cover there they’re like hey once we drop this and if people find bugs And glitches while we have beta associated so you know nobody is gon na be able to take shots at them directly. So that’s kind of like very yet and in terms of the release date, it’s really up in the air as of right now, but from in-game teases and ingame Easter eggs. By the looks of it it’s either gon na be February 18. That’S not Tuesday. The gaming revolution that god of leaks right, he also said February 18, because recently the homie was sent into another dimension by Activision themselves. So you know get up. I got ta actually a poured this one down for, but in all honesty the release date is really up in the air.

Some people are actually seeing February 21 in the game and knowing the fact that fortnight season two is gon na be on the February 20th. I kind of feel like that. It’S either really gon na be this coming Tuesday, so right before the season two a fortnight or it’s gon na be a little bit after maybe a day after or a week after, or something like that, so we really got ta. Wait and see but check out some videos on the screen like and subscribe for more I’ll, keep you all in the loops and, as always, doors keep our dogs in drink water, not chief you. You already know – and I will see you in the next one young out –