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Oh good, hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome as you can see, I’m bringing the face to the channel a little bit more, but yeah we’re just gon na. Do a proper season. 4 trailer! Do a real live reaction to this and obviously break it down. So, let’s get into it turn turn turn turn 60 seconds. Oh boom, Oh 1, minute: 55, ok, [, Music, ], Oh revenant, okay, so revenant just for at least and reven APEC stations just released. A tweet revenant was once the greatest hit man the syndicate ever had, but when his programming failed, he saw what Hammond robotics, except turned him into Hammond. Robotics returned to the Outlands has renewed his first for vengeance and he won’t stop until they’re all dead.

Three two and one: what’s going on bounty heavy guard heavily guarded, did that say: yeah sorry, these people, what’s going on mrs. lights, the this is some whole background story, sauce Amina Femina securing the future of our legacy, whose legacy, what’s in there, the door for food Huh, yes, he lives space took off, but is he a good or a bad like a good time he’s near? Oh? No, he did is this. His ultimate is ultimate. That’S probably like he get back to the denied memo that was such a diva good-o there. You can’t kill revenue. Brother he’s done all right. I think he’s a good guy. I love you. Why did you leave her there? What the hell are you deaf gay he’s? Definitely not a good guy, [, Music ]! That’S his appearance! That’S like a glitch like an old memory on the suit yeah memory, so who’s that who’s. That little girl is she already in the games. Is she someone that’s gon na appear soon she looked like she was gon na grow up and get vengeance? Oh, my god that was it damn son, oh honey. Okay, now we’re gon na go down for it and break it all down figure out exactly what there is in this right. I’M gon na stick it in not 0.25 speed. Oh we’ve got a secret lesson right.

First of all, we got a little Nessie in the background there that’s a good little spot straight off the bat right. So underneath here we saw Hammond robotics. It was that gun, or is that just that’s just say a gun? Please tell me what you think: that is because it it could be anything it are. So this looks like basically him being transferred into revenant. That’S like the human version, they’re they’re, probably different versions. This is another version of revenant forgotten their technical name, but this is that we were probably gon na see a few of them popping up in the story. Now, I’m an idiot, it says there right at the bottom. These are called singular, crumbs and they’re. Basically, like a human machine, hybrid like a cyborg, basically, okay, so here he was getting a new message so target dossier. Marcus adder are day, I’m gon na pronounce it like that. Please correct me: if I’m wrong, I can barely read it. Oh conman and thief for hire small-time until two 2702 IV vale chateau heist charismatic, runs a Bonnie and Clyde operation with wife has one daughter, never in one place for more than a week, no known address or no other known, associates or relatives.

So now we know that this family that were just brutally killed, not the daughter that the mother, the husband they were both criminals themselves and obviously that’s not justifying what revenant did. But we know that there’s two sides to this story and then there’s another quote, but the orange right in makes it just too difficult to decipher. I can’t figure it out and then underneath it actually says the reservations of where him and his family are having dinner tonight, and then we see that he gets his biometric data and it’s a bounty of 10 million. So essentially, this is a Bonnie and Clyde criminal pair and it looks like revenant has a 10 million bounty to collect on their heads? Ok, so the daughter and the father have just met, and then it comes zooms down to revenant climbing up, and it almost shows in every single reflection. Revenant never sees himself as he truly is. He always sees how he wants the person, the human form. You can see right here, he’s got that human form and then the robot as he’s actually climbing up, but it’s weird because it’s psychologically you’re wondering does he only see the human form ill? Is it a big denial factor that he hasn’t fully accepted?

His symbiotic state see this is interesting. The girl has gotten a little present and it’s a wolf type figure, a little silver wolf and I’m not sure what it could be like. If you know what that is because that might come from a culture I’m aware of, but it looks a bit like a fancy chess piece or something to me, but yeah that looks like a clue that could come into it later, because that was given to her And obviously she looks like she’s gon na come back into the storyline. Now here ya see just before he came through the window. He was human form, but now he comes fruit and he does that little flip maneuver, which is really cool, but I doubt we’ll actually see that as one of his moves in the game right so now we’re gon na see if we can figure out any of Revenants or like abilities like so just punches people away with no problem, we’ve seen this we’ve seen this multiple times now so do you reckon like we were seeing a melee type character with Forge? Do you actually think that it’s revenant that’s getting the melee character?

This could be like his oh. I don’t think this is his ultimate because I think the other things his ultimate, but this could be as cue ability or it could be a part of his passive when you melee and he does extra damage or something so he ducks the bullets there. I think Nash has some fancy movement, there’s no abilities showing – or here we go so this is the ultimate. This is what I’m assuming will be his ultimate. What is it gon na like he smash him fruit? People so could he’s melee attacks do even more damage and he was able to get shot and like go, not go for it but reorganize himself and carry on fighting. So does that mean possibly that you can take extra damage almost like ultimate armor kind of thing, while you’re moving around attacking people, because that would be a good counterbalance with like normal armored, you try running up to people you’re gon na get shot down. So if you have that ultimate – and it gives you extra health and you’re faster or something it’s gon na – be a great melee character. Okay, so yeah they put the bullet through his head and he just like move paper Isis. Is it a second life ability when he goes into the ultimate mode, like for a certain period of time if he gets killed of in that time? He like respawns, like just on the spot, like that we need to figure out who that daughter is cuz.

She could be anyone oh now see here here, he’s actually seeing him the robot in the reflection, but then, when we pass him, it goes to the human version. Yeah yeah, but looks of it doesn’t look like he’s fully accepted. Look at that just the way it flashes in between see he’s got two towels up on the left. Does that mean he actually had a partner? Do you reckon there’s a hint there to the fact that he used to have someone that he loved they’ll come up in his memory? At some point, oh he’s like cutting himself. I just realized that it was actually like chipping off his pain. Ah and then the Hammond robotics, on the back of the hand, so he’s probably been on some massive vengeance like I need to figure out what happened to me kind of thing in the meantime, he’s been like a bounty hunter but looks of it and he’s just Done that ability again soon, that has to be an ability, is he immediately attacker? Look yes and then he attacks the meet me right. He our if we get a melee character, I’m gon na, be so fuckin happy.

I love just getting him like sneaking up by people and be like look here. She just looks mean as hell like I’m gon na, come back into this story and kick your but later on when I’ve grown up a bit, that’s pretty much everything we’ve discovered at the moment so and what will happen tomorrow is another game, but other than that, I may hit that, but other than that, if you, if you enjoyed the video it may talk but other than that, ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoyed the video make sure to smash, I can’t be. How do I do these things on camera? This is weird but other than that, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the video special like you know. What to do. I’Ve done this a million times, I’m not used to the face. Cam, I’m sorry peace out, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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