Raiding AREA 51 in FORTNITE


I had no choice but to use the legit music. That means this video is getting heavily copyrighted, don’t forget code, laser cuz, yeh copyright. First of all, I’m incredibly hungover. Tragically I messed up date night. We had a good up date night for once. Batman yeah, like Batman, is pretty cool like there’s a full bat, glider and stuff okay, we’re gon na play with Batman a little bit, but you want to know what got me really excited. They added a naruto run. Cuz, what huh we raid an area 51 boys, batman, imma, get me an alien.

Oh, yes, boys, quick. I’Ve got the alien they’re real yeah, so this is obviously gon na, be my main focus and the Rudo running as Batman and like shortly we’ll pick up all the Batman items at some point. But this is the peak of the update. No question. Sorry, I thought Batman hated guns. Why am i allowed to pick up guns and use them? Batman is anti guns he’s anti killing people. This doesn’t hold up to the batman canon yeah, they added gotham city to the game. Wait I look like Batman, went to the toilet and forgot he had toilet paper stuck to every single limb of his body, all that so cool that is legitimately so sick. It’S the best skin integration, they’ve done at any point.

Okay, we have about 45 Batman’s. All over this place, Oh give me gun, give me gun beautiful, I’m Batman with a gun, something I’ve never said before. I’M a Naruto run out of they’ll, never expect it. Where is he? I am the Batman here. Comes the Batman. The power of the Naruto run. Hey guys, this is Gotham City. You know, I’m not gon na win this game, but I wanted to take the opportunity to just show you, the city, it’s very dark. Look. What do you got for me? What bad gadgets do you have? Oh, this is my bat juice. I use it to forget all the pain yeah. I want to say more Gotham City. Let’S go. Oh here’s. The bat grapple. Oh, this is a bad item, sick! No, no, no, no Batman run Batman right. I love them all. I got oh, my god. He was on 12 HP by the way, I’m too hungover for this. It’S too stressful. I’Ve raided area 51. I got myself an alien and now he’s gon na carry me in for time, Alfred. The butler, whipped me up this gadget. It’S called a mech, I’m gon na teach you how to do memes.

My pottery is that our meme depends on whether or not batarangs can stick to a mac they can. This is epic. Oh, you want us to literally jump on people. No, no! No! We’Re not! Gon na jump on people fresh, I put batarangs on it and we’re getting too rude, Oh run in a mech. This is how we’re right. In area 51, we got to get your family back fresh. All right. We want to like stay in like in here cuz. It protects us a little bit, but if we spot someone we run out of oh they kept firing. This is area 51, fresh they’re right here I go. I got him with the batarangs man. It just happened to also kill mate, parkus parkus DM and throw it on one tick. All right boy, Naruto run fresh. We got a right area, 51 fresh use, the trace, stop guys, use the trace, going, lose the trace, but sometimes the raids very 51 fail. Yes, load me up. My load me up area 51, just over the hill.

Here, yes, they’re near the reboot ban, their destroy it all. That’S easy boost right. There fresh cut the kill. Let’S get your parents freshy boy, we’re out, looks thought looking for you parents. This is area 51. We’Re writing. It successfully got him yes, successful right of area 51. You got one Batarang right. I can’t believe that works. The Naruto run on the hoverboard actually works fresh. We haven’t, found your parents, yet I don’t have parents either. That’S why we’re bonded cuz, I’m Batman, I lost my parents, alright fresh you got ta put it on.

So I don’t blow up. We’Ve learnt that lesson. Sorry take that slap them on and I’m a guy, I’m knocking on the front. Stop movin! Some of you guys do the wool, so I don’t get shot at because they’re right there they’re learning right there right, there’s four right there. Oh that’s the bat-signal, I’m Neruda i running i’ma go find your parents fresh i’ma, find your parents then they’re right there. Why wait still got him? I don’t think he realized the the hoverboard was a trap. I think we confused him. Okay, okay, I’m gon na go. I’M gon na go! Do it okay! So I’ve got this brilliant idea, not sure what it has to do with Naruto running I’m just gon na throw that there look for down in the ground when they open up the Supply Drop, they will die. It’S beautiful, it’s setup, I’m the ruler running on my hoverboard, watching it from far away is asked to get someone.

This has to. This is exactly how they got my parents make the go further go for it. I still have fun yeah yeah, throw it on it again, throw it on again back to our house back to our house. There’S no way we’re about to get him again. Well, I think he sees it. Wait wait get him with the Naruto run, he’s in the back. He ain’t happy with this. Oh yes, okay, but I gave it up. They’Ve got to know what just happened to him. Ah, that was so good. I have no idea what that has to do with area 51, but I don’t care. Oh batteries left I’m sitting on I’m sitting on 11 dudes, I mean one final mission at area 51 is get a final kill with it. Alright, we’ve got a board loaded up. We’Re gon na freeze, freshest parents, there you go, you go leave me one player left and I’ve got the rest he’s on the grassy. I keep him shooting. Oh yeah. Here we go yeah in mine, he’s splashing he’s behind these builds.

Where are you parents fresh? Where are they preparing what where you parrot daddy? Oh, I was house the dumbest victory, Royale, I’ve ever gotten all right, I’m the Batman, just Neruda running outside the temple guys come on. We got to form a squad. They can’t kill us all. They can’t get us all all right. Yes, my army run to me what a squad. Yes, they can’t get us all Gus. They can’t get us a hell of a big hominid. Oh yeah, obviously just go anywhere follow the alien guys. This is the funniest name. We’Ve ever done the Konkan there’s a max join the fry. We got a MEK in it, there’s no way they can take out Alfred’s Mac. There’S no way. Remember guys. When we do these, we can’t kill people.

This is purely for memes. This is Aryan 51. It’S been made to look like a farm. We got a free fresh as parents she’s just laughing get him gameis get him gamers. They can’t get us all. We’Re going to the corn to the corn, run to the car and run us. Oh, oh, they got so many of us they’re trying to keep us from finding all the secrets live footage of the the Naruto runners gathering outside area 51. Okay, we might have to like nothing can stop us. I’Ve got the power of God and anime. On my side, we got ta get freshers parents back, they bought being Gotham City. It looks like area 51. Let’S go exactly be on the lookout for two little green aliens go games, there’s actual players in here, [, Music, ], don’t give up, nothing can stop it. Go runners go! Oh, my lord hey yo si any little green aliens. Don’T give up runners, don’t give up, keep following zig, zag and stuff.

Imagine shooting this like! Actually imagine shooting this. Oh, my god! This is a mini! Never power on. We got the power of anime on our side, freshy boy, we’ve made it through awesome, Gotham City, that’s incredibly impressive people said we’d, never do it. People said we wouldn’t be brave enough, but here we are storm, an area 51. No, I could stop a swimmer at full force. They can’t get us all boys. I just think about the music I’m gon na use for this, and I’m like, I know I’m gon na hit copywriter, but I don’t care. We still got a thick thicker it. We lost a couple of soldiers, but they can’t get us all. No, no, no, your own escape go and run and skip go, and I can just watch from beyond the grave me and my alien have a telekinesis connection. Don’T do it. I think the joining is thing they’re running like this. Yes, my parent, these might be your parents wearing human skins. Please love me. Okay, they’ve betrayed us. Your parents betrayed us fresh